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What is Turkey Famous For?

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  • TATA AIG Team
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  • 09/10/2023
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Travelling is one of the pleasures of life that everyone must experience. It changes your perspective about the world and throws new light on things. You can also meet some amazing people while you travel, which is great.

There are many spectacular countries that you can visit, and one of them is Turkey. Turkey is a breathtaking place for people who wish to see stunning architecture and empires. The mesmerising beauty, mouth-watering delicacies, and vibrant and rich culture here attract people from all around the globe.

Turkey is a must-visit place, but it is a large country with so many things to offer. So, it is essential to shortlist the Turkey tourist places that you wish to visit in a limited number of days. To help you with this, we have compiled a list of Turkey famous places that you can visit.

Let us go into the details of the Turkey tourist places and famous things in Turkey.

List of Turkey Famous Places

Here is a list of Turkey’s beautiful places that will leave you in awe of the beauty of the country, and you might never want to leave once you are here:

Hagia Sophia

In case you wish to explore one of the intellectual places in the country, Hagia Sophia has to be on your bucket list. The heritage site has been preserved by UNESCO and is a treasury full of ancient wisdom and knowledge.

In the 6th century, the Ottoman Turks refurbished the church into a mosque. But, later, the mosque was secularised. It is one of the top Turkey tourist places that you must visit on your trip.

Kabak Bay

The hustle and bustle of the cities can put a toll on you, but Kabak Bay is your perfect escape if you wish to avoid it. It is a seashore that is located near to the Lycia village. The village does not have a huge population.

On your trip, you can enjoy many activities like snorkelling, swimming, and sunbathing. You can also use the tents for relaxing and have a scrumptious meal at a restaurant nearby. This place is definitely one of Turkey’s beautiful places.

Topkapi Palace

To get a view of the grand lifestyles of the Ottoman Turks, it is important to visit the Topkapi Palace. The palace features many chambers and rooms that display different antique objects.

You will also be able to catch a glimpse of the royal treasury, harem chambers, Topkapi dagger, Ottoman clothing, weapons, armour, manuscripts, etc. This is one of the top Turkey famous places to visit.

Mount Nemrut

The stunning monument was the home to King Antiochus I Theos, who belonged to the Kingdom of Commagene. You will catch a glimpse of stone heads featuring ancient Gods, stunning remains of huge statues, and Greco-Persian deities. Thus, it is one of the top Turkey beautiful places.


Pamukkale, which is translated to cotton candy, is a place that tourists from all over the world visit. It has terraces that look like cotton candy. The terraces are white and look like they are covered with snow and surrounded by lush scenery.

Some of the top highlights of this breathtaking place are calcite hill, white travertine terraces, and hot water springs. Thus, if you are in Turkey, this is a Turkey tourist place that you must go to.

Blue Mosque

A true delight for your eyes, the Blue Mosque is a splendid blue-coloured building that comes in the list of one of the most visited places in Turkey. You can go to the mosque at any time except for the time of prayer.

However, to enter the mosque, the dress code has to be strictly followed - women have to cover their heads, and men have to keep their legs covered at all times. The mosque has intricate floral detailing that you must pay attention to so that you can make the most of your visit to the place.

Chora Church

Earlier a Byzantine Greek Church, it was later revamped by the empire of Ottoman Turks. In the year 1948, this Byzantine church was turned into a museum so that the stunning Byzantine frescoes and mosaic work could be preserved. This place has to be on your list of places to visit as it is sure to mesmerise you with the architecture that the country has to offer.

Grand Bazaar

If you love shopping, this place will leave you mesmerised. In this market, you can purchase jewellery, carpets, Turkish crockery, Turkish tea, and exquisite antiques. You can purchase souvenirs for your loved ones from here.

The shopkeepers in the market keep calling out to you as you pass through, so ensure that you keep bargaining so that you can get a decent price. While you go around the country, ensure you do not end up missing this place. Thus, it is one of the top Turkey famous places to visit.

Devrent Valley

The beauty of nature will leave you stunned in this valley that has lunar-shaped landscapes and unique formations of rock. The place is also known as Imagination Valley because you can get yourself clicked with one of the rock formations that look like animals, fictional characters, mythological beings, and ladies.

A tip here would be to wear off-white so that it is easy to blend with the surroundings and also be creative when you pose!

Uchisar Castle

If you come to Turkey with your friends or lover, the castle is a place that you need to visit. The small rooms of the palace are connected using stairs and tunnels. This will add an element of thrill and fun when you are exploring the castle.

