Ten Ways to Extend Your Two-Wheeler’s Battery Life

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Two-wheelers have become a preferred mode of transportation because of their ease of navigation in traffic and cheaper costs. Many people in the country commute daily with the help of two-wheelers. One of the essential parts of two-wheeled vehicles is the battery. It is a critical part of the bike that enables the self-starter system of the bike. Moreover, it powers the tail lamps, headlights, and other bike components.

With so much importance on the two-wheeler battery, it is essential to keep the battery in perfect condition so that you can use your two-wheeler for a long period of time. If you are wondering how to increase the battery life of the bike, there are some simple steps that you can follow to maintain the battery of your two-wheeler in perfect condition. However, before we get into the details of how to extend your two-wheeler bike battery, it is important to understand the importance of having insurance for a 2 wheeler.

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Let us now understand how you can extend the life of a battery.

Ten Ways to Extend Average Life of a Bike Battery

Here are ten ways that you can extend the two-wheeler battery life:

  • Check the charging levels

Similar to other batteries, a two-wheeler battery also needs to have optimum charging levels so that the life of a battery can be extended. It is essential to ensure that the battery is charged optimally as drained batteries have a tendency to die early. A multimeter comes in handy when it comes to checking the battery charging levels. You can keep your two-wheeler running idle for about 15 minutes to get the battery charged.

  • Disconnect the battery if not in use

If you are planning not to use your two-wheeler regularly or are planning to use it later, disconnecting the battery is a good way to increase the average life of a bike battery. In addition, disconnecting the battery ensures that you can use it for a longer period.

  • Regular top-up of the electrolyte

The electrolyte present in the battery comes into use when you charge and discharge the battery. With usage, you need to ensure that the levels of electrolytes are optimal; otherwise, your battery might start to degrade. To use the two-wheeler bike battery for a long period, ensure you top-up the electrolyte regularly and keep the levels in check.

  • Avoid putting excessive load

Many people tend to install high power using tail lamps and headlights on their bikes. Also, some people use portable DC and AC chargers to charge their laptops using the bike’s battery. This could be potentially harmful to the bike battery life, and this will not be covered by your bike insurance policy either. So, it is advisable not to make such modifications to your bike.

  • Clean and check the battery terminals

The negative and positive terminals of the battery collect rust, calcium, and other deposits over time. Therefore, you must clean these terminals after a few days to ensure optimum bike battery life. Also, if you do not keep these terminals clean, the battery might start underperforming after a period.

  • Avoid overuse of battery

The over usage of the battery can take place when you use the bike battery without switching on the engine of your bike. Some examples are using the battery to charge your phone without switching on the engine or mistakenly leaving the headlights turned on during the night. All these can reduce the battery life of a bike and lead to issues with the battery.

  • Keep a check on short circuits and wire health

Many claims for two-wheeler insurance policies arise due to accidental fires. Most of these fires happen because the wires are not maintained properly. If the wire is ripped or the insulation coating has worn off, short circuits can happen. Therefore, it is essential that you keep a check on the wires’ health to enhance the battery life of a bike.

  • Refrain from self-starter all the time

While self-start is one of the reasons that every bike has a battery, it is one of the main reasons why the battery of your bike might get drained. Almost every two-wheeler comes with a kick start. So, for every seven times you use self-start, kick start your bike at least three times. Moreover, during the winter, kick-starting your bike in the morning might enhance the life of a bike battery.

  • Keep a check on the cell-by-cell amperage

The cells present in your two-wheeler provide an appropriate level of current. However, you must check the amperes and current in each cell regularly. This is because if any cell is not performing up to the mark, this means the battery is experiencing problems. Therefore, this is one of the top ways to ensure a long life of a bike battery.

  • Avoid exposure to rain and sunlight

While most bike batteries are designed to withstand extreme weather conditions and rugged landscapes, exposure to direct rain and sunlight should be avoided. The exposure can lead to bloating of the batteries or even an explosion. Thus to ensure the prolonged life of a battery, this should be done.

Now that your questions regarding how to increase the battery life of the bike have been answered, you must follow these steps to ensure the optimal life of your two-wheeler battery.


These are the top ten ways in which you can enhance the bike battery life. All these steps are easy and should be followed so that you do not have to change your battery regularly as that can be quite expensive. While you take care of your battery, it is also essential to have the right bike insurance policy in place so that you can drive your vehicle on the roads without any worries.

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