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Kenya, also named the Republic of Kenya, is a country in East Africa that houses dozens of ethnic groups. The old name of Kenya was British Kenya. The whole region of Kenya is divided into 8 geographical regions, which are Nairobi, northeastern, Rift Valley, Nyanza, western, central, coast and Eastern.

It is the African continent that has a variety of wildlife and is known to be the best safari destination. The country is popular among tourists because of its rustic ambience. The African continent is a hidden gem of fascinating places.

From the blue sky to pristine beaches, tourists can witness plenty of things here. However, if travellers don't have an itinerary prepared, it can be daunting to make the most out of the trip. That's why here in this blog, we will learn about the things Kenya is famous for.

Understanding Kenya Speciality

Kenya is famous for being home to the Big 5 - African Elephants, leopards, rhinos, Cape buffalo and lions. It is the only country that has all the big 5 in their national parks. Another thing Kenya is famous for is that hunting is illegal in Kenya.

The Great Rift Valley of Kenya is 20 million years old and formed due to the geographical tension in the earth's crust. The world's fastest animal Cheetah, with speeds up to 120 kmph found in Kenya's dense forest.

This country has over 68 different languages, but Swahili is its official language.

Wangari Muta Maatha, the first woman who won the Nobel Peace Prize in the field of political and social science in 2004, is from Kenya. The Turkana Lake, which is listed as a UNESCO Heritage site, is the largest desert lake in Kenya, with over 6,000 square kilometres.

Kenya is the country which is the largest exporter of coffee after colombia. The coffee produced in Kenya is considered top-class coffee in the world. However, Kenyan locals don't prefer to drink it since it is considered a high-value item. Other than coffee, Kenya is also an exporter of cut flowers such as roses.

The former US president Barack Obama, who is recognised as the most influential leader in the world, has his roots in Kenya. His father is from Kenya, and he has started various development and education initiatives in the country.

Famous Places in Kenya

The country is packed with traditional old cities to ultramodern hubs. Some of the best Kenya places to visit are listed below:

Nairobi- The very first Kenya attraction is its capital city, Nairobi, which is the financial centre of the country with various tourist attractions such as museums, tranquil parks and more.

The city has various entertainment venues, such as shopping markets, art galleries, etc. The city has a luxurious lodging facility that offers a relaxing vacation experience to its tourists.

Kisumu- Another famous place in Kenya is Kisumu, which is situated in the western region of Kenya. The city is situated at the bay of Victoria Lake.

The city is home to historical sites and natural attractions such as the Kisumu Museum, Dunga Hill Camp and more. Other than this, it is the city that has various sugar and rice industries.

Mombasa- Mombasa is known to be Kenya's coastal capital and the second-largest city in the country. The city houses beaches, historical monuments and marine parks. One of the famous 16th-century military architecture is situated in this city.

The UNESCO world heritage site Fort Jesus is also in Mombasa. The city is a perfect blend of relaxation and adventure for tourists.

Eldoret- Another city Kenya is famous for is Eldoret, which is a beautiful city situated in the western region. It is the fifth largest city in the country and lies in the south of Cherangani hills.

The city of Kenya is home to the best educational universities; that's the reason the energy here is youthful and vibrant.

Nakuru- The last famous place in Kenya is Nakuru which is the fourth largest city that lies to the north of Nairobi city. The city is famous for its retail, agriculture and tourism sector.

The modern city of Kenya houses various educational institutions, medical facilities and top-rated lodging options. Further, tourists here can experience the traditional Kenyan culture since lively villages surround it.

Best Landmarks or Attractions Site in Kenya

Kenya is a home of beautiful landmarks that tourists come here to witness. Some of the famous Kenya attractions are listed below:

Maasai Mara- Maasai Mara is the prominent thing Kenya is famous for which is the national reserve and most visited destinations. The place is situated in the Southwestern part of the country.

This natural paradise of the country is home to wildebeests, giraffes, elephants and more. The place is also known for its cultural value, as the people here have a long and rich history.

There are various activities tourists can enjoy here such as game drives, exploring Maasai villages and hot air balloon rides.

Lamu Island- Another popular Kenya tourist place is Lamu Island, which is situated on the coast of the mainland. It is a beautiful destination that is packed with amazing sights and activities.

From ancient architecture to vivid cultural heritage to pristine beaches, the island can entertain all kinds of people. The place houses Swahili architecture, which also makes it a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Mount Kenya- Furthermore, another thing that adds value to Kenya's tourist places is Mount Kenya. It is the second-highest mountain in Africa after Mount Kilimanjaro.

This mountain range of Kenya is home to diverse fauna and flora and is listed in UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Climbing and hiking is an everyday activity that is enjoyed by most travellers that come here.

Lake Nakuru- Lake Nakuru is another thing Kenya is famous for which is one of the scenic destinations of the country. It is the location that has been on the bucket list of many photographers as it is packed with pink flamingos.

The lake is home to various wildlife and around 400 bird species. The lake is surrounded by a panoramic hill view, making it the perfect spot for relaxing away from busy city life.

Fourteen Falls- It is a beautiful waterfall in Thika town of kenya. It is the most visited tourist attraction with 27 metre deep scenery. The name is derived from the diverse section of the Athi River surrounded by different waterfalls.

