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From its world-famous cuisine to vibrant cities, Poland is praised by tourists for several reasons. It is full of scenic natural landscapes, captivating historic sites, cultural artefacts and much more.

Poland has a rich history, culture and traditions and is home to 14 UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Travelling to this European country can help you learn many things about World War II and offer a unique and moving experience.

So if you are planning a trip to Poland or simply want to know about this breathtaking country, this write-up unveils its famous places, things and food.

Let us find out what is Poland famous for!

Famous Cities in Poland

Located in central Europe, Poland has many beautiful cities some of which are listed below:


One of the most attractive cities in Poland is Warsaw. Located in the centre of the Masovian plains, the capital city has a blend of modern architecture, history and mesmerising beauty.

You can explore places like the Old Town, Marszalkowska Residential District, POLIN Museum of History of Polish Jews and much more while touring around the city. The impressive colourful houses and residential complexes will leave you awe-struck.


Want to dive into Poland’s history? If yes, then Katowice is the perfect place to head to. You can know everything about Poland’s past in this city. The place is also famous for hosting the FIFA World Cup and the European Football Championship. Famous Poland places to visit in Katowice are the Arena Spodek, the Silesian Museum and Kosciuszko Park.


It is the most culturally diverse city in Poland. Here you can enjoy Thai, Mexican, Italian and Chinese food. You can also visit the State Museum of Majdanek, the Old Town, the Saxon Garden and the Multimedia Fountain and dive into the city’s fascinating architecture and rich past.


Next on the list of famous places in Poland is Torun. Located on the river Vistula, this enchanting city is a popular tourist spot in summer or winter. It has a collection of beautiful gardens, rich history and neoclassical architecture. Places to explore in Torun include the Leaning Tower, Museum of Weapons and Armour, Old Torun, Medieval House of Copernicus, etc.


Known for its rich history and UNESCO World Heritage Site in the middle, Krakow is a beautiful city in south Poland. It is one of the most loved Poland tourist attractions. Here you can find spectacular architectural styles from different periods.

Krakow is also popular for its antique bars with a distinct atmosphere. Major tourist attractions of the city are St. Mary’s Cathedral, the City Walls, Czartoryski Museum, Wonderful Main Market Square, etc.


It is a prominent cultural centre of Europe and Poland. Lodz’s natural beauty and setting have helped it grab the UNESCO World Heritage Site status. Here you can witness carnival-like parades with different themes all year round.

And remember to enjoy excellent cuisine at different restaurants. A few places worth visiting include the Museum of Art Collection, the Tower Hall, Astroland Amusement Park, Museum of Archaeology and Ethnicity, etc.


If you want to enjoy city life along with a seaside vacation, then Sopot is a perfect destination. Located on the shore of the Baltic Sea, this lively city has many historical monuments and places for art and history lovers. You can visit places like the Crooked House and Monte Cassino or enjoy water sports like parasailing and jet skiing on the beach.


This Polish city is home to the best museums and art galleries. Soaked in rich history and culture, Wroclaw has remains of structures belonging to the pre-World War II period. So, if you are a history enthusiast, this city offers much more than you can think. Places you can explore while in Wroclaw are Rynek, the Royal Palace, National Museum, Ostrow Tumski and more.


Renowned for its cultural heritage and stunning architecture, Bialystock is the centre of Jewish culture, traditions and art. It is also famous for its locally baked bialys as its name suggests. The Opera House, Ethnographic Museum and Gora Krzysztofory are a few places to explore in Bialystock.


Another most famous Polish city is Szczecin. Its skyscrapers, cottages, monuments and luxury hotels depict mind-blowing architectural diversity. Szczecin is divided into islands where you can enjoy whale watching, swimming or cruises. Major attractions in the city include St. James Cathedral, Harbour Gate, Waly Chrobrego Promenade and more.

Famous Tourist Attractions in Poland

Now that you know about popular cities in Poland, let us unravel some Poland tourist attractions you must not miss out on:

The Wieliczka Salt Mine

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, this salt mine in Wieliczka city is known for its stunning underground chambers carved out of salt rock. You can find many sculptures and other artworks here. The main attraction is the chamber of the Chapel of St. Kinga where even the furniture and chandeliers are carved out of salt.

The Auschwitz Birkenau Memorial and Museum

Among the Poland things to do is visit the Auschwitz Birkenau Memorial and Museum. Located in Oswiecim City, this memorial and museum is dedicated to over 9 lakh victims of the Auschwitz concentration camp. You can explore exhibitions to learn about the camp’s history and also see the gas chambers. Visiting the place can be a moving experience.

