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Greece, officially called the Hellenic Republic, is located at the southern point of the Balkan peninsula. It is a southeastern European country bordered by Turkey, Albania and Bulgaria. The country is known as the cradle of Western civilisation. It is the birthplace of democracy, mathematical principles, Western philosophy, Olympic games and many more.

Other than this, Greece is famous for its over 2000 islands, Mediterranean climate and physical diversity. The country has a rich history, and that's why travellers from all across the world come here. The tourism sector of the nation is a critical element of economic activity. It is the 9th most visited country in the world.

The country is filled with picturesque landscapes and natural attractions, which can be challenging for first-time travellers to decide what to visit and what not. That's why here we will list Greece's best places to visit.

Understanding Greece Speciality

When it comes to Greece's speciality, there are so many things about the country. It is the country with the oldest and longest history of art, philosophy, etc, dating back to 480 B.C., which is often called the classical age.

Athen's, which is the capital of Greece, originated 3400 years ago, which makes it the oldest city in the world. The first Olympic games happened in Athens in 1896..Greece is famous for its sunshine weather. It is the sunniest place in the world, with 85% of sunshine throughout the year.

The country is the third-largest producer of olives. With more than 120 million olive trees, the nation generates 1.2 million metric tonnes of olive oil annually. The interesting fact is some of the olive trees were planted in the 13th century and are still giving fruit.

The country is home to unique wildlife such as the Mediterranean monk seal, beech marten and more. Other than this, people in Greece hold a unique place for dance, the country has around 4000 traditional dances.

Most Visited or Famous Cities in Greece

There is no doubt that the country is packed with beautiful landscapes. Some of the famous cities in Greece that travellers visit are listed below:

Athens- The very first and most visited Greece tourist place is Athens, which is also the capital of the country. This most significant city in Greece is packed with famous historical sites and iconic buildings. The city is a perfect blend of old town and modern Greece. The majority of Greece's population lived in Athens.

**Mykonos- The next beautiful place in Greece is Mykonos, which is a destination for beach lovers who want to relax away from the city hustle and bustle. It is a travel destination that is packed with idyllic natural scenery. Some of the most beautiful beaches of Greece lie here. Other than this, the place is famous for its vibrant and colourful nightlife.

Thessaloniki- Another famous city in Greece is Thessaloniki, which is the second largest city in the country. The city is famous among students because it houses many educational universities. It is a blend of youthful energy and a cosmopolitan lifestyle. Many historical sites, such as the Church of Agios Dimitrios, White Tower and more, are located here.

Chania- One of the famous cities in Greece is Chania which is situated at the coastline of Crete. It is an old quaint town known for its Venetian and Turkish architecture lines. It is the town that expresses the authenticity of the Cretan lifestyle. The city is packed with unique and tiny cafes.

Larissa- Lastly, Larissa is one of the significant cities of greece. It is situated on the banks of the Pinios River. The city has a long history that dates back to 8000 years ago. It is basically an outdoor archaeological site or museum. Tourists come here to witness the Ottoman buildings and ruins.

Landmarks or Popular Things in Greece

When it comes to landmarks, Greece houses various world heritage sites. Some of the popular things in Greece are mentioned below:

Temple of Zeus- The very popular thing in Greece that almost every tourist visits is the temple of Zeus, which is an ancient Greek temple. The temple is situated in Olympia. The temple also has a museum that displays the artefacts of temple history.

Acropolis- It is a historical site located in Athens which depicts the citadel with impressive ruins. It is the most famous landmark of Greece. This historical landmark venue used to seat 17000 people. Various famous scholars and poets like Sophocles and Euripides used to perform here.

Drogarati Cave- Drogarati Cave is also known as a mystical cave, which is just half an hour away from Argostoli village. The limestone cave was formed over 150 million years ago and was discovered 300 years ago. The tourists can witness various colours of bedrock in this cave.

Blue Caves- It is the most visited landmark in Greece, which is situated on the island of Zakynthos. The blue caves were discovered in the late 1800s. These caves are accessible by sea. The unique element of this cave is that it reflects the vibrant blue water during the sunset and sunrise. Boat services are available at the Zakynthos ports for tourists.

Akrotiri Ruins- Lastly, Akrotiri Ruins is situated on the beautiful Greek island Santorini. It is a prehistoric site that is well preserved, and that showcases the site of Minoan culture of the Bronze Age. Most of the ancient fishing settlement was destroyed due to volcanic eruption.

Famous Food in Greece

Greece is the country that birthed the Mediterranean diet, which is considered the most delicious and healthy option all across the world. The Middle Eastern and Turkish cuisine inspires the famous Greek cuisine. Some of the famous foods in Greece are listed below:

Dolmades- The very first famous food in Greece is Dolmades which has a thousand different variations. Every single region in Greece has their version of Dolmades in Greece. It is a classic vine leaf parcel or hollowed vegetable such as tomatoes, courgettes and more, which is then stuffed with meat-based filling. It is generally baked in an oven.

Moussaka- Moussaka is another famous food in Greece which has a wide variety of variations available. But the one which is quietly popular is the oven bake version with a layer of aubergine, onion, puréed tomato, minced lamb, garlic and various spices. The dish is generally topped with cheese and bechamel sauce.

