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Saudi Arabia, aka the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, is situated in Western Asia. It is the second-largest Arab state after Algeria. The country is the epicentre of Islamic values and cultures. The country is young, but it has a vibrant history.

Saudi Arabia is gaining traction because of its oil reserves, religious sites Mecca and Medina, ideology of Wahhabism and more. Kuwait, Iraq, Oman, UAE and Jordan bordered this Islamic country.

Since the country is the birthplace of Islam and religious sites are here, various tourists from all across the globe come here. The Saudi people are famous for their generous and warm hospitality culture.

Other than visiting religious sites, Saudi is famous for a lot of things, which we discussed in this blog.

Understanding Saudi Arabia's Speciality

Saudi Arabia is famous for its religious values and culture.

The Wahhabi Islamic movement was started in Saudi Arabia, which believes in strictly adhering to the teachings of the Quran. The movement has had a significant impact on the legal and religious system of Saudi Arabia.

Another Saudi Arabian culture is the Bedouin lifestyle, which is the constant search for water and pasture for livestock. Since the Bedouin people travel a lot, they have extensive knowledge about the country's seasonal patterns and geography.

Other than this, It is a country that is known for its traditional attire that Saudi people wear. The attire has deep religious and cultural values.

The country is the largest producer of the dates. It has a very crucial role in the country's hospitality, heritage and cuisine. It is considered a symbol of hospitality and generosity.

Saudi music and dance are another part of their history. The country is actively involved in activities to preserve its traditional dance and music forms.

Best Tourist Places in Saudi Arabia

From sandy shores to the snow-capped mountains, there are many famous places in Saudi Arabia. Some of the best Saudi tourist places are listed below:

Riyadh- The very first famous place in Saudi Arabia is Riyadh, which is also the capital of the nation. The city sits between the barren desert and rocky mountains. The modern city is a perfect blend of industries and natural attractions.

Various crucial petrochemical industries, oil production and refining centres are here. Not just this, it is packed with beautiful gardens, green spaces and more.

Dammam- Damman is the third most populous city in the country, with a population of 530,543 people. The city is situated 38 metres above sea level. It is a haven for priceless relics and museums.

**Abu Al-Feda House is the most visited place in Dammam since it is the oldest house in the city.

Tabuk- Another popular place in Saudi Arabia is Tabuk, which is spread over 3000 square kilometres. The central city has a population of over 4 million people. The city is considered as the hub of shopping, culture and entertainment.

**The famous Al-Jumaa Mosque attracts thousands of tourists every year. Other than this, it houses various towers and forts built during Roman times.

Jeddah- Another famous Saudi tourist place is Jeddah which is also known as the coastal city. The city is located on the coast of the Red Sea. It is designated as a cultural and commercial point of the country.

The city holds the major seaport of the Persian Gulf region. It is a place to witness authentic Arab culture.

Abha- Last on the list is Abha which is the famous city of Saudi Arabia known for its major industries. The city was established to serve as the residential centre for Bedouins who were displaced from their ancestral homes during the building of King's Highway.

The city is home to various castles and archaeological sites.

Landmarks or Attractions in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is famous for its diverse offering but historical landmarks and sites are the significant thing that draws tourists. Some of the famous landmarks include:

Masjid-al-Haram- The most visited place in Saudi Arabia is Masjid-al-Haram, which is a religious site situated in Mecca. The holy place is one of the biggest mosques, which can host millions of worshippers.

To accommodate millions of Hajj pilgrims, various expansions have been made in the mosque. Non-Muslims are not allowed to visit this holy site.

Masjid-al-Nabawi- Another popular place in Saudi Arabia is Masjid-al-Nabawi, which is also known as the Mosque of the Prophet. It is the second-largest mosque constructed by the Prophet Muhammad.

This holy site is considered as the heart of Medina. The mosque is two stories tall, and its green-coloured dome is what makes it notable.

Clock Towers- Clock Towers, which is also known as Abraj-al-Bait, is a well-known seven-skyscraper hotel near the Grand Mecca mosque. The Clock Tower is the world's fourth tallest building, which has 120 floors.

Every floor of the tower has a unique theme. From the top of the tower, tourists can take a spectacular view of the city and the Grand Mosque.

Al Masmak Fortress- Another Saudi famous thing or landmark is Al Masmak Fortress, which is also known as Masmak Palace. Since the fort played a significant role in the Battle of Riyadh, it holds historic significance.

The fortress has 6 different parts, which are majlis, courtyard, gate, towers, well and mosque. The famous structure of the palace is the palm tree wooden gate.

Makkah Gate- The last popular place in Saudi Arabia is Makkah Gate, which is the gate that connects Jeddah and Makkah. It was constructed in 1979 AD. The place is a visual representation of Saudi construction.

Pilgrims begin their journey to Umrah or Hajj from this gate only. The place houses well known shopping points to buy dates, dried fruits and honey.

Famous Food In Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia has various attractions to keep tourists on their toes but the country is famous for its cuisine and delectable taste. Below are some Saudi famous food:

Harees- The very first famous Saudi food is Harees, which is preferred during the month of Ramadan. It is a dish made from coarse wheat and meat. The dish originated in Saudi Arabia and then spread to other Middle Eastern countries.

Over time, people started experimenting with the dish by including various ingredients. So today, there are a wide variety of Harees versions available.

