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There are several factors to take care of to ensure that your beloved bike is in its optimum shape and performs efficiently. When it comes to bike maintenance, the most important thing to take care of is consistency. It is often observed that when the bike is new, riders are often conscious of maintenance. However, as the bike starts to age, this attention is neglected. Unfortunately, as the bike ages, riders need to be much more attentive about the maintenance.

Here are seven bike servicing tips every bike owner must bear in mind to ensure that the vehicle runs smoothly and efficiently.

Seven Essential Bike Servicing Tips

Every machine ages, and similarly, when vehicles age, their fuel efficiency decreases, and their parts slow down. In the case of two-wheelers, its compact size causes the vehicle to endure wear and tear sooner. However, with regular two-wheeler maintenance, this wear and tear can be slowed, thereby increasing the longevity of your bike.

The following list includes basic bike service tips at home as well as some things that you can get serviced at your nearest garage for the efficient functioning of your vehicle:

  • Regularly Inspecting the Tyres

Amongst other parts, tyres endure the most wear and tear for two-wheelers. Considering this, it is essential that you check the tyres of your two-wheeler regularly. Examine the pressure in your tyres and ensure that the pressure is maintained at the level that is suggested by the vehicle manufacturer. You must also check the tyre for scrapes, cuts, and punctures. Finally, also check the thread pattern in your tyre and if it appears to be flattening, get them changed. Failing to do so can lead to the vehicle losing its grip on the road.

  • Checking the Engine Oil

Bike lubrication is one of the most important amongst the different bike maintenance tips. The engine of your bike must always be checked to ensure that it is appropriately lubricated for a smoothly functioning vehicle. In addition to checking the oiling, riders must also check for any leakages and carbon deposits in the engine which can cause the oil to thicken and adversely impact the engine.

  • Lubricating the Drive Chain

Every list illustrating basic bike service tips at home will include bike chain lubrication. It is an important tip for the preventive maintenance of a two-wheeler. This ensures an effortlessly running bike. For the right bike chain lubrication, you must lubricate the vehicle while it is still warm. The bike chain must also have the right amount of tension to extend the life of your vehicle.

  • Suitably Adjusting the Clutch

The clutch is an essential element of a motorbike as it helps change the gear. This means that the clutch helps the bike gain and lose speed. Therefore, it is important to adjust the clutch such that it can operate freely. When you over-tighten the clutch, you can cause your bike to slip, and it will also lead to overconsumption of fuel. This creates a distressing situation considering the soaring prices of fuel.

  • Fully Functional Brakes

Needless to say, the brakes of your bike need to be fully functional so you can halt your bike at your will. Malfunctioning breaks can lead to accidents and threaten the life of the rider as well as the other vehicles. Therefore, checking your bike’s brake is essential during the preventive maintenance of your two-wheeler. Additionally, to protect you from unforeseeable scenarios, it is important to invest in insurance for 2-wheeler so you can be secure and protected when you are travelling.

  • Charging the Battery

It won’t be an overstatement to claim that maintaining the battery will automatically ensure that your bike runs smoothly for a long time. In addition to regularly servicing your two-wheeler, there are some other things you can do as part of your two-wheeler maintenance routine to extend your battery life. These bike maintenance tips for battery longevity include:

  • Topping up the battery fluids and only using distilled deionized water so the battery life is extended and impurities are kept away.

  • Check your battery for any loose connections that can keep your vehicle from starting.

  • If you are travelling and you won’t be using your vehicle for a prolonged period, you can disconnect the battery. This will prevent the loss of power and extend the life of your vehicle.

  • Ensure that the additional accessories that you add to your vehicle (such as high-capacity LED lights) don’t overload the battery.

  • Cleaning the Air Filter

Our dusty and polluted atmosphere leads to a clogged-up air filter in a very short time. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that your air filter always remains clean so your bike can function in its optimal condition. The dusty conditions also prompt the need for shorter intervals between air filter cleaning. It is often recommended that the air filter be regularly cleaned with compressed air. The reason why this is insisted is that a dirty air filter puts unnecessary pressure on your engine. You can even consider replacing your air filter if it has become too dirty.

The aforementioned tips for bike maintenance ensure that bike enthusiasts can get the best performance and mileage from their vehicles. When bike owners efficiently look after their vehicles, they are rewarded with a smooth-running bike for a long time. Once you start to look after your vehicle, you will realise that it is not as daunting a task as you once presumed it to be. Simple efforts such as regular bike lubrication and checking your vehicle for components that might require your attention can help you extend the life of your bike. However, just as maintaining your vehicle is essential, riders must also learn the importance of a comprehensive bike insurance policy.

Importance of a Bike Insurance Policy

The Motor Vehicles Act of India has made it mandatory for bike owners to have third-party insurance for 2-wheeler. However, a third-party bike insurance policy will not take care of the damages to one's own vehicle, which means that the owner will have to pay for these out of their pocket. Therefore, for complete cover, it is recommended that insurance seekers invest in comprehensive insurance for 2-wheelers. Before buying a bike insurance policy, it is advisable to compare two-wheeler insurance to find a suitable cover and make an informed investment decision. The insurance for 2-wheeler by Tata AIG comes with a choice of eight unique add-ons for enhanced protection.

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