Bialowieza forest

Located in eastern Poland, the Bialowieza forest is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is one of the last remnants of the large primaeval forest that once covered Europe. The Bialowieza forest has many rare and endangered species including the European bison. It is a perfect place to visit if you love nature and wildlife.

Wawel Castle

It is a beautiful castle in the Krakow city of Poland. Built in the 14th century, the Wawel castle was home to Polish kings and is now a popular tourist destination. Its stunning architecture and history will surely pique your interest.

Palace of Culture and Science

Built in 1955, the Palace of Culture and Science is one of the tallest skyscrapers in Poland. It is located in Warsaw city and houses many offices, museums, theatres and cultural institutes. You can get a stunning view of the entire city from the building’s observation deck.

Morskie Oko Lake

Located in the Tatra National Park, this lake is worth your visit if you are a nature lover. It is surrounded by tall mountains and pines. The breathtaking views of the lake and surrounding areas attract tourists from far and wide. The Morskie Oko Lake changes colour all year round from a deep blue shade to soft turquoise. You can reach the lake easily through a hike.

Famous Things in Poland

Poland is known for many things. Here is a list of a few:


One of the most popular things Poland is known for is its amber. In ancient times, Polish people were fond of amber jewellery. The tradition grew in and around Gdansk and cities on the Baltic Sea coast. However, you can find amber souvenirs and products anywhere in Poland.

Boleslawiec pottery

Poland is known for its unique handmade pottery. Located in the Lower Silesia region near Germany is a small town called Boleslawiec. It has been the centre of traditional ceramics for centuries. With abstract patterns and innovative craftsmanship, every piece is exclusive. You can get Boleslawiec-style pottery at public markets in Poland’s major cities.


Polish people are fond of outdoor activities and skiing is the most loved one. Poland has many ski resorts where beginners and experts are provided with appropriate skiing conditions. Some popular ski resorts are Czarna Gora, Szczyrk, Zieleniec Sports Arena, Zakopane (the ski capital of Poland) and Bialka Tatrzanska.

Milk Bars

Another thing Poland is known for is its milk bars. These are cafeteria-style restaurants where you can order food at the counter, take it to your table and enjoy it. Locals usually prefer milk bars since they offer quality and affordable food. Also, the menus are quite simple, consisting of classic foods from Poland. While you can find these restaurants everywhere, they are more common in cities.

Famous Food in Poland

Travelling to Poland and wondering what food it is famous for? This European country has a lot to offer when it comes to food. Here’s a list of Poland famous food you must give a try:


Pierogi is an iconic part of Polish culture and cuisine. It is the most loved dish across the country and found on most restaurant menus. Pierogi are dumplings with fillings inside a pouch made of unleavened dough. While in Poland, missing out on this delicious food can make you regret it later.


It is a type of sausage quite popular in Poland. Kielbasa is made from beef, pork or venison. It can be smoked, grilled or boiled. Trying this flavourful and hearty local snack food can be a good idea while on the go.

Oscypek Cheese

Made from salted sheep milk, Oscypek cheese is hard and smoked. Its place of origin is the Tatra mountain region. The cheese is famous for its strong flavour and chewy texture. You can eat it with a snack or try it raw.


Another traditional dish of Poland is bigos. It is made with pork, beef or venison, sauerkraut and other ingredients like onions, mushrooms and red wine. The stew is slowly cooked for enhanced flavour. You can find this popular winter dish at many restaurants in Poland and enjoy it with bread or mashed potatoes.


It is a type of sandwich which is quite popular among the locals. Zapiekanka is a baguette cut in half and filled with mushrooms, toppings and cheese. It is then grilled or toasted until crispy. You can find it on the Polish streets and bakeries.


Made from wheat, barley or rye, Polish vodka is one of the most loved vodka in the world. It is distilled several times and has a clean flavour.

Wrapping Up

When asked what is Poland famous for, you might think of World War II and its horrific past. However, the country has its beautiful side with lively culture, stunning geography, delicious food and more. So if you are looking for a perfect European travel destination, Poland can be a good choice with much to explore than discussed above.

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What local things can I buy in Poland as souvenirs?

You can consider buying traditional Polish dolls, amber jewellery, salt lamps, handicrafts or ceramic pottery to take back home.

What is the currency of Poland?

The national currency of Poland is the Polish zloty (PLN).

What is the religion in Poland?

98.5% of the people in Poland are Roman Catholics.

Is Poland a cold country?

The climate in Poland is moderate. It has both maritime and continental influence. The days are sunny with rain sometimes. It is usually cold in winter with temperatures reaching below freezing point.

Can I speak English in Poland?

It depends on the circumstances. The official language of the country is Polish. However, people in major cities and tourist destinations know English. Around 30% of Polish people can speak English as a foreign language.

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