10 Useful Tips to Maintain Your Bike

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Depending on whether you are a bike aficionado or not, you will either consider bike maintenance a hassle or a pleasure. Regardless of the category you belong to, comprehensive bike insurance will certainly put your worries at ease. The right insurance for the bike will take care of the rider, bike, and pillion, along with paying for third-party liabilities.

Tips to Maintain Your Bike

Along with a comprehensive insurance policy for bike, there are a few tips to extend the life of your bike and enable it to happily accompany you during long and short journeys:

Buy Comprehensive Insurance for 2-Wheeler

While riding a robust bike is a liberating experience, rampant accidents make comprehensive insurance for a 2-wheeler in India essential. Moreover, an insurance policy for the bike can also help you pay for the replacement and repair of any parts damaged owing to an accident which is expensive in the absence of insurance for the bike. You can even maximise your savings by buying 2-wheeler insurance online, which is comparatively cheaper than buying insurance offline. If you already have bike insurance close to expiry, you can renew bike insurance online. With Tata AIA, you can also renew expired bike insurance with a few quick steps.

Undertake Routine Tyre Check

Keep your tyres in perfect shape by maintaining the necessary air pressure and checking for cracks or cuts. As tyre health relies on the weather and road conditions, look out for corrosion if you live in damp and humid areas.

Regularly Check the Engine Oil

Maintain the right level of engine oil and look out for possible leakages. When the weather is hot, your bike will use more oil as compared to when it is cold. Carbon deposits tend to thicken the oil resulting in dragged movements.

Clean Your Bike’s Air Filter

Riding on dusty roads often clogs the air filter, and so you have to ensure that your air filter is regularly cleaned with compressed air. A dirty air filter doesn’t fit well and allows dirt and grit to work their way into the engine. It is therefore recommended to replace the air filter at timely intervals.

Ensure Right Clutch Adjustment

The clutch should be balanced properly, allowing the right amount of free play. If it is tightened more than necessary, it would slip without your attention and use more fuel.

• **Take Care of Your Engine **

Inadequate care of your engine would affect the mileage of your bike. Clean the carburettor with caution and check whether you need valve adjustments. Avoid completely wearing out your spark plug as dirty ones need to be replaced without delay. The spark plug gap also needs to be set correctly as it is a crucial link in engine combustion.

Lubricate and Clean the Transmission System

The chain of your motorcycle requires routine cleaning and lubrication. Engine oil can be used for the lubrication of the chain. To prevent erosion, replace water for cleaning chain links with paraffin. To remove the dirt that gets accumulated in the chain, a cloth and a soft brush can be employed.

Clean the Bike’s Surface

To maintain the look and feel of your bike and keep it in sparkling condition, regularly clean the surface. Use a soft cloth for cleaning and avoid scrubbing. Before initiating your cleaning, ensure that the ignition switch unit, H.T. Coil, and silencer are properly covered. To keep your bike shining in the long run, avoid exposing it to sunlight for an extended period, as this could dull its appearance.

• **Maintain the Motorcycle Battery **

Undertake a monthly check of your motorcycle battery to enable long and trouble-free journeys. When your bike is not being used, ensure that it is charged 100%. Also, check for the electrolyte level, and if it is low, replenish it with distilled or deionised water. Examine your battery for any kind of leakage and ensure that it is kept clean.

Ensure a Steady Riding Speed

Neither excitement nor having comprehensive insurance for the bike should be an excuse to speed. Moreover, maintaining the riding speed between 40 to 60 kilometres per hour reduces fuel consumption and ensures a healthy bike that is your reliable companion for several years to come.

Bike Insurance from Tata AIG

Tata AIG two-wheeler insurance protects your two-wheeler from all kinds of risks. Acknowledging customer needs, Tata AIG two-wheeler insurance employs simple and hassle-free processes where customers can renew bike insurance online in just three steps. You can also easily buy 2-wheeler insurance online by visiting the Tata AIG website and calculate the premium amount using the free premium calculator. We believe in changing consumer needs and provide insurance-seekers with a choice of seven riders to customise their policy.

To conclude

In addition to getting the right insurance policy for your bike, it is important to take the right care and maintenance of your bike to extend its life. While most people do this in the initial few months, it is essential to continue this up-keep regularly.

**FAQs **

For a quick article recap, we have enlisted the commonly asked questions about bike maintenance for your reference:

What maintenance should I do on my bike?

For DIY bike maintenance, here are five crucial things to keep in mind:

• Change the oil • Clean the air filter • Maintain the tyre pressure • Clean the chain and • Ensure a clean surface

How often should you do maintenance on your bike?

Motorcycles require frequent maintenance for steady efficiency. Once the free servicing has been used up, it is recommended to get your bike serviced every 4000 to 6000 kilometres.

How can I service by bike at home?

If you wish to save on the servicing costs, you can maintain your bike at home by:-

• Changing the oil and filter • Adjusting spark plugs and chains • Ensuring proper lubrication of cables, levers, and pivots • Taking care that your clutch is properly adjusted • Renewing the brake pads when they wear down

Is it okay for a bike to get rained on?

Most modern bikes can sustain rainfall; however, continuous rain can harm them, and so it is recommended to have them protected under a shed or a plastic cover.

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