The area is packed with fun-filled activities like bird watching, fishing., plant identification, boating and more. To know more about the area, it is best to take a guided tour.

The waterfall has opening and closing times, so it is best to plan the trip accordingly.

Amboseli National Park- Last on the list is Amboseli National Park, which is a famous Kenya attraction because of the spectacular views of Mount Kilimanjaro.

The park has diverse wildlife species, including cheetahs, lions, elephants and more. Tourists can go on a Kenya safari to witness the natural habitat.

Famous Food of Kenya

Food is another thing which makes Kenya unique. There are a variety of foods available in the country, which are a combination of traditions and ethnicity. Some of the famous foods of Kenya are listed below:

Ugali- Ugali is the famous food of Kenya which is a Kenyan staple made up of maize flour or millet flour. The dish is prepared by mixing the flour in boiling water until it gets the dough like consistency. The dish is considered as a good source of iron. The dish best goes with the soup, grilled meat and stews.

Nyama Choma**-Nyama Choma is another dish part of Kenya's Culture, which is stewed beef. It is a dish that tastes different every time because of its vivid flavours.

The main ingredient of this dish is braised beef, carrots, onions and other vegetables. The dish is generally seasoned with peppers and salt and cooked until its sauce becomes thick. This dish is generally enjoyed with chapatis.

The Kenyan street vendor serves Nyama Choma in the country.

Mutura- Next on the list is Mutura which is a sausage that is made up of meat and fresh blood. The Kenyan dish is similar to the Spanish morcilla or Irish black pudding.

The ingredients that give taste to this dish are green chillies, red chillies, scallions, garlic and ginger. The dish is grilled over hot coal to give it a smokey flavour. It is generally served as an appetiser.

Mandazi- Mandazi, which is an African doughnut. The dish is prepared by frying dough in oil. To add flavour to the dough, coconut milk is preferred in some regions of kenya.

The key ingredients of the Mandazi are eggs, flour, milk, yeast and sugar. The dish is best served as a snacking item and generally goes well with tea.

Kuku Paka- Another famous food of Kenya is Kuku Paka, which is basically a Kenyan chicken curry. The dish is trendy on the East African coast. The influence of this came from Indian curry.

The Kenyan curry is a bowl of heaven prepared from roasted chicken with tomatoes, ginger, coconut milk and other spices. The spices added to the dish gave it an aromatic flavour.

Pilau- Pilau is another famous food of Kenya which is served in almost every social gathering and party. Pilaf or pilau is famous in the Asian continent, too. It is cooked rice in flavoured broth with vegetables, chicken and meat.

The thing which makes this dish special is the spices that are used in this. It is a Kenyan dish that can pair with the Kachumbari, which is a kind of salad.

Tips for Travellers While Visiting Kenya

Before travelling to the country, it is best to do first-hand research about the country's weather, safety standards and more. Some of the tips that can help travellers in their visit to Kenya are listed below:

Tourists need to have a yellow fever vaccination certificate before entering the nation.

Plastic is prohibited in the country. If the travellers are found carrying items in plastic, then they have to pay hefty fines to the authorities.

It is best to stick with bottled water in the country due to health reasons. Tap water in Mombasa and Nairobi is drinkable.

Kenya doesn't have any hard and fast rules for tipping, but as a token of gratitude, it is advisable to tip the low-wage workers.

It is best to pack smartly as the temperature here is a combination of both hot and cold. The early morning safari rides can be cold.

The majority of the country lives in poverty, that's why it is best not to draw attention to yourself while exploring.

While travelling via road, be cautious since it has a lot of potholes.

Travellers won't find WIFi facility in most of the part. That's why it is essential to have a data or internet pack.

Bargaining is a common practice in Kenya, especially if you are buying items from street vendors.

When it comes to dining, go to high-end restaurants since the quality of food would be great there.

Need For Travel Insurance While Visiting Kenya

Tourists from foreign countries don't have any mandatory travel insurance requirements while entering Kenya. However, it is advisable to have an international travel insurance plan to secure the trip.

Kenya is a country where the chances of catching viruses and flu are common.

That's why tourists prefer to have travel insurance cover that offers coverage against medical emergencies, flight delays, loss of baggage and more. It is best to go with a travel insurance plan that is budget-friendly.

Tata AIG's international travel insurance plan premium is ₹40.82 per day. Further, the travel insurance claim ratio of Tata AIG is 99%.


Kenya is a beautiful destination on every traveller's bucket list because of its rich wildlife, history and cultural values. The country is a world-leading and popular safari destination. Every year, many tourists come here to enjoy its scenic landscape.

The best time to visit Kenya is between mid-June and September since the weather remains stable at this time.

Further, it is the time for great migration of zebras and wildebeests. The wildebeest migration is ranked as one of the seven wonders of the world.


Do tourists have to pay any tax while leaving the country?

The tourists that come to visit the country need to pay the airport departure tax which is included in the airline ticket.

What is Kenya's culture known for?

Kenya is known to be a very communal country which believes in sharing food, space and clothes. Around 43 tribes live in the country peacefully. The largest tribe in the country is the Maasai community.

What is the main tourist attraction in Kenya?

The leading Kenya attractions are Amboseli National Park, Masai Mara, Karura Forests, Diani Beach and more. It is the country that has more to offer in terms of cultural experiences, natural beauty, and outdoor activities.

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