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Sweden, also known as the Kingdom of Sweden, is the largest northern europe country, often called a Nordic country. The country is famous for its innovative design, picturesque landscapes and rich history.

The country has the highest number of non-religious population. It has clean streets and a successful welfare program. Sweden is recognised for having an abundance of clean air, given its high tree cover percentage.

The country is dedicated to improving the health of its citizens, animals, and plants.

Because of its vibrant culture and significant tourist attractions, travellers from all over the world love to visit here.

But often tourists do get confused when it comes to finding famous places in Stockholm, Sweden. So, here in this blog we will learn in detail about the best tourist places in Sweden.

Understanding Sweden Speciality

There are many things which are considered Sweden's speciality. Sweden is a country in Europe, bigger than Denmark and Norway. The land area of Sweden is 450,295 km2. Despite that, It is the country with the lowest population densities.

The country has a mastery in Pop music, Swedish written and produced songs have dominated the charts for years. The Famous ABBA band, which was the winner of the 1974 Eurovision Song Contest, has its museum in Stockholm.

Sweden is the first country that has invented the first anti-smoking product, Nicorette. Other than this, the prestigious Nobel Prize ceremony is conducted annually in Stockholm.

The fashion brand H&M (Hennes & Mauritz), known for trendy and affordable clothing, was founded in 1947 in Sweden. The famous Volvo group is headquartered in Gothenburg city of Sweden.

Further, the famous music platform Spotify that has been started to fight piracy was started in Stockholm by Daniel Ek and Martin Lorentzon.

In Sweden, football is the most loved sport. The Swedish national football team has qualified for the semi finals three times and qualified for the FIFA World Cup eleven times.

Best Tourist Places in Sweden

There are so many famous places in Sweden for tourists. Below, we have listed some of the tourists who love to explore the country.

Stockholm- The very first tourist attraction in Stockholm, which is the capital of Sweden. It is the most visited city in Sweden because of its rich history and culture. There are many famous places in Stockholm, such as the royal palace, 14 islands, scenic plaza and more. Stockholm is also famous for its subway art.

Gothenburg- The next best tourist place in Sweden is Gothenburg city which is situated on the west coast. It is the second largest city in Sweden after Stockholm. The city is a treasure house for unique and trendy fashion. Not just this, gorgeous antiques and decorations items can be easily found here. The city is beaming with youthful Swedish energy, which you can witness at graffiti-covered Roda Sten. It is also famous for its Gothenburg Botanical Garden.

Malmo- Another famous place in Sweden is Malmo, which is located in southern Sweden and is recognised because of its food and culture. The city has a very diverse population and that's why it is the place where you find a wide variety of international cuisines along with traditional Swedish dishes. It is a city that is packed with amusement parks, mouse-themed miniature houses and more.

Swedish Lapland- Swedish Lapland is another popular and best tourist place in Sweden that foreigners love to visit. The place is home to archipelagos, marshes, wild rivers, forests and mountains. The outdoor enthusiast or nature lover will have plenty of options to explore in this city. The majority of the population here is Sami people, who have lived for thousands of years. It is the community that is known for its sustainability practice.

Gotland County- The last famous place in Sweden is Gotland County, which is a visual representation of the historical Viking era. The structures and buildings here are breathtaking and also listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. This countryside part of Sweden is known for its freshly caught seafood. Further, it is also popular among travellers because of its craft beer, which talented brewers produce.

Famous Landmarks and Tourist Spots in Sweden

The beauty of Sweden is no longer a secret, it houses stunning architecture. Some of the famous landmarks in Sweden which gather crowds from all across the world are listed below:

Royal Opera House- It is a famous place in Stockholm which was started in the year 1782. It is the only oldest national theatre in the world that is still operating. This famous opera house is known for its architecture, and it has been the venue of many important ballets and opera shows. The tourists that come to Sweden come to witness the beauty of the oldest opera house.

Vasa Museum- The next famous tourist spot in Sweden is the Vasa Museum which is the maritime museum. The name of the museum comes from the Vasa ship that sank in the year 1628. The ship was recovered in 1961, and since then, it has been on display for tourists to see. Other than Vasa Ship artefacts, the museum also displays Swedish culture and history. It is one of the most visited tourist spots among history buffs.

Ice Hotel- Another famous Swedish landmark is the Ice Hotel, which is a hotel made up of snow and ice. This hotel is situated in the north of Sweden in Jukkasjarv town. The hotel is known for its unique architecture. Every year, this hotel is rebuilt using snow and ice. It is one of the most visited spots during the winter season.

Turning Torso- Turning Torso is another famous thing in Sweden which is located in Malmo city. It is a skyscraper tower that is 190 metres tall. The tower is famous because of its unique design, which Santiago Calatrava constructed. The tower has 54 floors.

Lake Vaner- Lastly, Lake Vaner is the third largest lake in Europe and the biggest one in Sweden. The lake is 176 km long and is divided between Norway and Sweden. It houses a wide variety of fish, trout, eel, perch and pike. On the west coast of this lake, Gothenburg city is located. The climate around the lake is milder because of the gulf stream's warm water. That's why this lake is a famous spot for tourists and localities to do boating, swimming and fishing.

