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Best Helmets Under 2000

  • Author :
  • TATA AIG Team
  • Published on :
  • 27/05/2022

Helmets are an essential tool to protect you and your family against injuries caused by accidents. So along with investing in the insurance policy for the bike, make sure you invest in a quality helmet for yourself when you think about buying a bike anytime in the future.

Helmets are an indispensable part of a biker’s life. And in this blog, we have curated a list of the best helmets under 2000 which can offer maximum protection to the bikers. But before getting into the list, we must also tell you that a bike insurance policy is equally important.

Unlike before, when you had to visit the insurance companies to get the same, now you can avail yourself of a two-wheeler insurance policy online. At Tata AIG, the policy purchase, renewal and claim methods are hassle-free online.

We have a range of comprehensive and third-party bike insurance policies to help you get the right insurance for your bike without breaking the bank. We offer full coverage options in all our insurance policies, and the premium costs are absolutely affordable.

Now, let's learn about the best helmets below 2000 in detail below.

Different Types of Helmets for Two-wheelers Under 2000

Nowadays, the best helmets below 2000 are available online. Moreover, there are specific types of helmets that you can get for yourself and your family. You can also take your pick from different categories of helmets online or from a nearby store. You can either go for full-face helmets under 2000 or the normal types of helmets under 2000.

Let’s learn about the most popular options in helmets below:

Half-face Helmets

One of the most popular types of helmets is half-face helmets like STUDDS downtown, Steelbird SB27 7 wings, and Steelbird SBA-3 R2K. Let’s learn more about them in detail:

  • STUDDS Downtown Open Face Helmet

STUDDS downtown is one of the most popular helmets under 2000 best helmets for your bike. They have highly UV resistant paint and EPS density. This helmet is something you will love to own. It comes with striking looks and a lightweight of 1600 g.

STUDDS' downtown open-face helmet comes at around ₹1750. The bike comes with a safety feature of the quick-release chin strap. Furthermore, it is very stable. Overall it is the best purchase you can make in your life while looking for a sturdy helmet online. Therefore, it is one of the best helmets below 2000.

  • Steelbird SB27 7 Wings

The Steelbird SB27 7 wings are another helmet you can buy for you and your family. It is a 1200 g lightweight helmet that is comfortable and helps in protecting your head. They come with a micrometric buckle and are made with high-impact composite material shells. Moreover, they are the best helmet under 2000 with a stylish look. The price of this one is around ₹1650.

  • Steelbird SBA 3-R2K

Another type of half-faced helmet is the Steelbird SBA. It comes in classic black colour and with quick-release micrometric buckles. With ISI certification and good stability, the Steelbird SBA 3-R2K is worth every penny. The approximate price of the bike is ₹1099. Furthermore, they belong to the top helmet brand in India. It is one of the best bike helmets under 2000.

  • Steelbird SB 27

The next type of half-face helmet is the Steelbird SB 27. It comes with unique yet good looks that will make you want to buy the same. The helmet comes with an additional feature of a neck protector. They are the perfect helmets you can use during Indian summers. So charge on the roads along with your friends by wearing the best steel bird SB 27. It is considered one of the best helmets under 2000.

  • Studds CUB 07

Studds CUB 07 is the other famous half-face helmet that can be your lifesaver. The bike comes with added structural support and comfort. It has a quick-release chin strap and ISI certification. The inner material of the bike comprises expanded polystyrene, and the outer material is made of polyurethane and thermoplastic. Therefore, it is one of the best helmets under 2000.

  • Vega Crux

The vega crux is one of those half-face helmets suitable for men, women, and children. The helmet looks dynamic and classic at the same time with similar functionalities. It comes with a press button that helps in the smooth function of the flip-up action. The bold feel of the helmet attracts you towards the helmet. Therefore, it is one of the best under 2000 best helmets.

Pros and Cons of Half-face Helmets

The half-face helmets consist of certain pros and cons. They are as follows:

  • Pros

  • It gives the rider an immersive riding experience by putting them right in the action while riding the bike.

  • The half-face helmet helps people to converse with ease with others. You need not remove the helmet and talk.

  • It helps absorb heat and moisture; thus, you need not keep it aside to wipe off your sweat or drink water.

  • This type of helmet is very lightweight and comfortable to wear and remove.

  • Finally, it offers the best ventilation and comes with cool and attractive looks.

  • Cons

  • The half-face helmet doesn't protect your chin or face from crashes or falls. They can cause grievous injuries to the same.

  • It is not suitable for wearing during harsh climate conditions like the extreme rise of temperature or fall of temperature.

  • Additional accessories like bandanas, goggles, etc. to be kept handy by the rider to protect themselves.

Open Face Helmets

The next type of helmet is the open-face helmet, available under ₹2000. Some famous open face helmets are:

  • Steelbird Air 1 beast

The steel bird air 1 beast is a featherweight helmet that weighs around 1540 g. The helmet protects the full face and is made with a high-impact ABS material shell. It is designed keeping in mind the needs of an Indian Biker.

Approximately the helmet costs ₹1699. The Steelbird Air 1 beast is the best sidekick for your adventure trips. The helmet comes in glossy black and green colour, making it even more attractive. This is one of the best dual visor helmets under 2000.

  • Steelbird 7 wings

If you are looking for an everyday helmet, Steelbird 7 is the best choice. The 1920 g helmet is a worthwhile investment under 2000. Furthermore, it is the best helmet under 2000 in India you can get within this price range. It comes with a micrometric buckle that is of European level standards. So, getting a Steelbird 7 Wings helmet is something you will love to have forever. This is one of the top dual visor helmets under 2000.

  • Steelbird Vision Hunk

The dashing Steelbird vision hunk is another strong contender for best bike helmets under ₹2000. The Steelbird Vision Hunk helmet is the right host for your adventure rides with high impact ABS material and perfect stability. The price range of the helmet ranges from ₹1386 onwards. Moreover, it is one of the best dual visor helmets under 2000.

  • Studds Chrome Super D1

Studds chrome D1 is the best helmet you can have as your solo riding partner and for your family rides throughout your life. The dramatic and sporting design of the helmet is what attracts people the most. The price of the helmet is approximately ₹1220. It is also UV resistant and comes with high-density EPS. It is one of the full-face helmets under 2000.

*Pros and Cons of Open Face Helmets

Like half-face helmets, the open-face ones also have a few pros and cons. They are as follows:

  • Pros

  • The open-face helmets provide excellent ventilation and perfect impact protection for your neck and head. Thus, you will get fresh air circulation and security to your neck and head.

  • It helps the rider communicate, drink, eat or touch their face without removing the helmet. For instance, if you feel like talking to your rider-friend without taking off the helmet.

  • You can feel the lightweight support of your helmet with a wider field of vision. It is as if you are riding the bike without wearing a helmet.

  • The helmet is not at all restraining for those who are claustrophobic.

  • Cons

  • Open-face helmets make the rider's face more vulnerable to injury.

  • The helmet does not help in noise-cancelling and can distract the riders.

  • It is not very comfortable to wear an open-face helmet during high-speed rides.


Overall, investing in the right safety equipment for your two-wheeler is essential. Also, having the right bike insurance plan will ensure that your pockets are safe during any mishap on the road. And in addition to insurance for a two-wheeler, get a good quality helmet for under ₹2000. This will further help you to be safe against injuries. So, are you ready to invest in the right helmet and an insurance plan to make your future rides happy and safe?

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