5 Best ABS Bikes In India

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Motorcycles are a staple in India. They're everyone's go-to option for a vehicle when they're looking to navigate narrow, rugged Indian roads. So if you're among the crowd looking for a good motorcycle on the market, you've come to the right place.

There are several types of motorcycles, and such abundance often makes it challenging to choose the right bike. Furthermore, the technicalities can be pretty confusing for anyone new to riding a motorcycle. However, there is one key safety feature everyone should watch out for when buying a new bike today. That would be a bike with an ABS feature!

ABS is such a useful feature that the Indian federal government has made it a mandatory feature for all bikes above 150cc. An ABS can drastically reduce the chances of tyre skids during hard braking. As a result of having ABS, the number of two-wheeler accidents have reduced.

While ABS can decrease the probability of accidents under certain circumstances, it is a bike insurance policy that safeguards against any financial losses after an accident. If you choose comprehensive insurance for your 2-wheeler, you may not need to pay the repair cost if your insured bike gets into an accident.

What Is An ABS In A Bike?

ABS is the short for Anti-Lock Braking System, a crucial feature in bikes the automobile industry developed to ensure the driver's safety. It's an important safety feature that prevents the bike's wheels from skidding when the rider suddenly brakes. This is especially useful when braking on wet roads. Furthermore, it also ensures a smooth and easy ride.

An ABS feature paired with good insurance for your 2-wheeler is an excellent combination to strive for. This ensures that you and your bike are protected from any accidents, should they ever happen.

ABS bikes in India are becoming more and more prevalent. This is because Indian roads are notorious for being unsafe or challenging to drive in. As a result, India’s got the highest number of road crash fatalities in the world. This is why having a bike with an ABS brake in India is necessary, the same way a bike insurance policy is mandatory.

Types Of Anti-Lock Braking Systems

Now that you know what an anti-lock braking system is, let’s get into its types. Generally, there are two types of ABS systems:

Single-Channel ABS

Only the bike's front wheel is equipped with ABS for single-channel ABS. This anti-lock braking system gets information from the bike's front wheel and relays it to the engine control unit (ECU). It also depends on the vehicle's speed to lock the wheel equipped with ABS.

Single-channel ABS bikes in India are generally cheaper since the mechanism is more straightforward while still offering the driver an adequate breadth of safety when driving.

Dual-Channel ABS

Dual-channel ABS in bikes in India, as their name suggests, have both their front and rear wheels equipped with ABS. The bike relies on information from the sensors in both wheels and relays this information to the ECU. The data relayed would include engine speed, throttle position, gear, and clutch position to allow for easy braking.

Overview Of The 5 Best ABS Bikes In India

Here's a general overview of the bikes listed here with their prices and ABS types.

Bike Name  ABS Type  Ex-Showroom Price
Honda Unicorn Single Channel ₹1,25,711 Lakhs
TVS Apache RTR 160 Single Channel ₹1,44,558 Lakhs
Suzuki Gixxer Single Channel ₹1,61,391 Lakhs
Bajaj Dominar 400 Dual-Channel ₹2,69,174 Lakhs
KTM RC 390  Dual-Channel ₹3,69,468 Lakhs

5 Best ABS Bikes In India — A Detailed Discussion

Today, an ABS feature is present in most Indian bikes as automobile companies emphasise including proper security features in their vehicles - for both cars and bikes. Here are the 5 best ABS available bikes in India:

Honda Unicorn

A street bike and an Indian bike with ABS by Honda. The Honda Unicorn, while at first discontinued, was brought back into production due to high public demand. It's considered the best bike in India with ABS. It's a hit with a majority of Indians for its fuel efficiency, refined engine, and overall comfort.

Parameters  Details
Engine Capacity 162.7 cc
Mileage 50 Kmpl
Fuel Tank Capacity 13 Litres
ABS Type Single-Channel 
Ex-Showroom Price  ₹1,25,711 Lakhs

TVS Apache RTR 160

A performance-oriented motorcycle by TVS that is great both for intercity rides and long-distance journeys. It's an ABS system bike in India, favoured among bike owners for its smooth engine and its rideability over challenging Indian roads. It's also quite handy around corners.

Parameters  Details
Engine Capacity 159.7 cc
Mileage 45 Kmpl
Fuel Tank Capacity 12 Litres
ABS Type Single-Channel 
Ex-Showroom Price  ₹1,44,558 Lakhs

Suzuki Gixxer

A premium commuter bike that's stayed at the top of everyone's list ever since its release. It's got a powerful 155cc engine with an ergonomic design and impressive dynamics. The model has also recently been given full-LED lighting, updated instrumentation, and fresh styling.

Parameters  Details
Engine Capacity 155 cc
Mileage 45 Kmpl
Fuel Tank Capacity 12 Litres
ABS Type Single-Channel
Ex-Showroom Price  ₹1,61,391 Lakhs

Bajaj Dominar 400

The Bajaj Dominar 400 makes for a great urban motorcycle with plenty of style and character. Its upright riding position and wide seat make it a popular long-distance ride choice. It also has a powerful motor, and its dual-channel ABS with a larger front disk allows for a reduced braking distance.

Parameters  Details
Engine Capacity 373.3 cc
Mileage 27 Kmpl
Fuel Tank Capacity 13 Litres
ABS Type Dual-Channel
Ex-Showroom Price  ₹2,69,174 Lakhs

KTM RC 390

Launched in May 2022, the KTM RC 390 is the best supersport, single-cylinder bike in its category. In its latest update, this model has received several aesthetic and functional updates making it a more balanced bike overall. Some of these were bigger all-LED headlights. In addition, the front suspension is a new WP Apex USD unit with 43mm of travel that is completely adjustable.

Parameters  Details
Engine Capacity 373.27 cc
Mileage 25.89 Kmpl
Fuel Tank Capacity 13.7 Litres
ABS Type Dual-Channel
Ex-Showroom Price  ₹3,69,468 Lakhs


These were the 5 top ABS bikes in India. An ABS feature is especially great for new drivers. It can prevent bikes from skidding while braking on wet roads. In conjunction with insurance for your 2-wheeler, this feature should ease any worries new bike owners have about getting into accidents when driving during harsh weather conditions.

Tata AIG's online platform also allows you to compare two-wheeler insurance policies on their site so you can have a complete overview of the features offered by each plan. This will allow you to choose the best bike insurance policy for you.

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