Visa-Free Countries for Indian Citizens

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Travelling to new destinations and immersing oneself in different cultures and cuisines can significantly enhance your life and happiness. Therefore, you must carve out some time from your busy schedules and embark on vacations whenever possible.

When you think of vacations, we know overseas travel often comes to your mind. However, planning an international trip usually involves dealing with visa applications, which can take time and effort. Spending hours online researching intricate visa application processes for the desired country is a common experience.

However, you may be surprised to learn that several countries do not require visas for Indian passport holders, and there are others where visa-on-arrival options are available.

As per Henley and Partners' 2024 Passport Index, Indian passport holders can travel to 62 countries without visa from India. Additionally, Indians can also obtain e-visas or entry permits for certain countries. Currently, the Indian passport is ranked 84th in terms of travel freedom.

Curious to know which countries offer visa-free travel or visa-on-arrival for Indian passport holders? Read on to learn more!

Visa-Free Travel for Indians: What Is It Exactly?

Visa-free access for Indians refers to the privilege extended to Indian passport holders, allowing them to enter certain countries without needing a pre-obtained visa, visa on arrival, or eVisa. It means that Indian travellers can directly enter the borders or territories of these countries without going through the process of obtaining a visa in advance.

It's important to note that the number of visa-free countries for Indians is relatively limited. However, several other countries offer eVisa or visa-on-arrival options for Indian visitors. These countries require Indian travellers to obtain a visa, either electronically or upon arrival at the port of entry, but it is a more simplified process compared to obtaining a visa in advance from an embassy or consulate.

It's crucial to distinguish visa-free countries from countries offering eVisa or visa-on-arrival facilities. The former still requires Indian travellers to hold a valid visa, albeit one that can be obtained upon arrival or electronically before their trip.

Different Types of Visas

There are different types of visas that Indians can avail themselves of depending on the purpose of their visit to a country:**

- Entry Permit: An entry permit is a document issued instead of a visa that allows foreigners to legally enter and stay in a country for a specific duration. It grants permission for entry and regulates the length of stay.

- E-visa: An e-visa is an electronic visa issued by immigration officers as an alternative to traditional paper-based visas. It is typically obtained through an online application process, eliminating the need for physical documents or visiting an embassy or consulate.

- Visa-Free: Visa-free travel is a travel benefit that arises from a mutual agreement between two countries. It allows Indians to enter the other country without obtaining a visa. This arrangement simplifies travel and promotes tourism between the two nations.

- Visa on Arrival: A visa on arrival is issued to visitors upon arrival at the port of entry in the destination country. The visa process is initiated and completed at the immigration counter or by designated government authorities. It allows travellers to obtain their visas conveniently upon arrival without needing a prior application.

These different types of visas cater to varying travel needs and purposes, providing individuals with options based on their specific requirements.

List of Countries to Travel Without Visa from India (Visa-Free Nations)

Many foreign countries require Indians to obtain an authorised visa before visiting, which can be a lengthy and cumbersome process. However, there is good news for Indian travellers, as 26 countries have waived visa formalities for Indians. Thanks to cross-border cooperation and amicable relations, these nations warmly welcome Indian visitors to explore their regions without needing a visa. Below is a list of countries without visa for Indians:

Saint Lucia Barbados
Bhutan Mauritius (Up to 90 days)
British Virgin Islands Montserrat
Cook Islands Micronesia (for 30-60 days)
Oman (Visa on Arrival facility) Qatar
Dominica Republic Niue
Fiji Senegal
Grenada (Visa on Arrival facility) Nepal
Tunisia (Visa on Arrival facility) Kazakhstan
Haiti Saint Kitts and Nevis (Visa on Arrival facility)
Macao (SAR China) Jamaica (Visa on Arrival facility)
Vanuatu Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
El Salvador Trinidad and Tobago (Visa on Arrival facility)

Indian Passport Visa-Free Countries: Features

All Indian citizens must be aware of the conditions set by different countries offering visa-free entry for Indian passport holders. These conditions must be met in order to be eligible for a free visa:

  1. Valid only for holders of an Indian passport: Visa-free countries entry applies only to individuals holding a valid Indian passport. Other nationalities may have different requirements.

