What Is Brazil Famous For?

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Everyone around the world loves the song “Brazil - La La La”, and rightly so, this country is a vibe in itself with numerous beaches, scenic landscapes, and amicable people. It welcomed .over 6.7 million tourists in 2023, and people from many different countries visited this beautiful destination between the years 2021 and 2023.

One of the most famous things in Brazil is the beach carnival celebrations that happen frequently throughout the year. A few of the top cities popularly known as the best Brazil travel destinations are Sao Paulo, Paraty, Salvador, Rio de Janeiro, Angra dos Reis, etc.

The dense forests, the endless list of beaches and other water bodies, and some of the most spectacular mountain tops are present in Brazil. Therefore, this country should definitely be on your bucket list for the upcoming year.

To help you plan well, this blog will take you through the nitty-gritty details of Brazil, what Brazil is famous for, the most famous places in Brazil, its food specialities and culture, and much more.

Exploring the Land of Parrots - Brazil

A lesser-known fact about Brazil is that it is often referred to as the Land of Parrots and also has an old name called Vera Cruz. It is the fifth-largest country globally and has a population of over 204 million people.

Brazil is a leading producer of iron ore, phosphate, and tin. Brazil is famous for the massive deposits of many different minerals like copper, diamonds, bauxite, etc. The national language of Brazil is Portuguese, and a major chunk of the population converses in this language. Other than this, the country locals also converse in English and Spanish.

It also has the largest Muslim community in the whole of Latin America. The capital of the country is Brasilia, and one of the reasons why Brazil is a popular global destination is because it has 60% of the Amazon Rainforest.

Even the 2nd longest river in the world i.e., the Amazon River, is present in Brazil. The country is also home to a diverse range of unique species, like parrots, pink dolphins, hoary foxes, bats, etc., that highlight the natural beauty of the country.

Brazil’s Cultural Richness

The population of Brazil is affluent in culture and believes in many traditions that are unique to them. They are big on family, respect for religion, manners, and privacy.

Culturally, Brazil is famous for Samba and Bossa Nova dance music, which is typical for all festivals and celebrations. Family time is very important for the locals, and they prefer engaging with their families in all activities, whether it be parties, music festivals, carnivals, sports, etc.

When we talk about the religions in Brazil, over 65% of the population is Catholic, and the rest of the population follows other religions. As per tradition, all Brazilian festivals are celebrated with music, family, authentic Brazilian cuisine and a lot of laughter.

Another intriguing element of Brazilian culture is the consideration of an avocado to be a fruit, unlike other places, which is then served with sugar or in the form of smoothies for a healthy diet.

The main holidays in the country include a 5-day festival called “Carnavalis”, where a parade takes place and Zumbi Day, which is celebrated on 20th November each year to honour the death of Zumbi, the African resistance leader from the 17th century.

Food Specialities of Brazil

It is only fun to visit a new place if you dive into the local food and authentic Brazilian cuisine as soon as you land. To help you plan and ensure you try the top dishes, here is a quick list for you.

Pastel - You need to try this street food item whenever you are in Brazil. Available on every street, pastel is a deep-fried pastry or pie that is loaded with chicken, cream cheese, different sauces, and veggies. It is popular because it is easy to carry and eat while exploring the hidden gems of Brazil on foot.

Feijoada - Known to be one of the classic dishes in Brazil, this dish is full of flavour and numerous ingredients, all tied together in a hearty stew. The list of ingredients includes black beans, pork pieces, spices, and sausages. It takes over 24 hours to prepare and is served with a side of either rice or farofa.

Moqueca - If you are looking for a warm and comforting meal, this meaty stew is your answer. It is a curry-like dish that is made of seafood, coconut milk, spices, chillies, capixabas and baianos.

Brigadeiros - One of the best desserts in the world is this simple yet tasteful ball of joy made with condensed milk, butter, and cocoa powder. After preparing this mixture, small balls are made and then rolled into yummy chocolate to freeze for a quick bit before serving.

List of the Most Famous Places in Brazil

Regardless of the number of days you are planning to spend in Brazil, you need to add the following famous places in Brazil to your must-see tourist attractions list.

Iguazu Falls

Known as one of the most spectacular gifts of nature, the Iguazu Falls is located on the border of Argentina and Brazil. The water here originates from the Iguazu River in Parana and then travels towards the final destination by covering a distance of over 1200 km.

You can enjoy the view here from different angles and participate in guided walking trails and boat rides to enjoy the view and beauty while giving your pictures a beautiful background.

Amazon Rainforest

There is no way you miss exploring the massive Amazon Rainforest when you are in Brazil. You will encounter wilderness like never seen before, as it is home to unique creatures and species that are not found anywhere else in the world.

If you visit during the summer season, you can enjoy long strolls in the wild environment. For the rainy season, you can take the water routes dominated by kayaks.

