What is Egypt Famous For?

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For any travel enthusiast, exploring different parts of the world that offer unique stories, picturesque landscapes, and an authentic feast to tantalise the taste buds is ideal. Every country has its own culture, flavour, and environment.

One popular tourist destination for travel enthusiasts is Egypt. With a population of over 102 million people and land known for its ancient history, Egypt is a country to be if you wish to explore the beauty of North East Africa.

Egypt is home to one of the oldest and greatest civilisations and is home to a significant percentage of the Arab world. Moreover, over 99% of the Egypt population consists of only Egyptians.

In this blog, we will discuss Egypt as a country, famous places in Egypt, activities to do in Egypt, a list of Egypt famous food items, the best time to visit Egypt and much more.

About Egypt

Often called the “Gift of the Nile”, Egypt is settled in the northeastern corner of Africa, welcoming the residents and visitors with a vibrant rhythmic culture and a rich history. As per books of history and culture, Egypt is the land of pyramids, mummies, and sand dunes. Egypt is famous for growing cotton and is one of the largest suppliers of the same in the world.

However, there is so much more to this beautiful destination. Along with the iconic pyramids, the country also has numerous ancient temples, museums, and a civilisation that is built with the intricacies of the history of this ancient land.

Whether you are a food enthusiast, cultural geek, or a traveller with an unquenchable thirst for exploring new and hidden treasures of different cultures and countries, Egypt has something for everyone.

Before we dig deeper into the list of essential places in Egypt, let us look at the culture, cuisine, and tourist time of Egypt below.

Culture of Egypt

Before visiting any new country, it is essential to understand the culture of the people to ensure you do not disrespect them or their values in any way. The culture of Egypt is packed with traditions, celebrating the evolution of humanity in the country from difficult times to today.

The land of Egypt is filled with street markets, live performances, music festivals, and ancient museums. The people are warm and welcoming and put their amicable hats on to ensure all tourists and visitors feel comfortable.

Arabic is the official language of Egypt, and there are 3 different Arabic language versions common among the population. These are Egyptian Arabic, Sa’idi Arabic, and Northwest Arabian Arabic.

Famous Food of Egypt

Among the list of different famous things in Egypt, the food in Egypt is to die for. Here is a list of must-try Egyptian dishes on your next trip to Egypt.

Koshari- Koshari is the national food of Egypt and consists of a variety of different ingredients. It's a vegetarian dish comprising lentils, rice, garbanzo beans, macaroni pasta, and some fried onion, all mixed in tomato sauce. It is readily available on the streets of Egypt.

Ful Wa Ta’ameya- This dish is an Egyptian falafel and is a popular street food in Egypt. It consists of fava-mashed local beans with special spices, ta’ameya, or falafel patties made of fava beans and warm pita bread. You can find it on every street and customise it with your choice of veggies and sauces.

Fiteer Baladi- This dish is an Egyptian pizza that is made of layers of filo pastry to give a crusty base for your toppings. It is cooked in a brick oven, and you can either eat it as it is or add sauces, meats, veggies, and other condiments to make it more fulfilling.

Basbousa- This one is for all dessert lovers. It is a popular dessert dish in Egypt and is made of semolina (sooji) batter. The batter is cooked as a big bunch and then cut up into either a square or diamond shape to serve. The batter can be made sweet or savoury and you can enjoy this dessert cold and hot.

Hamam Mahshi- If you are a curious food enthusiast, you might appreciate this unique dish. This dish is basically stuffed pigeon and has been a popular traditional dish in Egypt. The pigeon is stuffed with spices, onions, and a unique grain called freekeh. Other alternatives to this dish include stuffing the pigeon with rice.

Top Places to Visit in Egypt

Before you step foot into Egypt to explore the magnificent sand dunes and delicious delicacies, it is necessary to make a detailed itinerary of the best Egypt tourist places.

To help with the same, here is a list of the top places in Egypt.


Amidst the ruins is Karnak Temple. It is a popular tourist destination and is home to many religious sites that reflect the ancient history of the country. It holds the constructions of many generations.

It is located towards the north of Luxor and has 3 different parts. The architecture is made of many small and big temple domes. The most popular, however, is the Hypostyle Hall.

Red Sea Reef

For all water lovers, Egypt is famous for the Red Sea Reef. It is located on the Egyptian coast and showcases a wide range of coral reefs. Along with these coral reefs, the Red Sea Reef is also home to many different sea creatures.

You can also enjoy the water by booking one of the many beach resorts available around the reef. The view is to die for, as you will spot nothing but blue waters from every corner, making it one of the calmest tourist attractions.

