Advantages of Electric Motorcycles

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Fuel prices have been increasing in the last few years. And they are still increasing at an unfathomable rate. If you are aware of the new technologies arriving in the automobile market in India, you must be aware of electronic bikes. E-bikes run on electricity instead of fuel, and they are one of the main technologies that will transform the automobile market in the coming years. If you are planning to be a part of the change, opting for an e-bike might be the right way to go.

There are a lot of advantages of electric bikes that you must know of. It is great for the environment and it does not cause pollution to the environment like fuel-powered vehicles. Apart from the obvious advantages, there are other electric bike advantages as well. But, before we elaborate on how great an electric bike is, it is important to understand that while you purchase an e-bike, it is very important to secure your electric bike with the right bike insurance plan.

A bike insurance plan will ensure you have financial protection if there is an accident involving your bike on the Indian road. At Tata AIG, you can purchase bike insurance online in a few convenient and simple steps. The process of buying bike insurance is easy and you will get your bike insurance plan in your mail in a matter of a few minutes. Moreover, the process of renewing the insurance for your bike is also quick and does not require too much effort. But, if you think that bike insurance renewal year after year is a hassle, you can buy long-term two-wheeler insurance.

Let us now get into the benefits of electric bikes in India.

Advantages of E-Bikes in India

There are many advantages of an electric bike. Some of the top advantages of electric motorcycles are listed below.

E-motorcycles can allow you to recover the money invested

People prefer not to buy e-motorcycles because they feel that they are expensive. One of the main reasons for the higher prices of electric vehicles in comparison to fuel-operated vehicles is that the technology of EVs is still in the early stages. Hence, brands that manufacture and sell electronic vehicles need money in large amounts so that they can conduct proper research and development to improve the technologies of the vehicles.

Moreover, the EV is operated on a lithium-ion battery, meaning the price tag will be higher in general. This is because lithium is a costly mineral in itself. Thus, the manufacturing, procurement, and fabrication of lithium-ion batteries need a hefty amount of money. So, if you begin calculating and adding up all the expenses, you will be able to clearly understand the reason why electric vehicles cost more than normal fuel vehicles.

But, one of the top electric bike advantages is that it does not require fuel so you will be able to save money on fuel and recover your investment. Also, the other expenses that you need to spend on electric vehicles are also minimal. Moreover, there is no requirement for any oil-change appointments and the costs of running are lesser when it comes to electric vehicles. Thus, these are one of the top advantages of electric bikes.

E-bikes in India have impressive features and quality assurance

Bike manufacturers in India spend considerable sums of money in developing the right product to launch in the Indian market. So, you will be driving a vehicle that has been launched after hours and hours of research and development efforts. Most bike manufacturers choose to develop almost every component of the e-bikes in-house. This reduces the dependency on third-party manufacturers and allows better manufacturing quality of the scooters which is essential.

This is one of the top benefits of electric bikes in India. The bikes in India offer superior quality riding experience which is very important for the customers. The handling and performance of the bikes are amazing. Moreover, you will have a comfortable ride on the roads and you will not find any difference. Overall, the customer experience of electric bikes in India is great. Also, brands offer great customer service which improves the experience drastically.

This is one of the top advantages of e-bikes in India.

No range anxiety with the modern e-bikes

The owners of electric bikes had range anxiety in the past as the range of the e-bikes in the past was laughable. Now, with the change in technology, the battery packs of e-bikes have improved drastically. But, one needs to understand that one cannot commute from one city to another using an e-bike. But, one can easily commute within the city with an e-bike. Although range anxiety is still an issue with people who have e-bikes from the past. With the improved technology, the range of scooters has become better. Some scooters offer a range of 80-95 km with one charge, depending on the road and other aspects. Thus, commuting is not exactly an issue with modern e-bikes. This has become one of the top advantages of an electric bike today.

E-bikes come with Advanced Battery Management Systems

One of the top things that e-bike enthusiasts fret over are the battery systems of the bikes. Some of the early brands of EVs did not have battery management systems. This was one of the top disadvantages. One of the issues with not having a proper battery management system is overheating which can lead to fires.

But, now revered brands have started using advanced battery management systems to avoid overheating issues in the summer months. It also helps to take care of the discharging and charging of the bikes. Thus, you can drive your e-bike for thousands of kilometres before you need to get the battery replaced. Thus, this is one of the top advantages of e-bikes now. You do not need to fret about the battery. You can take your e-bike for a tour and you will not face any issues.

With an e-bike you can cap your carbon footprint by almost half!

Environmental pollution is one of the top concerns worldwide. Governments and people are taking necessary steps to curb pollution for environmental protection. One of the top reasons for pollution is fuel-powered vehicles. They pollute the environment and cause people to have several diseases. Thus, if driving a fuel-powered vehicle pulls at your heartstrings due to pollution, you can switch to e-bikes and reduce your carbon footprint by over half. This is one of the top advantages of electric motorcycles.

Also, noise pollution is minimal in electric bikes as they do not make noise. If you like a quiet driving experience, then buying an electric bike is a great option for you. This is one of the benefits of an electric bike.


These are some of the top advantages of electric motorcycles. The number of manufacturers of e-bikes is increasing and they try to outdo each other in the list of advantages. So, as time goes the list of benefits of electric bikes will also keep on increasing. There are many advantages of electric bikes that one cannot ignore.

Also, with the decrease in non-renewable sources of energy, it is preferable to switch to electric vehicles. There are multiple options that you can select from. So, research, compare, and then make the right choice. Also, while you plan to buy an e-bike, do not forget to purchase the right insurance for the bike, so that your bike is secure on the roads in India and you can have a stress-free and comfortable ride.

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