  2. No prior permission needed: Indian citizens can travel to these visa-free countries without the need to obtain prior permission or a visa in advance. It simplifies the travel process as there is no need for extensive paperwork or application procedures.

  3. No documents or paperwork required: Indian travellers must not submit any specific documents or paperwork before their visit. However, it is still advisable to carry necessary identification documents such as a valid passport, proof of accommodation, and return tickets for immigration purposes.

  4. No visa fee required: Since it is a visa-free arrangement, no payment is required to obtain the visa. Indian citizens can enter these countries without any visa-related costs.

It is worth noting that while visa-free travel eliminates the need for a visa, there may still be different entry requirements imposed by these countries. For example, some countries may require a mandatory travel insurance plan with health coverage, COVID-19 testing, or vaccination mandates. It is crucial to stay informed about the specific entry requirements and comply with them before travelling to ensure a smooth and hassle-free experience.

Keeping abreast of any additional requirements or changes in visa policies is essential, as these conditions can vary and may be subject to change. It is advisable to consult the embassy or consulate of the destination country or check official government websites for the latest and most accurate information.

List of Visa-on-Arrival/e-Visa Countries for Indian Citizens

Obtaining a visa-on-arrival typically involves the examination of the visitor's passport and biometric data by immigration officials. The required fees are collected, and the visa permit is subsequently issued. It's important to note that visa-on-arrival is granted at major points of entry to the country, so it is essential to remember where the visa will be issued upon arrival.

The ETA (Electronic Travel Authorization) facility was introduced for Indian citizens in 2014, with a revised list of eligible countries in 2015. The following list includes countries that provide visa-on-arrival facilities for Indian citizens in 2023:

Myanmar Botswana
Mozambique Bolivia
Rwanda Cambodia
Palau Islands Burundi
Sierra Leone Indonesia
Sri Lanka
Tanzania Iran
Thailand Madagascar
Marshall Islands

List of Countries Offering eVisa Facility to Indian Passport Holders

Here's the list of countries offering eVisa facilities to Indian passport holders:

Moldova Gabon
Russia Australia
Antigua and Barbuda Malaysia
Bahrain Azerbaijan
Djibouti Colombia
São Tomé and Príncipe Suriname
Taiwan Georgia
Lesotho Vietnam
Zambia Uzbekistan
Togo Tajikistan
Kyrgyzstan Uganda
Singapore Kenya
Jordan Laos
Guinea-Bissau Ethiopia

Necessary Guidelines for Indian Nationals Travelling to Visa-Free Countries

When travelling to visa-free countries on an Indian passport, it is essential to exercise extra caution and be aware of the do's and don'ts to ensure a smooth and hassle-free journey. Here are some important guidelines to follow while visiting these visa-application-free nations:

  • Before embarking on your trip, it's essential to gather information about your destination, including its popular attractions, local transportation options, available hotels, and the location of the Indian embassy.

  • It is crucial to stay updated on the latest travel advisories to ensure a smooth and safe journey while minimising unnecessary travel risks.

  • Ensure your passport is valid for at least six months to one year from your planned departure date. Many countries require a minimum validity period beyond the intended stay. Renew your passport if necessary to avoid any issues with immigration authorities.

  • Prioritise your safety while travelling. Be vigilant, especially in unfamiliar surroundings, and take necessary precautions to protect yourself and your belongings. Please familiarise yourself with your destination country's local laws and regulations, and ensure that you continuously comply with them.

  • Some countries mandate travel insurance for visitors. Verify if your destination country requires travel insurance coverage. Even if it is not mandatory, it is highly recommended to have travel insurance that suits your needs. Assess the coverage options and choose a policy that provides flight cancellation insurance, medical emergencies, lost baggage, trip cancellations, and other unforeseen events.

*Visa fee rates are subject to change based on external factors such as immigration laws, bilateral relations, domestic service fees and currency conversion rates. Please be advised to check current rates from official sources before proceeding with any payments services.

