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When asked about Denmark, you might think of Copenhagen, Carlsberg beer and Vikings. But this Nordic nation has much more to explore. Located in Northern Europe, Denmark is one of the happiest countries in the world.

Millions of tourists from across the globe visit this small Scandinavian country. Its idyllic islands, historical towns, sandy beaches, distinct lifestyle and food are worthy of your time and praise.

If you are planning a trip to Denmark anytime soon, familiarising yourself with its most popular places, things, and foods is an absolute must. So, let's dive into what is Denmark famous for.

Famous Places in Denmark

Here’s the list of top Denmark places to visit that you should not miss ou ont:

The Little Mermaid

This captivating bronze statue is a famous landmark in the capital of Denmark, Copenhagen. Designed by renowned sculptor Edvard Erikson, the Little Maid figurine on the banks of Langelinie is staring into the void with a feeling of sadness. It attracts five million visitors and is the most photographed spot in Copenhagen.

So, remember to get yourself clicked near this iconic statue to take back some lovely memories.

Tivoli Gardens

Located in Copenhagen, the Tivoli Gardens was inaugurated in 1843 and is the world’s second-oldest amusement park still functioning. Also, it is the most frequently visited tourist spot in Europe. So, missing out on this place while in Denmark can surely make you regret it later. It is a perfect spot for the young and old.

The beautiful scenery with lush green gardens and awe-inspiring architecture will blow your mind. Colourful lights at night create a unique atmosphere you shouldn't miss out on.


Also known as Helsinger, Elsinore is a port city in eastern Denmark. It is a perfect spot for history lovers. The shipyard Museum, libraries and exhibition halls here will give you a glimpse of the rich history of eastern Denmark.

Known for the majestic Kronborg Castle and the setting of Shakespeare's Hamlet, Elsinore can be a perfect getaway for a day trip from Copenhagen. You can also stay for 1-2 days and explore the main attractions here.

Maritime Museum

Another on the list of famous places in Denmark is the Maritime Museum in Helsinger. It opened in 1915 and has been driving tourists from across the globe since then. It is home to collections from the fifteenth century.

It narrates Denmark's narrative as one of the foremost maritime powers. The renowned design studio BIG (Bjarke Ingels Group)has created the museum’s innovative setting.

Rosenborg Castle

This 400-year-old castle is another famous in the list of Denmark tourist attractions. The majestic grandeur of this place is worth your time. Located in the heart of Copenhagen, the Rosenborg Castle features the nation's crown jewels and Royal Regalia.

Its architecture and artwork will leave you awe-struck. The main attraction is the Great Hall. You can also find wax statues of former royal inhabitants here. The lush green gardens with mesmerising flowers will also make your day.

Christiansborg Palace

The Christiansborg Palace has an 800-year-old history. Once a dwelling place of kings and queens, the palace is now home to the Danish Parliament. It consists of Royal Reception Rooms, Palace Chapel and Royal Stables. You can walk through the gilded rooms, some of which are still used by the Royal Family.

The Great Hall is the most beautiful where you will find the tapestries of Queen Margrethe II. You can also tour around the ruins underneath and the former kitchens of the castle.

Rabjerg Mile

Located on the Jutland Peninsula, Rabjerg Mile is the largest migrating dune in Northern Europe. The changing landscape of the place makes it a popular attraction for nature enthusiasts and tourists. This incredible natural wonder is worth your visit if you are in this part of Denmark. The massive size of the Rabjerg Mile and the experience of standing in its middle will blow your mind.

Mols Bjerge National Park

It is located in Djursland and is known for its unique Ice Age landscape. Made of huge glacier tongues and tons of water, the Mols Bjerge National Park showcases a distinctive natural landscape with lakes, open grasslands, coastal areas and sea. You will be stunned by the spectacular views of the National Park. The park also has many Bronze Age sites.

Mons Klint

One of Denmark’s most famous and stunning landscapes, Mons Klint is two hours drive away from Copenhagen. It is located on the eastern coast of Mons Island and is a perfect destination for nature lovers. It is loved by history lovers too thanks to the 70 million-year-old fossils here. The chalk cliffs running for six kilometres will leave you mesmerised.

Whether you are a sea or mountain lover, Mons Klint is an ideal place to enjoy nature. You can plan a day trip or put up a tent at the campground. No matter what you do, the scenic beauty of Mons Klint will make your Denmark trip a worthy experience.


Another beautiful place in Denmark lies an hour's drive away from Aalborg. Also called the “Bay of Denmark”, Jammerbugten has white sandy beaches, vast forests and massive dunes. You can soak yourself under the sun, take a dip in the North Sea or go on a hiking or horse-riding tour. The Bay of Denmark is a perfect place to enjoy with family and friends. You can find accommodations for all tastes and budgets.

Things Denmark is Famous For

Besides its breathtaking tourist attractions, Denmark is known for various other things. Let’s find out what they are.