You will also be able to see a breathtaking view of your surroundings from the castle’s top. This is surely one of Turkey’s beautiful places that you have to visit on your trip.

Soganli Valley

One of the abandoned towns of the country, the Soganli Valley is a treat for all adventure lovers. Exploring the valley can be quite adventurous, and you will be thrilled. If you love hiking, you can hike to one of the churches, or you can keep exploring the valley to make the most of this place.

Love Valley

One of the most famous Turkey tourist places is this valley. It is essential that you hike to the very top of this valley to catch a glimpse of the fairy chimney and the entire valley. Also, you can ask for a wish from the wish tree that is present in the valley. This is a place for people who love to click pictures, so take plenty of stunning ones for yourself.

Antalya Museum

Known as the largest tunnel aquarium, this is a place for people who wish to see various species of aquatic life. It can be a great experience for the kids as they can understand in detail about aquatic life and its traits. You can enjoy a fun learning session during the trip here.


The stunning old town located in Antalya will provide you with experiences that you will never forget. You can witness the splendid Hadrian gate, private beaches, the watchtower, and bohemian cafes here. Also, while you are here, you cannot afford to miss the mesmerising sunset if you wish to get a wholesome experience of the place.


This is a famous place in Turkey that has been inspired by Roman architecture. It is the best place for photography and mini shoots. You can see the preserved Roman gates, the Roman stadium, and the Tomb of Plancia Magna. These ruins have been maintained well for the people who are visiting from all around the globe.

What is Turkey Famous for?

Apart from the stunning places, there are many famous things in Turkey that you can experience. Here is the list:

Hot air balloon ride in Cappadocia

While you travel around Turkey, one of the things that you must do is take a hot air balloon ride in Cappadocia. You can catch a glimpse of the sunset from the balloon. You will also get to see the lunar landscapes, open-air museums, and underground cities. It is an absolute delight and one of the top famous things in Turkey.

Turkish Cuisine

If you are in Turkey, you cannot return without trying Baklava. It is a mouth-watering pastry that is filled with different nuts and soaked in honey. You can also try the rice pudding and kebabs that will leave you wanting more. Lokum is another dessert that you must try. It is made using a gel of sugar and starch and is coated using icing sugar.

Turkish Beverages

Turkish coffee and tea are an absolute must-try when you are in Turkey. Turkish coffee remains one of the top beverages that people drink worldwide. The drink is made with the use of grounded coffee and is mixed with some water till it gets froth. The coffee is then poured into cups. The drink can feel somewhat gritty, but it is rich, and you will get a caffeine boost from it.

Turkish Baths

When you travel through Turkey, allow yourself the luxury of a Turkish bath. The city centre has 500-year-old Turkish baths that allow locals and tourists. The process starts with steaming and a massage with soap suds and then eventually a bath to get you the ultimate relaxation.

Turkish Ice Cream

The Turkish ice creams are very different from the usual ice creams as they have a hard texture and can be very resilient to melting. This is because they are made using salep and mastic. In addition, while giving the ice cream to you, the vendor will show you some funny tricks that leave the tourists amused. It is one of the famous things in Turkey that you must try.

Oldest Underground Train

Turkey is home to the oldest underground train in the entire Europe. Opened in 1985, the Istanbul tunnel connects Pera and Karakoy. Thus, it becomes essential to take a ride through this amazing tunnel while you are in Turkey.

Bosphorus Cruise

You can try a cruise ride in the beautiful Black Sea to catch a view of a beautiful sunset and a spectacular view of the city of Istanbul. The city of Istanbul is located in Asia as well as Europe, so you can see the sea merge as well.

Additionally, the cruise will offer many dining and lunch options along with private events and dance performances. It is one of the most famous things in Turkey that you must experience.


The 125-metre-tall observation and communication tower is located in Cankaya. In addition, you can also visit the rotating restaurant located on the rooftop to enjoy many different Turkish delicacies. The same floor has a cafe where you can enjoy a great meal with your closed ones.


Turkey is a stunning country that you can visit if you are looking to travel abroad. It has so many things to offer and some of the most beautiful places in the world. You can plan a trip in a way that you are able to cover most of the places in your trip.

Also, before you plan your trip, understand the visa requirements and the time it takes to process the visa. Make a detailed itinerary so that you do not miss anything and make the most of your trip to this breathtaking country.

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