The Importance of Travel Insurance for Your International Trip

Travel insurance is an essential investment before embarking on any international trip. It protects against unforeseen events and offers peace of mind throughout your journey. Here are some compelling reasons why purchasing travel insurance before travelling abroad is crucial:**

- Protection against Illness or Injury: Traveling exposes you to new environments, time zone changes, and unfamiliar cuisines, increasing the likelihood of falling sick or injured. Even with necessary vaccinations, unexpected illnesses can occur. Travel insurance ensures that you receive medical coverage and assistance in case of illness or injury, including hospitalisation and emergency medical expenses.

- Trip Cancellation or Changes: Circumstances may require you to cancel or alter travel plans. Whether due to personal illness, a natural disaster, or a family member's medical emergency, cancelling pre-paid travel arrangements can result in significant financial losses. With travel insurance, you can confidently cancel or change your trip, knowing you are protected against such unforeseen situations.

- Protection for Disrupted Itineraries: Travel plans often involve a meticulously crafted itinerary, where any deviation can disrupt the trip. Flight cancellations, delays, or other unexpected events can cause itinerary changes and additional expenses. Travel insurance covers these situations, providing financial assistance for accommodations, rebooking flights, and other necessary arrangements to keep your trip on track.

- Coverage for Delayed or Lost Baggage: Lost or delayed luggage is an unfortunate occurrence that can disrupt your travel experience. Travel insurance typically includes coverage for delayed baggage, offering reimbursement for essential items and ensuring you have what you need while waiting for your bags to be recovered. In the event of lost baggage, the insurance policy provides compensation for the items that were lost.

- Assistance with Lost Passports: Losing your passport while travelling abroad can be distressing. Travel insurance offers coverage for lost passports, assisting in obtaining a new one and reimbursing the associated expenses. This coverage ensures that you can continue your journey without significant disruptions.

How Tata AIG’s International Travel Insurance Plans Can Help You?

Tata AIG travel insurance plans are designed to offer comprehensive coverage and peace of mind when travelling abroad. Here are some key features and benefits of Tata AIG international travel insurance:**

  1. COVID-19 Coverage: Tata AIG provides coverage for medical expenses if you are diagnosed with COVID-19 during your trip and require hospitalisation. Additionally, if you need to cancel or interrupt your travel plans due to COVID-19, you can be reimbursed for new bookings and tickets.

  2. Convenient Policy Purchase: Purchasing travel insurance from Tata AIG is hassle-free. You can buy your policy online without needing medical check-ups or extensive paperwork. It's a simple and convenient way to get coverage for your international trips.

  3. Personal Accident Cover: Tata AIG's travel insurance policies cover personal injuries resulting from accidents during your trip. It includes expenses related to medical treatment, disability, and even accidental death. You can have peace of mind knowing you are protected from unforeseen accidents.

  4. Affordable Global Coverage: Tata AIG offers affordable travel insurance plans with comprehensive coverage for medical emergencies and other unforeseen circumstances. Starting at just ₹40.82 per day*, you can enjoy the benefits of a robust insurance policy without worrying about high premium payments.

You can utilise our user-friendly travel insurance premium calculator to determine your estimated travel insurance premium. This handy tool allows you to calculate the cost of your travel insurance coverage with ease.

By choosing Tata AIG travel insurance plans, you can ensure that you are adequately protected during your international travels. Whether it's medical emergencies, accidents, or trip interruptions, we have designed our plans to provide you with the necessary coverage and assistance when needed.

The Bottom Line

Indian citizens have the privilege of visa-free travel to several countries, opening up exciting opportunities for exploration and adventure. However, it is essential to approach these trips with caution and preparedness. While visa-free travel offers convenience, it also brings potential risks and challenges.

Purchasing a travel insurance plan is highly recommended to make your trip safer and provide financial protection. Tata AIG offers a comprehensive range of overseas insurance plans designed to cater to the specific needs of travellers. Before making a decision, it is advisable to compare travel insurance plans to ensure you receive the best benefits at an affordable cost.


Information last updated July 23. While this information is sourced reliably, visa requirements can change. For the most current visa details, visit the official Consulate/Embassy website.

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