Famous Food in Sweden

Swedish people love to celebrate their occasion with their vivid cuisine. Swedish cuisine and dishes are famous all across the globe because of its simple cooking methods and fresh produce. Some of the well-known and popular dishes in Sweden are:

Crayfish- The very first Swedish dish is Crayfish, which is also known as Kraftor which is generally boiled with salty water. The Crayfish in Sweden is a perfect food for parties which happen in August to October. The fish is served with boiled potatoes and buttery sauce.

Swedish Meatballs- Swedish meatballs, also known as kottbullar, are a national dish of Sweden. Swedish meatballs are famous all over the world. The meatballs are prepared with pork, lamb and more. They are a perfect snack for Swedish families. It is best served with creamy sauce, boiled potatoes and lingonberry jam.

Pickled Herring- Another famous food in Sweden is pickled herring, which is a type of fish. Sweden is the largest producer of this kind of fish. Many countries import pickled herring from Sweden. This fish is usually served with dill, boiled potatoes and sour cream.

Swedish Pea Soup- Swedish pea soup is also known as Artsoppa, which is a traditional dish that has been in existence for years. It is a soup that is made from onions, peas and ham. The soup has a savoury and creamy texture. The peas in the soup make it thick. Because of its simple recipe, it is the most common dish in Sweden in every household.

Potato Pancakes-Another popular food in Sweden is Potato pancakes, which is also known as Raggmunk. It is a famous dish that is made from milk, eggs and grated potatoes. It is the dish that is preferred in the winter season the most. Potato pancakes usually go with the lingonberry sauce or pork or bacon.

Swedish Cheesecake- Swedish cheesecake, also known as Ostkaka, is a dessert that holds a special place in Swedish cuisine. It is a dish that is made from sugar, curdled milk, eggs and almond flour. The Swedish cheesecake has a unique mixture of aromatic flavours and sweetness.

Swedish Pastry- Lastly, Semla is a famous Swedish pastry which is a comfort food for winter. The buns of the pastry are filled with almonds and whipped cream. The top of a pastry is dusted with powdered sugar. It is preferred with hot tea or coffee.

Tips for Travellers While Travelling to Sweden

No doubt, Sweden is packed with colourful and vibrant places, but travellers need to follow some tips that can make their trip worthwhile.

Swedish people believe in cashless transactions. They spend more through debit and credit cards. That's why it is crucial to have a global credit and debit card while visiting Sweden for hassle-free transactions.

Swedish people believe in queuing practice, so if you are in a public space, then it's best to wait for your turn.

Tourists should learn some basic Swedish words to create a friendly impression in the country.

Bottled water in the country is a strict no-no due to their eco-friendly policy. The tap water in the country is clean and fresh.

If you are in a nation, then it is advisable not to disrespect anything native in any case, such as their Swedish beer or anything.

Late-night walking is not safe in the country. And if you have to due to some reason, then it is advisable to keep your wallet in the front pocket.

Sweden is an environmentally friendly country, so it is advisable to carry reusable plastic covers.

People in Sweden love their own company and space. So it is advisable for tourists not to get touchy or anything with natives without their permission.

Need For Travel Insurance for Visiting Sweden

Sweden is a Schengen country. That means it is mandatory to have proper travel insurance for Sweden from India when travelling. It is part of their entrance and Visa requirements.

Other than the legal mandate, having a proper travelling insurance plan is a safety net for tourists in foreign nations.

From flight cancellation insurance to trip curtailment to medical evacuation in different countries, a comprehensive travel insurance plan offers many benefits. However, every traveller has unique needs. That's why Tata AIG offers custom-made travel insurance plans based on travel needs.

Further, budget is the top concern among tourists; that's why our international travel insurance starts at ₹40.82 per day. With that in mind, individuals can buy a travel insurance policy from a website in just three steps.


Sweden is definitely the best place to visit. It is a country that is known for its speciality like Ikea, Volvo and many more. The country has stunning landscapes and fascinating culture and history. The fika culture of the country, which stands for cake and coffee, is widespread across the globe.

Further Swedish people are considered more friendly and happy people. The country is ranked as the happiest place in the world because of its living quality and health conditions.

Due to all of this, every year, many tourists come to the country to witness its traditions and natural attractions. Not just this, people who want to raise their family in a genuine and caring environment opt for Swedish nationality too.


Is Sweden tourist travel friendly?

The country is tourist-friendly, and every year, many travellers from all across the globe come here to enjoy its beauty. However, tourists should follow basic safety standards while exploring the country.

Why is Stockholm famous?

Stockholm is the capital of Sweden, and it is famous for numerous parks, open water and architecture. It is the world's cleanest metropolises because of the absence of heavy industry.

What is the best time to visit Sweden?

Often, tourists get confused about the best time to visit Sweden. The high season to visit Sweden is June to August because during this time, the days are long, and the temperature is warm.

Can travellers go to Sweden without a visa?

Since Sweden belongs to the Schengen group of countries, travellers from India need to have a proper visa while travelling to the country. Individuals can apply for a Sweden visa online and offline by visiting their official website or embassy address.

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