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Ireland packs a punch for all kinds of travellers. It is known as The Emerald Isle due to its rich culture and gorgeous landscapes making it a destination that is definitely worth a visit once in your lifetime. The country boasts of its warm and friendly hospitality, tasty food and beverages, breathtaking gardens, churches, crafts, and literary heritage.

Before you plan your trip to this European island, you must know that Ireland includes two countries - Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. The former is a part of the United Kingdom with England, Wales, and Scotland.

You can visit both on the same trip to relish a complete Irish experience.

This guide takes you through the various things Ireland is famous for, including the food, tourist attractions, and things to do. It also gives you a glimpse of what makes Ireland unique and why you should visit it.

5 Reasons to Visit Ireland

Most visitors to this country come to the island for its lush, green landscapes. But is that all Ireland has to offer? Here are five reasons why Ireland should be on your travel bucket list.

A rich cultural heritage

Ireland has a fascinating history. You’ll find something worthy of your attention at every turn, from the mediaeval castles and ancient Celtic ruins to the laid-back cities. There are iconic landmarks like Dublin Castle, St. Patrick’s Cathedral, and Trinity College in Dublin. The Skellig Michael and Newgrange are UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The Dunluce Castle, Blarney Castle, Rock of Cashel, and Clonmacnoise give you stunning panoramic views with glimpses of ancient architecture.

Natural beauty

Ireland’s lakes and mountains are often seen in European advertisements for good reason. You have to see the vivid greens of the landscape to believe in their breathtaking beauty. Tourists from across the world visit the Killarney National Park. It is one of the country’s most famous scenic areas.

Ireland’s natural beauty is truly captivating, with over 40 shades of green. These stunning landscapes covered with vibrant green fields and phenomenal coastlines have helped it earn global recognition as one of prime European tourist destinations.

Deep literary culture

Some of the greatest English writers come from Ireland. Thus, the island boasts a deep literary culture. Literary giants like Samuel Beckett and James Joyce have given the world some formidable intellectual works. So, if you’re lucky, you can attend one of the festivals to appreciate the literary culture.

Easy to travel around

One of the reasons people enjoy visiting Ireland is the ease of connectivity it offers by trains and cars. Tourists can use the well-connected railway network to check out all of Ireland’s tourist attractions. Some train rides are scenic, giving you a beautiful glimpse of the island’s landscapes. The network of byways and highways also promises endless exploration possibilities.

Warm Irish hospitality

Ireland is considered a distinct holiday destination due to the warm and friendly nature of the people. The locals will always greet you with a welcoming smile whether you’re strolling near the waterfront, exploring a quaint village, or enjoying a pint of Guinness.

The Irish people’s hospitality and love for fun are quite famous. Nowhere else in the world will you witness such liveliness at the pubs and traditional music sessions.

5 Famous Places in Ireland

We’ve shortlisted a few of the many famous Ireland places to visit. These are just the tip of the iceberg.

-Emerald Park

Emerald Park is Ireland’s only theme park and zoo. It offers something for every member of the family, from playgrounds and thrill-seeking attractions to exciting shows and entertainment. There’s also an amazing zoo with more than 250 animals. You can spot some big cats, leopards, and tigers or explore a free-flying birds of prey show.

And if you’re adventurous enough and want to experience the adrenaline rush, take a spin on the Cú Chulainn Coaster.

-Cliffs of Moher

The Cliffs of Moher are stunning and magnificent, with breathtaking views, making them one of the most famous places in Ireland. The gigantic river Delta carved this scenic natural phenomenon more than 320 million years ago.

The bottom is drenched in the musical sounds of the Galway Bay waters crashing against the cliffs while the top oozes vibrant, lush green meadows. The best time to visit this tourist attraction is between April and September.

-Killarney National Park

Most tourists from across the globe visit Ireland to view this incredible biosphere reserve - the Killarney National Park. The country’s only population of red deer can be seen at this park. There are also some picturesque manmade structures like the Castle of Ross. You can click memorable pictures with your family and friends at this location. The best time to visit is between March and November.

-Downhill Beach

The Downhill Beach was seen in season two of the Game of Thrones. It is nestled in Northern Ireland. It should be on your Ireland things-to-do list because it offers many activities, including water sports. It stretches across seven miles, and touching its fine sand can feel soft and relaxing.

The famous Mussenden Temple, one of Northern Ireland’s most photographed buildings, is nearby. Make sure you club the two destinations to visit in one evening.

-The Rock of Cashel

Ireland is famous for the Rock of Cashel. It was the throne of the ancient Irish kings for over seven centuries and boasts gothic tones. Its mediaeval architecture can be appreciated through its various structures like a Gothic cathedral, the High Cross Romanesque Chapel, a round tower, a castle, and many other sites that promise to deliver a soul-stirring experience.

