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Is It Worth Buying Trip Cancellation Insurance?

  • Author :
  • TATA AIG Team
  • Published on :
  • 21/12/2022

Travelling and seeing new locations with your loved ones is quite important in your life since it helps to break up the monotony of your daily routine. Furthermore, it revitalises you throughout the following few days and months. You must have seen it all if you organise travels with your family and friends on a regular basis!

To have a trouble-free and easy trip, you should prepare ahead of time and make reservations. There is a lot to consider while organising a vacation, from obtaining a visa to arranging transportation to reserving accommodations and flights, among other things. It may appear to be a difficult undertaking, but there will be many fascinating things and experiences in store for you!

Trip Cancellation - A Brief Overview

While you are fully prepared for the trip and have made all necessary arrangements, there is still the possibility of a contingency occurring just before a couple of days of your vacation and causing everything to come to a halt. As a result, there are no slim possibilities that everything will go according to plan, and you may have to cancel your vacation.

These particular contingencies may be a result of the problems encountered by you, your travel partner, and so on. In general, the problems faced by the person include:

  • If your trip is cancelled before the contracted date of departure and you're stopped from taking the trip owing to an injury, sickness, or death.
  • If your travelling partner, your immediate family member, or even your travelling partner's immediate family member gets sick, is
  • injured, or dies prior to the contracted date of departure.

You'll be entitled to compensation if the cancellation is initiated by the insurance carrier owing to the criteria above. You'll be compensated for the non-refundable, unused component of the accommodation fee or the flight ticket cancellation charges if you booked and paid for these expenses prior to the injury, sickness, or death. Benefits are limited to the maximum amount specified in the Policy Schedule.

Tata AIG's travel insurance plans provide many advantages if your vacation is cancelled owing to the reasons above. Apart from trip cancellation, it covers both accommodation/hotel cancellation and flight cancellation. As a result, purchasing travel insurance is an essential element of smart trip arrangements since it assists you in preparing yourself to deal with any probable adversities.

Trip Cancellation Insurance Inclusions

If you, your travel partner, or an immediate member of the family (be it your family member or your co-traveller) dies, becomes ill (including getting infected with COVID-19), or is injured before the scheduled date of departure, you'll be eligible for a trip cancellation refund and several other booking amount return.

Tata AIG will be responsible for reimbursing the non-refundable and unused portion of the flight cancellation and accommodation cancellation expenses, and your loss will be completely covered up to the maximum amount specified in your travel insurance schedule.

Trip Cancellation Insurance Exclusions

This particular coverage section will not cover any insurance claim if your trip is cancelled, postponed, or changed as a consequence of -

  • Neurological or mental illnesses, anxiety, depression, addiction to drugs or alcohol, or overdose
  • If cosmetic or plastic surgery is performed for any cause other than an accident
  • Regulations and ordinances enacted or promulgated by the government or any other public authority
  • Pregnancy and other related issues
  • Any comorbidities that weren't disclosed, or if you're travelling against the advice of a physician
  • Agent or transport provider's default
  • Labour conflicts or strikes that existed or for which advance notice was provided when you purchased the travel insurance policy
  • Delay caused by common carrier service withdrawal on the recommendations or instructions of the Aviation Agency, Port Authority, or any other comparable authority

The Bottom Line

Coming back to the question — is it worth buying trip cancellation insurance?

At this point, it is clear how important it is to get a trip cancellation policy. You can avoid a variety of risk factors by purchasing a Tata AIG comprehensive travel insurance coverage at the lowest possible rate. You may visit our official website and compare several plans and choose the one that best meets your budget and requirements. By purchasing trip cancellation insurance, you may prevent most financial concerns when travelling and simply overcome stress if something unexpected occurs.

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