Dajaj Mashwi- Another dish Saudi Arabia is famous for is Dajaj Mashwi, which is the chicken barbeque. This dish is prepared from the chicken breast.

The boneless meat is first thinly sliced and then marinated with spices and grilled on barbeque, for marination, lime juice, black pepper, garlic, onion and more. The dish is served with garlic dipping sauce and salads.

Hanith- Hanith is a famous Saudi food and is considered the local food of Abha city. The dish is popular because of its unique preparation procedure.

Mutton is used as a critical ingredient, which is put in a pit layered with charcoal and tree leaves of Marakh. The dish takes 2 to 3 hours to cook in a pit. Many people used to garnish the meat with raisins and nuts.

Shawarma- This dish is the legacy of the Ottoman Empire, but it is vividly famous in Middle Eastern countries like Saudi Arabia. Skewers are used to cook meat.

Based on individual choice, different types of meat are preferred, such as lamb, turkey and more. The dish is rich in flavours because of its slow cooking process.

Kabsa- Kabsa is another famous Saudi food which is also known as a national dish. It is a rice dish inspired by the Persian and Indian biryanis. It is rice cooked with meat and fish stock using various spices.

The meat which Saudi people generally prefer for making this dish are fish meat, lamb, chicken, shrimp and more. The dish is served hot on a large platter with salad.

Best things to buy in Saudi Arabia

The best part of the Saudi Arabia trip is bringing souvenirs home for travellers or tourists. Shopping is one of the things to do in Saudi Arabia because of traditional items and other options. Some of the things to buy from Saudi Arabia are:

Oud Perfume- Most of the tourist famous thing to do in Saudi Arabia is pay a visit to an Oud Perfume shop. It is a luxurious perfume extracted from the Fungus Agar tree.

It is the most expensive perfume available in the perfume stores and souks. Other than perfume, Oud oil is also famous in the country.

Dallah- Arabic people are also famous for their way of making coffee. Dallah, which is the Arabian copper coffee pot, is available in different sizes for tourists. It is the essential requirement or key element for Arabic coffee.

The Dirah Souk in Riyadh is a famous shop which sells various kinds of Dallah.

Dates- The trip to Saudi Arabia would be incomplete for tourists if they didn't take dates back home for their loved ones and family. It is the most sold item in the country and is readily available in almost every shop and mall.

There are a wide variety of date jams and purees are also available at the grocery store.

Gold- Saudi is famous for its gold too. It is the country where the gold is sold by weight. Further, there is no VAT or sales tax on gold in the country. The locally designed gold is sold at lower prices here.

Further, there are various high-end shopping venues where gemstones, ornaments and jewellery are sold.

Scarves- Another famous thing in Saudi Arabia is their Scarves, which are only made in the country. This piece of clothing is widely popular and can be found in shops selling traditional clothes.

It is the traditional clothing worn regularly by the flight attendant. Other than this, tourists can also buy thobes, abayas, etc from the shop.

Tips for Travellers While Visiting Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is a country that holds exceptional value for its customs and culture. That's why travellers need to follow the nation's rules and regulations. Some of the tips for travellers while visiting the country are:

  • Saudi Arabian culture gives utmost importance to modesty. That's why women need to dress appropriately in the country.

  • Travellers should refrain from shaking hands with a person of the opposite gender unless they have initiated it.

  • Most adult websites that show inappropriate content are banned in Saudi Arabia. That's why it is advised to surf appropriately in the country.

  • Alcohol consumption is prohibited in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Doing so can invite fines and penalties.

  • It is best to have an international driving permit while travelling to the country.

  • It is advisable not to discuss religions or politics with the local people of the country.

  • Saudi Arabia is famous for its working days, which are from Sunday to Thursday. Friday and Saturday are considered the weekends in the country.

Need for Travel Insurance Plan While Visiting Saudi Arabia

The Islamic country has no mandatory requirement for travel insurance plans for tourists. However, it is strongly suggested that tourists go with travel insurance for Saudi Arabia trips.

The country is safe to visit, but we never know what kind of challenges we might face, from flight delays and loss of baggage to other things. These challenges can put a heavy burden on the individual's pocket.

The travel insurance plan is a haven of safety in a foreign land which tourists hope never to have to use. However, burying a travel insurance policy can be challenging because of the variety of coverage and options.

It is best to compare travel insurance based on premiums and offering before buying it. Tata AIG's international travel insurance plan for Saudi Arabia starts at ₹40.82 per day. Also, we have a representative at 24*7 service to handle any of your queries related to the plan.


Travelling to Saudi Arabia is an experience full of adventure, fun and knowledge. Not only will travellers explore the world's most significant monuments here but they will also learn a lot about Saudi Culture. The country is known for its Islamic traditions and values. Due to deep rooted values, the country has some strict guidelines which tourists need to keep in mind while exploring the nation.


What culture is in Saudi Arabia?

Saudi Arabia is recognised as the origin place of Islam, and people in the country are shaping their Islamic traditions. Other than this, Bedouins are also a significant part of Saudi Arabian culture.

Can I drink alcohol in Saudi Arabia?

The country has a stringent policy against alcohol and other drugs. Consumption and carrying alcohol in the country can invite severe charges and penalties.

What is unique about Saudi Arabia?

The thing which makes Saudi Arabia unique all over the world is its oil reserves.

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