Rio De Janeiro

As one of the most developed and lively cities in Brazil, Rio De Janeiro is a famous tourist destination. It is a city full of light, music, beach culture and activities. This city is also referred to as the Marvellous City of Brazil.

You can hop and explore different beaches, enjoy delicious seafood, and break into a dance on every nook and corner to join the crowd. Rio De Janeiro offers a combination of modern and traditional landscapes and is home to Corcovado, the mountain where the Christ Redeemer Statue sits.

Teatro Amazonas

Brazil has a famous opera house called Teatro Amazonas, which is present in the centre of the great Amazon Forest. It is a popular attraction for tourists as it showcases a delicate and stunning design that brings together a range of styles.

You can visit this place after booking a guided tour for the same and enjoy the history and culture of Brazil in different ways. Annually, an Opera Festival is held in this spot, attracting artists from around the world.

Things To Do in Brazil

Whether you are visiting Brazil for the first time or have visited many times before, including these fun things to do in Brazil in your itinerary is always a good idea. Check out the list below:

Watch a Live Soccer Match with the locals to experience a fandom like never seen before. The stadiums are full of die-hard fans, enhancing the game viewing experience and taking it to another level.

For water lovers, snorkelling in the deep waters of Bonito is a fantastic experience. Go swimming with the colourful sea creatures.

Take a sip of the exclusive national drink of Brazil called Caipirinha. It is made of nothing but lime, ice, sugar, and cachaca.

Go trekking right in nature’s lap to enjoy the biodiversity of different tourist spots and mountains while adding steps on your fitbit.

Attend a music festival or a Brazilian carnival when in town to witness mad energy and weather while humming the songs of popular artists and dancing to the Afro beats.

Top Tips for Anyone Travelling to Brazil

If you want to make the most of your visit to Brazil, it is important to remember the following tips to make sure you are safe and respectful of the locals.

  • Always travel everywhere with a proper guide or pre-book guided tours, especially for the rainforests, to avoid any unforeseen emergencies that can harm you or spoil your trip.

  • Keep all your belongings safe and secure, especially on the beaches and group trips around.

  • Apply for a visa well in advance to avoid unnecessary delays and unexpected trip cancellations due to no visa.

  • Indulge in the street and local food as it is tasty and unique instead of choosing high-end restaurants.

  • Do not travel alone at night until in a group for personal safety.

  • Only use public transport during the day times as night time is quiet and not particularly the safest option. At night, trust Uber and get home.

  • Do not mock or make inappropriate comments or gestures in public spaces or otherwise, as the locals can be offended.

  • Please only drink bottled water, as the tap water is not the safest.

  • Based on your capacity, tip the helpers and servers, as it is considered a beautiful gesture in the country.

Protect Your Trip to Brazil with A Travel Insurance Plan

Making a trip happen by planning extensively is an essential part of a successful trip. The dazzling iconic tourist attractions are worth the commute and expenses. However, another crucial investment before flying to Brazil is a travel insurance plan.

You require multiple days or a minimum of a week’s time to cover the top most famous places in Brazil easily. However, the assurance of a stress-free trip can only be possible if you purchase international travel insurance cover from top providers like Tata AIG.

Our travel insurance plans are affordable and can be customised as per need to extend the scope of coverage as per requirements. With international travel insurance, you can secure your trip from any unfavourable and unexpected medical or travel emergencies that can otherwise be financially draining for you.

Situations like travel assistance for unexpected flight cancellations, accidents, medical emergencies, flight delays, loss and damage of baggage, etc., are all covered in an international travel insurance plan.


Travellers of any age group can enjoy the country fully with the numerous things to do in Brazil. With its cultural diversity, economic activities, historical monuments, and endless natural beauty, Brazil is a must-visit destination for everyone.

To enjoy your trip entirely, always invest in a travel insurance plan, as it will protect you from unexpected financial burdens and secure your trip fully.

We at Tata AIG extend complete customer support for maximum satisfaction. Moreover, for constant availability in times of need, we have an easy-to-understand claim application process for timely travel insurance claim approvals.

So, pack your bags and get ready to experience the beauty of the most famous places in Brazil and add a layer of security for stress-free travelling with Tata AIG!


Will I get an extension on my international travel insurance plan if I am admitted to the hospital due to an emergency?

If you buy a travel insurance plan for Brazil from Tata AIG, you will get an automatic extension of 60 days after your cover period in case of hospitalisation due to medical or accident emergencies.

How expensive are the travel insurance plans at Tata AIG?

We are customer-centric and thus provide travel insurance plans at affordable rates so everyone can benefit from a safety net. The starting rate is ₹40.82/ day.

Do we need a visa to travel to Brazil from India?

Indian nationals require a valid visa and passport to travel to Brazil. You can apply for a visitor visa, which is valid for 90 days from the date of approval, to enjoy the country freely.

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