Taramasalata- The main factor in every Greek meal is their classic dip known as Taramasalata, which is prepared from the fish roe. It is the creamy blend of white or pink fish roe and goes best with the bread or potato base.

**Fasolatha- The one thing which Greece has been known for all across the world is its traditional white bean soup known as Fasolatha. This soup consists of vegetables, beans and crushed tomatoes. The soup is generally flavoured with bay leaves or thymes. It is considered as the comfort food of people in the country.

Choriatiki- It is also known as Greek salad, made from fresh vegetables such as bell peppers, cucumbers, juicy tomatoes and more. These vegetables get mixed with feta cheese, which is the key ingredient, and then sprinkled with virgin olive oil or Greek olives. This simple-to-make dish is famous all over the world because of its health benefits.

Loukoumades- Lastly, another famous food in Greece comes in the dessert category, which is loved by all kinds of generations. The loukoumades are doughnut-like small balls that are usually fried. These fried balls are drenched in honey syrup and sprinkled with toppings like crushed walnuts, cinnamon and more.

Most Popular Activities in Greece

Greece, which is known to be a picture-perfect destination, offers plenty of options for its adrenaline-rush travellers. Some of the popular activities in Greece include:

Hiking- The very first and most loved activity in Greece is hiking since there are over 40 mountain ranges available. The country's mild Mediterranean climate and plenty of sunshine in the spring, autumn and even winter make outdoor activities like hiking fun.

Sailing- Greece boasts one of the longest coastlines in the world, spanning approximately 16,000 km. It is a country with over 6,000 islands, of which only 227 are inhabited. With four distinct archipelagos and warm weather, sailing vacations in this region are relaxed and risk-free.

River Trekking-Another thing Greece is famous for is river trekking since there is an array of rivers available in the country. The nation is home to more than 2,500 km of rivers, many of which wind through gorges with waterfalls and naturally occurring water pools. Some of the famous river trekking experiences can be enjoyed at the Neda River, Voidomatis River, etc.

Canyoning- Those who long for adrenaline-filled activities can surely give canyoning a try in Greece. The country has around 150 gorges with a mixture of both easy and challenging routes for the tourist. Some of the top canyoning experiences in Greece can be enjoyed at Athens, Evla, Crete and Mt Olympus.

Rock Climbing- Lastly, rock climbing is a popular activity in Greece because of the ideal atmospheric conditions. The country is filled with Rock climbing sites such as Attica, Leonidio and many more. The area's volcanic makeup and the limestone's unique qualities make for an intriguing climbing environment with lots of relief variation, including crags, caverns, and overhangs.

Tips For Travellers While Visiting Greece

Visiting Greece can be an experience of a lifetime, but travellers need to follow some essential tips to make the most out of their trip. These tips are:

  • It is best not to visit Greece during the peak season, such as late July and August, since the weather at these times is hot and prices are high.

  • If you are doing activities like hiking, rock climbing, etc., during the hot summer, then keep yourself hydrated. The cases of dehydration are prevalent in Greece.

  • It is best to keep the cash while visiting the local restaurants and cafes in Greece.

  • English is widely spoken in Greece, but to impress the local crowd or guide, it is best to learn the local words.

  • Greece has a public bus service, which is the most convenient transportation mode in the country.

  • Since it is the sunniest country in the world, it is best to carry sun protection cream. Other than this, it is best to keep mosquito repellent.

  • Dress modestly while visiting the public places in Greece.

  • It is best to book accommodation in advance while visiting the country.

  • Many of the historical sites in the country are not disability friendly, so if you have any genetic disability condition, plan accordingly.

Importance of Travel Insurance Plan For Greece

Greece is an active member of the Schengen countries, which has mandatory requirements for a travel insurance plan while entering the country. The tourist needs to submit a travel insurance plan at the time of obtaining a visa.

The purpose of the travel insurance plan is to cover various financial losses that might happen during the trip, such as medical emergencies, loss of luggage and more. With a travel insurance plan, tourists will have peace of mind.

However, it is best to compare travel insurance for premiums before purchasing. Tata AIG's international travel insurance plan begins at ₹40.82 per day, which makes it a suitable option for all kinds of travellers.


Greece is a traveller-friendly country that attracts around 33 million tourists each year. The tourism sector of the country contributes around 20% of GDP. Tourists here come to witness the 18 UNESCO world heritage sites such as Meteora, old Corfu town and more.

Besides this, it is a country that has around 240 bird species. The country also has 110 archaeological museums. Greece is definitely worth visiting if you hold unique places for nature and historical sites.


What is Greece mostly known for?

Greece is famous for its mountain ranges, islands and historical sites. The nation houses 18 UNESCO World Heritage sites.

What are things or items to buy in Greece?

Travellers can buy various souvenirs to take home from Greece, such as leather goods, greek honey, hand-painted ceramics, worry beads and more.

What to wear in Greece?

If you are travelling to Greece, then it is best to pack lightweight and breathable fabrics such as silk, cotton and linen since the temperature here is warm.

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