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Budget impacts all the decisions we make in our lives. We do not go through with most of our purchases because they eventually do not fit into our budgets. It is especially true for the bigger purchases we make. A thing that has become a necessity in our present is a personal vehicle.

Waiting for public transport that takes a long time to reach the destination is no longer a feasible option. We need an alternative that will get us to our destinations quicker. The answer to this need is a bike or scooty of our own. But what about our budget?

Bike manufacturers have understood their market and have realised that customers want good bikes and scooters that are cheap and easily accessible. Thus today, we have the best bikes under 60000 and scooters under 60000 available for our use.

As per Indian law, all vehicles that run on the road need to have a valid and active insurance policy. So, you must have insurance for two-wheelers if you are riding a bike or scooter. Before buying a bike insurance policy, you must always compare the two-wheeler insurance available. Choose only the one that works best for you and your vehicle.

Tata AIG offers you a top of the line two-wheeler insurance. You get a cashless garage network all over the country. There are different bike insurance plans like comprehensive, own-damage, and third party bike insurance policies. Choose a bike insurance policy that is right for you and secure your bike with it. With this two-wheeler insurance, you are assured of financial assistance if there is an emergency like an accident involving the insured vehicle. You now know what you need to protect the best bikes in India under 60000. Now it's time to identify the best bikes and scootys under 60000.

The Best Bikes and Scooty’s in India Under 60,000

If you are wondering if the prices of the bikes under 60,000 are the on-road price, then yes, it is. Below is a comprehensive list of bikes below 60,000 and scooters under 60,000.

  • TVS Radeon

TVS Radeon is TVS’ entry-level commuter bike. With the BS6 certified emission engine, the bike receives slight visual changes and minor mechanical changes. The bike has minimal cosmetic improvements in terms of design, and it comes in a variety of beautiful colours with prominent body decorations. The bike features a new BS6 certified emission motor with fuel injection, which improves the bike's total efficiency and fuel consumption.

  • TVS Sport

The multi-reflector headlights with Daytime Running Light (DRL), dual pod instrument panel, button start technology, tubeless tyres, and alloy wheels are just a few of the features available on the BS6 TVS sport. In terms of safety, the new BS6 Sportbike features both drum brakes and a Combined Braking System (CBS) for a safe ride. The bike comes with a brand new 110cc BS6 engine with a redesigned fuel-injection system. According to the manufacturer, the updated BS6 standard emission engine has a 15% improved fuel economy. This is one of the best bikes under 60000.

  • Bajaj Discover 125

If you've always wanted a Pulsar but don't want to break the bank, the Bajaj Discover 125 could be the right choice. It is elegant and performs well. The Discover 125 is a good value for money bike with a decent performance, fuel economy, and features. This 124.6cc engine, connected to a five-speed regular transmission, produces 11 BHP and 10.80 Nm of peak torque. This is one of the best bikes below 60000.

  • Evolet Polo

Polo, an electric scooter, is the best scooty under 60,000 if the price is your main concern and you want an electric scooter. It is offered by Evolet, an Indian electric two-wheeler company, and is powered by a BLDC engine. It also has a distinctive European appearance, such as an LED pilot lighting in the headlamp with an apron-mounted appearance, a wide chrome pillion seat, etc.

  • Bajaj CT 100

With this design, Bajaj hopes to broaden its target demographic, particularly among India's rural population. It is propelled by a single motor that produces 7.9 horsepower at 7500 revolutions per minute. Because this model compares favourably to its more expensive competitors, it may be a good choice for those seeking bikes under 50,000 to 60,000.

  • TVS Scooty Pep Plus

The TVS Scooty Pep Plus is one of the most popular scooters under 60,000, especially among women, owing to its lightweight and compact design. It has the same apron-mounted LED DRL, halogen headlight, EZ-centre platform, and other features as its BS4 sister. Pep Plus also receives a cleaner fuel-injected engine with a power output of 5.36 HP @ 6,500 rpm. This is one of the best scooters under 60000.

  • TVS Victor

The Victor has been one of TVS's most popular player names. In the bike maker's passenger motorcycle lineup, the bike is similar to the Star City+. It is said to have a fuel efficiency of 76 km/l. The New TVS Victor 2016 is equipped with a 110cc single-cylinder engine with EcoThrust technology. The engine has a power output of 9.5 BHP and a torque output of 9.4 Nm. The bike appears to be more appealing than the standard model, which should be a plus for this biker. This is one of the top best bikes below 60000.

  • Hero Passion Pro

A 110CC one cylinder engine powers the Hero Passion Pro. This motor has a power output of 9 BHP and a max torque of 9 Nm. Hero boasts that this one has 12% greater power and torque than the previous engine. It takes 7.5 seconds to accelerate from 0 to 60 km/h. Not only that but the bikes are equipped with Hero's i3S (idle-Stop-Start-System) advanced technologies, which helps them save fuel. This is one of the best bikes under 60000 on-road price.

  • Mahindra Centuro

In July 2013, Mahindra, a newcomer to the two-wheeler market, launched the Centuro, a bold and unique 110cc motorcycle in a class controlled by Hero and Bajaj. The Mahindra Centuro broke the monopoly on the power of the behemoths mentioned above by providing us with a feature-rich and efficient vehicle at an affordable price. The LED indicator lamps and golden cylinder design element on the Mahindra Centuro give it a distinctive flair. The Mahindra Centuro features LED dual pilot lamps on the edges of the headlamps, an engine immobiliser, track me home headlights, an anti-theft sensor, a multi-function switch key, and a service notification on the centre panel, among other features. The bike has a terrific look with its muscular proportions and golden accents. This is the best bike under 60000 on-road price.

  • Bajaj Platina

The Bajaj Platina 100, which comes in four models and six colour variations, is a popular choice among motorcyclists looking for affordable motorcycles. It comes with a BS6-compliant motor that produces 7.9 horsepower at 7,5000 rpm. In addition, the forward hydraulic flexible forks and the back spring-on-spring automatic configuration ensure optimal comfort. This is one of the best bikes in India under 60000.

Bikes Under 60,000 Prices at a Glance

Here is the list of bikes under 50000 to 60000 and the prices:

Model Ex-Showroom Price in New Delhi*
TVS Radeon ₹59,742
TVS Sport ₹52,500
TBajaj Discover 125 ₹54,669
Evolet Polo ₹51,900
Bajaj CT 100 ₹32,000
TVS Scooty Pep Plus ₹58,700
TVS Victor ₹32,000
Hero Passion Pro ₹53,200
Mahindra Centuro ₹48,935
Bajaj Platina ₹59,300


Therefore, if you are on the lookout for the best bikes in India under 60000, you do indeed have many options available to you. Remember that you cannot get your bike or scooter onto the road unless you have a valid insurance policy for a two-wheeler. If you are looking for an affordable insurance policy, you need not look further than Tata AIG. So, start your riding journey today!


*All the bike prices and other information listed above pertain to a specific city and vehicle model. Since this information is subject to change, it is advisable to check the latest information before purchasing a vehicle or an insurance policy.

Disclaimer / TnC

Your policy is subjected to terms and conditions & inclusions and exclusions mentioned in your policy wording. Please go through the documents carefully.

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