The best time to visit is between May and October.

4 Foods to Try in Ireland

A holiday is incomplete if you don’t try the tastiest local food. From fish in summer, lamb in spring, soups and stews in winter, and potatoes all year round, Ireland’s famous food involves hearty yet simple cooking. Make sure you have these on your list.

-Soda Bread

There are many recipes for soda bread in Ireland. The basic ingredients, such as flour, buttermilk and bicarbonate of soda, remain the same, but how you eat it varies. Some add sugar, dried fruits or honey to make it sweet, while others give it a healthy boost by sprinkling seeds, oats, and bran. Whatever you do, make sure you slice it and spread butter liberally.


If you visit Ireland in any season except the summer, you will probably not see the sun. But you will get the West Coast’s plump native oysters to feast on. Shellfish is common in Irish cuisine, with different varieties like clams, mussels, prawns, or famed cockles.

-Irish Stew

The Irish stew follows a one-pot cooking technique using onions, potatoes, and mutton. The lamb version is also common these days. The dish is enhanced with stock and herbs like bay leaves, parsley, and thyme to add a depth of flavour. The stew isn’t left too watery. It is either simmered or mixed with pearl barley, a spoonful of sliced potatoes or roux to reduce the liquid.


Boxty can be described as potato bread, potato pancakes, or potato dumplings. The recipe uses grated raw potato with mashed potato. It could be mixed with a pancake-like batter before frying or boiled with salt and flour before slicing and frying in butter. You can pair Boxty with anything from eggs and bacon to creme fraiche or smoked salmon.

5 Best Cities to Visit in Ireland

Ireland’s countryside is extraordinarily stunning. But you shouldn’t miss exploring some famous places in Ireland.


Dublin is Ireland’s capital city. Its rich history, literary heritage, and lively cultural atmosphere make it worth visiting. The top places to explore in Dublin include Temple Bar, Dublin Castle, Trinity College, and Guinness Storehouse.


Northern Ireland’s capital, Belfast, has a dynamic arts scene and intriguing history. You can take a tour of the legendary landmarks like the murals of the Peace Walls and the Titanic Belfast Museum. Alternatively, unwind at the fun-filled nightlife of the Cathedral Quarter and discover the city’s maritime heritage at the Titanic Quarter based on your interests.


Galway is a pleasing city on the island’s west coast. It is known for its lively festivals and traditional music. On your visit to this city, you can spend time strolling along the scenic Salthill Promenade, seeing the Galway Cathedral, or exploring the vibrant streets of the Latin Quarter.


Waterford, on Ireland’s southeast coast, is the island’s oldest city. It is famous for its cultural heritage, crystal manufacturing, and Viking history. Some of the city’s must-visit places include the Waterford Crystal Visitor Centre, Viking Triangle, and the waterfront.


Limerick is recognised for its riverside walks and mediaeval architecture. It is located on River Shannon’s banks. You must explore cultural attractions like the Hunt Museum and King John’s Castle here.

Ireland Weather And The Best Time to Visit

Ireland is home to exceptional landscapes, from the historic hub of Dublin to the Ring of Kerry in Southern Ireland. This makes the warmest and driest weather the best time to visit the island.

The months of summer start in June and continue until August. These months are the best time to visit. However, good weather also comes with crowds of travellers. The peak season witnesses a large number of tourists, which can lead to long queues at popular destinations and a rise in accommodation and activity prices.

You can choose to visit during the shoulder season if you want to avoid the crowd. This includes the months of spring (March to May) and autumn (September to November) seasons. The weather can make you a little uncomfortable with the rainfall expected, but you will get the desired time and space to explore the landscapes and cities.


Ireland is known for its rich heritage, magnificent landscapes, rugged terrain, and friendly and warm people. This birthplace of the Game of Thrones has much to offer to all travellers, from gorgeous, diverse landscapes, Irish pubs, and the sport of rugby to castles, the world’s best coffee, and beer.

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Why is Ireland called the Emerald Isle?

Ireland is nicknamed the “Emerald Isle” because of the vast green landscapes stretching as far as the eyes can see. Plenty of farms and national parks, expansive meadows, and vibrant moss-covered rocks create a mesmerising mosaic of emerald green.

What are the most famous Ireland things to do?

A trip to the European island is incomplete if you don’t tick off the best Ireland tourist attractions. These attractions include exploring the pyramids in Wicklow, the wooden roller coaster in Emerald Park, and the world’s oldest solar observatory in Newgrange.

What are the most popular items in Ireland?

Ireland is known for many distinctively Irish things, such as breakfast tea, chocolate, cheese, stew, and soda bread. It is also known for Guinness (dry stout), Claddagh Ring, Aran sweaters, and Waterford Crystal.

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