The River Nile

The Nile River is one of the reasons Egypt is such a popular tourist destination. The entire civilisation of this country is based on this river, and the river is also responsible for bringing and aiding the country’s economy.

Valley of the Kings

If you are into tombs, Valley of Kings should be on your list. This spot is located around 500 km away from Luxor and is home to approximately 63 tombs. All these tombs were constructed for the queens and the kings.

This place is full of Egyptian mythology and will ensure you leave with stories for a lifetime.

White Desert

If you wish to see more than just the pyramids and mummies in Egypt, you should definitely add the White Desert to your list of places to visit. The architecture of the area is filled with shapes, pinnacles, and boulders, making it a unique backdrop.

You can also do overnight camping in the White Desert.

Egyptian Museum

The Egyptian Museum is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Egypt’s Caro. It holds the distinguished culture of Egypt in the form of multiple artefacts and allows the visitors to experience over 1,20,000 pieces of Egyptian artefacts spread over 2 floors.

You can find Tutankhamun and Valley of Kings artefacts along with a Royal Mummy Room to take back a lot of the ancient history of this country in your memories.

Best Time to Visit Egypt

Every country has its seasons, and based on the tourist times, the seasonal demand rises. Therefore, to make the most of your trip to Egypt, it is crucial to know the best time to visit Egypt.

Here is a detailed insight about the best time to visit based on different seasons.

Winter Time

The winter time is one of the best times to visit Egypt as the weather is pleasant and all the tourist spots can be enjoyed better. The winter time starts around November and wraps up by February.

Summer Time

If you enjoy beaches during the scorching temperatures, you should visit Egypt in the summer. It starts around June and ends towards the middle of August.

Fall Time

Fall is usually the least crowded season in Egypt, making it an ideal time to travel for those who enjoy pleasant temperatures and less populated trips around the tourist spots. The fall time goes on from September to October.

Spring Time

Spring is another popular season for tourist attractions. The weather is cool, and the landscapes shine through the minimal sunlight to create a beautiful backdrop for your pictures. The spring is from March to May.

Travel Tips for Anyone Visiting Egypt

Always have valid international travel insurance before your trip.

Apply for a visa in advance to ensure no unnecessary cancellations or delays at the time of the trip.

Spend some time to prepare the itinerary to ensure you list down all you want to do and not miss out.

Understand the basic Arabic culture and be respectful of the values to avoid offending any locals.

Pack as per the weather you are travelling in to avoid last-minute shopping trips.

While booking accommodation, always check the distance from different tourist spots to plan your day-to-day itinerary well.

If you are visiting any mosque, please dress appropriately and avoid leather.

Refrain from public displays of affection in tourist spots or open spaces as it can offend the locals.

Role of Travel Insurance When Visiting Egypt

Whether it be a solo trip, a work trip, or a family trip, exploring Egypt is an experience in itself. Especially for any travel enthusiast, digging a layer deeper into the rich culture of the country will be an exciting experience.

However, planning your trip to Egypt is not just about including the famous things in Egypt in your itinerary. You need to look into purchasing the right travel insurance cover for your international trip.

With the right international travel insurance, you can enjoy a safe and peaceful travel experience. You are well protected from unforeseen challenges that can otherwise hinder your trip to Egypt. Moreover, such challenges can also bring about unexpected financial burdens without a travel insurance plan in action.

Purchase international travel insurance from Tata AIG, as we cater to all specific needs of travellers to ensure maximum support. Moreover, you can easily purchase and file a travel insurance claim with us in a few quick steps.


If you are looking for the next travel destination to explore rich culture and hospitality, Egypt is the place for you.

From pyramids to sand dunes and endless museums to dive deeper into the story of ancient Egypt, you have got something for everyone. The rivers and beaches also enhance the travel experience and make it a good choice for family trips.

The rich tapestry of the beautiful landscapes of Egypt and the harmonious blend of modern and ancient cultural spots and nuances make Egypt one of the most unique travel destinations in the world.

Travel freely with Tata AIG and explore beautiful Egypt.


Is Shawarma an Egyptian dish?

Shawarma is traditionally a Middle-Eastern dish that comprises freshly cut pieces of meat, spices, and sauces, all wrapped up in a pita bread or wheat tortilla wrap. It is a popular street food in Egypt but is not part of the local cuisine.

How long does it take to reach Egypt from India?

The air distance between India and Egypt is approximately 4931 km. If you are planning a trip to Egypt, depending on your resident city, the time taken varies. However, on average, it takes about 9 hours and 48 minutes to get to Egypt.

Which is the cheapest time to go to Egypt?

Seasonal time is usually expensive for travellers from India and around the world. However, if you visit during the non-seasonal months from May to August, you can benefit from cheaper expenses for travel, stay, etc.

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