Visa Free Countries for Indian Citizens

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Everyone loves travelling to different countries, be it for leisure or for getting acquainted with a new culture. Unlike earlier times, it is now possible to visit any country, thanks to better international travel regulations and the ease of planning your schedule online.

If you have a passport, you have a number of options open to you; however, an important formality or documentation that needs to fall in place is a visa. Applying for a visa today is definitely much easier than it used to be before. However, there are stringent and time-bound processes that you have to go through and comply with the visa conditions in order to be able to procure one.

The good news is that there are a number of visa-free countries for Indians where you don't need a visa! Likewise, there are also many countries that offer visas on arrival to Indian citizens, which breaks down the cumbersome visa application process and makes your trip even more fun!

What Does Visa Free Mean?

If you are travelling to a visa-free country, you will not need a visa before or after reaching the destination country. However, the immigration control facility will still be a standard procedure where your passport will be checked for validity.

If you’re travelling to a visa-free country, there are some benefits you can enjoy, such as not having to plan your visa application in advance or risk getting your visa rejected. Those with dual citizenship can especially benefit from visa-free travel since the visa-free right is extended to some nations while others cannot get access to visa-free travel. Therefore, with a second passport, one may get visa-free entry to a country as opposed to travelling on their first passport.

But it is important to remember that visa-free travel does have some rules and restrictions that need to be followed. For one, never overstay your visit. There is usually a time limit even for visa-free trips, which can be anywhere between 15-90 days or even 180 days a year. Violating these rules can lead to loss of visa-free travel rights, or you could also be charged with a criminal offence.

A visa-free agreement has to be made between the countries, and this is done to boost the tourism business between the two countries. A visa can be valid for single or multiple visits depending on the country and the purpose of travel.

List of Visa Free Countries for Indians

Below mentioned are the visa-free countries for Indians:

Barbados Bhutan
Dominica Grenada
Haiti Hong Kong
Maldives Mauritius
Montserrat Nepal
Niue Island Saint Vincent & the Grenadines
Samoa Senegal
Serbia Trinidad & Tobago

Difference Between Visa-Free and Visa-on-Arrival

Below are some of the differences between visa-free and visa on arrival

  1. Visa-free travel allows travellers entry into a country without a visa, whereas for visa-on-arrival, the visa is issued when the traveller arrives in the country.

  2. If a country does not require foreign visitors to apply for a visa at all, the country can be called a visa-free country. If a country offers a visa on arrival, the traveller needs to apply for the same beforehand but receives the visa once they arrive at the destination country.

  3. Under visa-free travel, some countries issue passport stamps, while some other countries don’t do so or offer landing slips that are not needed for departure. Countries that offer visa-on-arrival might need documentation such as proof of onward journeys or of sufficient funds, hotel reservations, etc.

List of Visa on Arrival Countries for Indian Citizens

There are certain countries that provide visa-on-arrival to Indian citizens as mentioned below:

Bahrain Bangladesh Benin
Burkina Faso Cambodia Comoros
Egypt Guinea-Bissau Iraq
Jordan Kenya Kuwait
Laos Lebanon Madagascar
Malawi Maldives Mauritania
Mozambique Nepal Palau
Papua New Guinea Rwanda Saudi Arabia
Seychelles Sierra Leone Somalia
Sri Lanka Tanzania Timor-Leste
Togo Tuvalu Uganda
United Arab Emirates Zambia Zimbabwe

In addition to the above, there are a few countries such as Bolivia, Indonesia, Kenya, Jordan etc., which provide visa-on-arrival facilities to Indian citizens holding normal Indian passports. It is advisable to take a travel insurance policy when you are travelling to any of the above-mentioned visa-free countries to cover the cost of your hospitalization and other travel-related perils.

Tata AIG Travel Insurance

Our Tata AIG travel insurance plans have been designed to ensure that you can avail of adequate coverage when you travel abroad:

COVID-19 coverage: During your trip to another country, if you are diagnosed with COVID-19 and need to be hospitalised, your Tata AIG international travel insurance will cover the expenses as per your coverage. You can also be reimbursed for unused bookings and tickets that were cancelled or interrupted. Your travel insurance can also be automatically extended by 7 days in case there is an emergency lockdown abroad, and you are unable to return immediately.

Swift and simple policy purchase: Buy a travel insurance plan online from Tata AIG which is plain and simple! No medical check-ups or paperwork to be presented for getting travel insurance coverage on your international trips.

Personal accident cover for death/permanent disability: If you suffer an injury through an accident when you’re on the trip, Tata AIG’s travel insurance policy will take care of the expenses arising from the personal injuries. The cover also extends to disablement and death occurring as a result of accidental injuries.

Affordable global coverage: Buy a travel insurance plan from Tata AIG which is designed to provide comprehensive coverage in case of medical emergencies and other contingencies. And you need not worry about the premium payments being expensive as the cover starts from ₹40.82 per day!

You can easily compute your estimated travel insurance premium by using the Tata AIG Travel Insurance Premium Calculator. The amount of this premium depends on various factors, which have been discussed below.

1. Plan Coverage: The sum insured you opt for in your travel insurance plan is a significant driver of your travel insurance premium.
2. Travel Duration: The duration of your trip has a bearing on your travel insurance premium; the longer this duration, the higher is the corresponding premium.
3. The frequency of travel: Your travel insurance premium also depends upon the frequency of your trip. Therefore, plans for single trips have a different cost as compared to those for multiple trips.
4.The destination of your travel: The destination to which you are travelling also determines the magnitude of your travel insurance premium.

To Sum It Up

With a suitable travel insurance plan from Tata AIG, you can fulfil your dream of exploring a number of visa-free countries for Indians without having to worry about your safety! It is, however, important that you have all your documents in place so that your trip does not present any hassles.

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