Best Electric Bikes in India

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People love bikes because manufacturers have offered something new and unique to the market as per the trend of the hour. Today people are becoming more aware of their environment and the impact their way of living has on the environment. This is why manufacturers have come up with electric bikes. With eclectic bikes, you get all the perks of having a bike while being more eco-friendly. We must also not forget that when we drive an electric bike, the worries of the increasing fuel price reduce drastically. So if you are in the market for the best electric bike in India, you need not look any further.

However, just because you are considering buying electric bikes in India does not mean that the regular Indian Motor rules do not apply to you. When you are driving your electric bike, you will just the same need to have your licence, registration and bike insurance policy in place. If you are ever seen driving your bike without insurance for your 2-wheeler, you will be in a world of trouble. However, you should not only think of a bike insurance policy as a legal mandate but as something that can help you in your time of need. Having insurance for your 2-wheeler can prove to be a real saviour in many instances.

If you are considering buying insurance for a 2-wheeler, you should consider Tata AIG’s bike insurance policy. We are often a popular choice with the general public because of our varied plans that are customisable as per your needs. We advise all our clients to compare two-wheeler insurance and buy the one that is best suited to them. And like with all Tata products, your needs and concerns become our responsibility when you become part of the Tata family.

With that said, let us look at some of the best electric two-wheelers in India.

The Best Electric Bikes in India

Many people are of the wrong opinion that electric bikes have not yet made their way into India or that the amenities needed to function such a bike are not yet available here. Such people are wrong. Electric bikes have been part of the Indian circuit for a few years now, and they are functioning very well. So if you are considering buying an electric bike, here are some of the best electric motorcycles in India that you should consider.

  • Tork Kratos

The Tork Kratos electric bike was only included in the best electric two-wheeler in India list last month after the first batch was sent for deliveries and received stellar reviews. With more side fairing, the bike expands on the Revolt RV400's basic design. But, according to the manufacturer, the main advantage it boasts is the stated range of 180 km on a full charge, made possible by a 4kWh battery which gets charged fully in 4 hours. The electric mid-drive engine on Tork Kratos has a maximum power of 7.5kW and a maximum speed of 100kmph.

  • Oben Rorr

According to claims, the Oben Rorr is one of the only electric bikes available in India that can go from 0 to 40 km/h in under three seconds and has a maximum speed of 100 km/h. The Oben Rorr's battery cell is a 4.4 kWh lithium-ion unit with a 200 km IDC (Ideal Driving Conditions) performance promise. The City and Eco modes provide 120km and 150km of mileage, respectively, compared to the advertised range in Havoc of 100km. The battery pack may be fully charged, employing a 15A socket in 2 hours. A digital instrument panel with smartphone connections is available on the Oben Rorr.

Furthermore, it has roadside support, geo-fencing, maps, ride information, battery condition, and preventative analysis. Moreover, the e-bike has a ride height of 200mm and a remarkable water wading capacity of 230mm. Thus, it should be no surprise that this bike makes it to the list of the top 10 electric bikes in India.

  • Revolt RV400

Another bike that secures its place high in the top 10 electric bikes in India list is the Revolt RV400. Revolt RV400 sits at the head of this list mostly because it was one of the first electric bikes made available in India. Because it was the ideal representation of an "electric bike", and there wasn't much opposition then, the RV400, introduced in 2019, immediately became the symbol of e-bikes in India. Unfortunately, it often runs out of supply in several of the nation's main cities for the same reason. Regarding features, the Revolt RV400 boasts a maximum speed of 85 kmph and a peak range of 150 km. Its battery is charged from zero to seventy-five per cent in three hours and from zero to one hundred per cent in four hours. Even after introducing other bikes, this bike has managed to secure its spot as one of the best electric motorcycles in India.

  • Komaki Ranger

The Ranger is a new electric cruiser motorcycle from Komaki. It has a few distinguishing features, like a stated 200 km mileage and a traditional cruiser appearance. The Komaki Ranger's appearance, which includes low seating, broad tyres, and swept-back levers, appears to be influenced by large ICE cruiser bikes. The business upgraded the Ranger to have a 4kWh battery, which is said to provide about 200km on a full charge, to address range anxiety. A 4kW motor is already connected to the battery. Cruise control, a Bluetooth-enabled audio player, gear options, LED headlights, storage bins, and disc brakes are among the features which help the bike find its place in a list among the best electric bikes in India.

Best Electric Two-Wheeler in India Prices

If any of the electric bikes mentioned above have stoked your interest and you wish to buy them, you will want to know what the bikes cost. To make matters easier, we have put the prices below in a tabulated form. The prices of the best electric motorcycles in India are as follows.

Model Ex-Showroom Price in New Delhi*
Tork Kratos ₹1.22 Lakh
Oben Rorr ₹1.02 Lakh
Revolt RV400 ₹1.24 Lakh
Komaki Ranger ₹1.68 Lakh


If you are thinking of buying an electric bike then by all means you must. The advantages these bikes offer you are many, and they also reduce your cost of operation significantly. Not only are you saving on fuel, but you are also saving the environment. However, do not miss out on your bike insurance policy from Tata AIG when getting your electric bike!

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