Denmark has a deep connection with the Vikings. So, if you want to dive into the ancient Viking culture, Denmark is a perfect place to head to. It is home to the rich history of these legendary warriors, traders and craftsmen. Exploring the various Viking museums, ring fortresses and burial sites across the country will take you to mediaeval times.

You can even ride in a real Viking ship at Roskilde. And if you want a thorough introduction to the age of the Vikings, visit the Viking exhibition at the National Museum in Copenhagen.

Denmark Hygge

Pronounced as “hoo-gah” the Danish word hygge roughly translates into cosiness. However, it means much more than this. Added to the Oxford Dictionary in 2017, hygge means creating a cosy atmosphere and enjoying life’s good things with good people.

It might be enjoying family time or simply eating something you love. You can experience the feeling of hygge in Copenhagen’s streets and many other places across Denmark.


Lego is the world’s most popular building -blocks toy brand. And guess what, it was invented in Denmark in a small town called Billund. You can find the first Legoland in this town and even step inside the beautiful Lego house. So, if you plan a trip to Denmark, remember to visit this attractive and unique place to delve into the world of Lego.

Bicycle Culture

Cycling is one of the main transportation modes in Denmark. The Danes love to bicycle in all weather types for various purposes. Be it for pleasure, carrying goods or commuting, bicycles are widely used in Denmark. The country’s major cities have an extensive network of bicycle lanes which make it easier to commute by bicycle than cars.


A prominent thing Denmark is known for is happiness. The Nordic country is listed among the top three happiest countries in the world. The reason is a high level of equality and social welfare. Trust, safety and the concept of hygge are a few other reasons for the happiness of the Danes.


Another Danish thing that will impress you is design. Denmark is a leading nation in design in architecture, fashion and furniture. Danish design is known for its simplicity, minimalism, craftsmanship and functionality. A few popular Danish designers are Hans J. Wegner, Arne Jacobson and Verner Panton.

Famous Food in Denmark

While in Denmark, give your taste buds a treat with Danish cuisine. Be it the appetisers or the desserts, Denmark will win your heart with its famous food. So, let's dive into the list of Denmark’s famous food you must try while touring around the nation:

Open face sandwiches

A true Danish treat, open-face sandwiches are buttery bread pieces with several combinations of toppings, such as boiled eggs, pickled herring and roasted beef.

Hot dogs or sausages

Denmark is the best place to find the most delicious and quality hot dogs. You can find hot dog vans all over Denmark easily. So, don’t forget to stop by one and grab some while on the go.


Another Denmark famous food is Frikadeller. It is a fried meatball of pork, fish or a mix of beef and pork. You can relish it with potatoes and parsley sauce.

Denmark’s National dish

This includes pork pieces fried until crisp, seasoned with pepper and salt and served with potatoes and parsley sauce.

Danish Pastries

A must-try food when you are in Denmark is Danish pastries. Made with laminated dough folded over itself and covered in butter, Danish pastries are quite similar to puff pastry. You can find them in different shapes that are filled with creamy fillings.

Danish Beer

Beer is an integral part of Danish culture, with social drinking ingrained in Danish society. Known for its quality and tasty beer, Denmark is an important beer-producing nation in the world. The most popular beer brands are Carlsberg and Tuborg. You can also witness the Copenhagen Beer Festival and Mikkeller Beer Celebration in Denmark.


The Danes love vegetables, especially green and white asparagus. Both are used in stews and salads or steamed and enjoyed with fish. The Danes also serve it with salt and butter, bake it with other vegetables or add it to the main course. You can even find an asparagus menu at the Tivoli amusement park.

Wrapping Up

Denmark is a pretty place to plan a trip to. Its culture, history, natural splendour and warm-hearted people make it a popular tourist attraction in Europe. Denmark offers an array of experiences to tourists. You can explore its grand castles, colourful harbours, stunning islands and captivating museums. But remember to buy a travel insurance plan before heading to this breathtaking country.

Travel insurance can be your ally when you are far away from home. Be it a lost passport, misplaced luggage, medical emergency or flight delay, medical insurance for foreign travel can secure your journey from potential hindrances.

Travelling to your next travel destination? You can buy international or domestic travel insurance from Tata AIG. We also have travel insurance plans designed for senior citizens and students. So, pick a suitable plan based on your destination and needs for a safe and smooth journey!


What is the best time to visit Denmark?

The best time to visit this Nordic nation is from June to September. The weather is cool and the days are long during these months.

Does it snow in Denmark?

Denmark has four seasons- April to May is spring, whereas, June, July, and August are the summer months. September to November are autumn months and winter extends from December to March with frost and snow.

What is special about Denmark?

Denmark is renowned for its happiness, stunning islands, Lego bricks, Danish pastries, bicycle culture and oldest amusement parks.

Which currency is used in Denmark?

Denmark’s official currency is the Danish krone or DKK. The Euro is also accepted in major cities. However, exchanging your currency for the kroner is recommended for smoother transactions.

What are famous Denmark things to do?

When in Denmark, you can go hiking, trekking, visit zoos and museums, explore the castles, go cycling and more.

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