Benefits of a Bluetooth Helmet

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Technological advancements are enhancing convenience, and these developments pervade every sector, including communication. The revolutionary developments in communication technology have truly altered how individuals speak with one another. With smartphones and wireless connections, individuals can now talk and converse even when they travel. And this technology is not restricted to infotainment systems in cars but has also become accessible to two-wheelers via a Bluetooth helmet.

Before we go on to discover the benefits of a Bluetooth helmet, it is important to make a note of the fact that when you are on the road, you must dedicate undivided attention to the traffic. With the rising number of road accidents in the country, road safety and attentiveness are indispensable factors. Additionally, for all-rounded safety, riders must also invest in comprehensive bike insurance online.

Now, without further ado, let’s understand what is a Bluetooth motorcycle helmet and how it can assist you when you are travelling.

What is a Bluetooth Helmet?

It is a common understanding that riding without a helmet is not only considered breaking the traffic rules but is also highly dangerous. Just as insurance for a bike protects you financially if you encounter an unpleasant scenario, a helmet protects your head in the event of an accident. And just as with bike insurance, there are a variety of helmets an individual can purchase. One such technology-enabled category is the Bluetooth helmet.

As the name suggests, the Bluetooth motorcycle helmet is a Bluetooth-enabled device that allows riders to access a host of functions without the inconvenience of cords and wires. A Bluetooth intercom for a helmet works similar to any Bluetooth speaker – via low-powered radio waves.

The features for a built-in as well as added Bluetooth remain the same. It will comprise a headset with buttons on the left, so your hand does not have to leave the throttle when you are riding. This helmet intercom can be paired with the rider’s smartphone or other devices such as an MP3 player. The helmet intercom makes it easy to speak to people when you are riding. Some Bluetooth helmet variants have remote-control devices directly on the handle so both hands can stay on the bike while riding.

5 Benefits of Bluetooth Helmet

- Having a Bluetooth helmet means unlocking convenience during commutes because you can use its countless features hands-free. It ensures that you don’t have to have disturbed and interrupted journeys for making or answering phone calls or listening to music. Moreover, Bluetooth helmets are not only tech-savvy but are made to provide the rider with comfort and safety. Here are the top five additional benefits of Bluetooth helmets:

  • Safety

Unlike cars, two-wheeler riders don’t have a protective covering when they are travelling. With the rising number of road accidents in India, it becomes imperative for riders to secure themselves. And the two easiest ways for riders to be safe on the roads are by purchasing a good quality helmet and investing in insurance for the bike.

A helmet will ensure that in the event of an accident, your head is secured from sustaining a serious injury. Additionally, bike insurance will take care of the financial costs associated with an accident – whether it is covering third-party damages or own vehicle costs. Since Bluetooth helmets combine convenience with safety, they are amongst the best options for riders.

  • **Ease of Communication **

It is a common sight to see Indian riders stuffing a phone in an uncomfortable nook of the helmet so they can speak over the phone while riding. One can only imagine why this can be concerning. Firstly, it is exceedingly uncomfortable and very distracting. Secondly, if you are riding on a bumpy road (which is frequent), your phone might slip off and fall. To prevent these unpleasant scenarios, a Bluetooth helmet is just the saviour you need.

By simply pairing your smartphone with your helmet, you can have as many conversations as you like without discomfort and inconvenience. The Bluetooth intercom for the helmet enables you to hear clearly so you can have undistracted conversations and journeys.

  • Entertaining Journeys

You need not feel envious of car drivers who can listen to the music of their choice while enjoying a drive. With a Bluetooth helmet, you can enjoy a musical riding experience wherever you go. You need not stop every time you need to change a song or worry about your air pods falling off while you ride. Your protective headgear equipped with a Bluetooth device will play your curated playlist, so you are entertained throughout the journey you make.

  • GPS

The Bluetooth helmet can prompt the directions from the GPS on your phone, so you can safely reach your destination. It encourages you to unleash the adventurer within you and explore different territories with your Bluetooth helmet.

  • Send and Receive Texts

It is possible to set audible alerts on your Bluetooth helmet so you can hear the notifications that you receive while riding. It is even possible to respond to these messages since modern applications make it easy to dictate and send messages.

With the aforementioned benefits, it is easy to understand the convenience of a Bluetooth helmet. For those who are concerned about the Bluetooth helmet price, there are several variants with a range of features depending on how much you are willing to pay for the helmet. An important point to note when purchasing a helmet is that in addition to the Bluetooth helmet price, one must also make a list of the features they will want in their headgear and compare different helmets. The internet has made it easy to buy and compare helmets and bike insurance online.

To Conclude

While riding, you cannot predict what can happen, so it is always a good idea to prepare for the worst. In addition to purchasing a good quality and comfortable Bluetooth helmet, one must also invest in comprehensive insurance for the bike.

The long-term two-wheeler insurance by Tata AIG helps you pick a suitable cover and ensures that you need not worry about renewing your policy every year. To further strengthen their bike insurance policies, insurance seekers can choose from a host of unique add-ons. They can even compare bike insurance online to get the best cover at a reasonable price.

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