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Best Helmets Under 5000

  • Author :
  • TATA AIG Team
  • Published on :
  • 30/05/2022

As a motorcyclist, you are solely responsible for your welfare; you cannot blame others for any injuries you may inflict on yourself while on the road. You cannot take your bike out on the streets without wearing a helmet. You should see wearing a helmet as adhering to the law and as it is a matter of life and death. The two factors that will help you survive on the roadways are good driving and wearing the proper helmet.

Most severe injuries in bike accidents could be avoided if the motorist had been wearing a helmet, but most just do not. It's not sufficient to just have a helmet; you need one that keeps you safe, allows you to drive safely, and is durable enough to safeguard you. But still, riders have proven to be unwilling to wear a helmet while driving. Thus, the Indian Government has put new laws in place wherein there are large penalties a person has to face if they do not drive with a helmet on.

Along with wearing a helmet, it is also important to have a bike insurance policy with you when driving your bike. The government of India has made having long term two-wheeler insurance compulsory for all riders. Before, it was enough to have a simple single year third-party insurance for bikes, but that is no longer the case today. So today, you need to think before buying your bike insurance because you will have to stick to it for three years.

Because of its exceptional coverage, Tata AIG's insurance for bikes is the finest in its class. We offer customisable coverage for our customers and a nationwide network of over 3300+ garages. If you want to buy insurance for bikes, you can buy bike insurance online with us. When your coverage expires, you can also extend your bike insurance online. It's simple and hassle-free and can be completed in a few moments.

We now know how to avoid fines related to bike insurance; now, let us look at some bikes we can use to decrease helmet-related fines. We are presenting a list of the best helmets under 5000 in India. The best helmets under 5000 keep you looking sharp while also keeping you safe.

Best Helmet Brands Under 5000

Some of the best helmet brands which offer helmets under 5000 are as follows;

  • TVS
  • SMK
  • Mt Helmets
  • Royal Enfield
  • Steelbird
  • Axor

Thus, these are the best helmet brands under 5000 that you can choose from.

Best Helmet in India Under 5000

You can't just go by appearances when choosing a helmet; you must consider a variety of factors, including customer reviews, to guarantee that you obtain the best helmet under 5k for your protection. You should not obtain a helmet merely to avoid getting into problems with the law; you should get one to defend yourself from every unforeseen incident on the roads, particularly in India. Thus, we have put together a list of the best helmets under 5000 in India in terms of look and overall.

  • LS2 FF352

The LS2 FF352 is a lightweight full-face helmet weighing only 1350 grams. It is both lightweight and structurally sound. A single-shell construction is used in this helmet. The visor may be easily mounted thanks to the quick-release mechanism. It has been coated with an anti-UV coating and is extremely durable. All these make this one of the best helmets under 5000.

The helmet's inside comprises laser-cut padding, which ensures a solid fit. Even when used for a long period, the moisture-wicking layer is antimicrobial and prevents smells. The inside lining can be removed and washed as required. The silky cloth dries fast and provides a pleasant feeling. The chinstrap tightens to maintain the helmet in place for a stable ride. It is undoubtedly among the best-looking helmets under 5000 on this list.

  • AXOR Apex Venomous

When it comes to purchasing a helmet, the primary issue is that there are many unique helmets on the market with varied characteristics, but they all offer similar levels of protection and comfort. You won't need to stress over anything with the AXOR Apex Venomous Helmet, as it offers excellent convenience and protection, making it among the best helmets under 5k. It has a fantastic design and many useful features.

This helmet helps safeguard your head in an accident or catastrophe. Its outside shell is built of Polycarbonate, which makes it extremely strong, durable, and light. The inside component of this helmet is made of EPS foam, which efficiently cushions shock during collisions without harming your face or head. Therefore, it is one of the best helmets under 5000 in India.

  • SMK Twister Logo

The SMK MA266 is a translucent windshield full-face helmet. Energy Impact Resistant Thermoplast was used to create this helmet's hydrodynamic shape. This offers a comfortable fit with low drag or wind resistance even at faster speeds. A Resil coating on the inside layer protects it with a clean and comfortable feel making it one of the best helmets in India under 5000.

The hypoallergenic and permeable interior is also machine washable. This provides ease even when used for extended periods. The upper casing, the back, and the chin all have air vents. A specific spot is also available for any Bluetooth/intercom equipment. The Twister is the most bought helmet under 5000 on this list.

  • Steelbird R2K

The Steelbird R2K is one of the best helmets in India under 5000. The most distinctive element of the helmet is the 'dual-action' windshield, which allows it to be worn both during the daytime and at night. This helmet allows you to ride in broad sunshine during the day because it reflects glare, and at night it provides clear eyesight even in complete darkness. Steelbird is among India's best helmet brands under 5000.

  • MT Mugello

If you are looking for the best MT helmets under 5000, here is your answer. The MT Mugello is a compact helmet with a high-end design and feel. It has many vents to provide for appropriate airflow and also detachable and detachable anti-allergic cushioning to soak sweat. This foam cushioning is precision cut to ensure a precise fit. Furthermore, the Mugello is available in a variety of beautiful visual variations. Therefore, investing in this helmet might provide excellent value for money. Therefore, you will be getting the best MT helmet under 5000.

Helmets Below 5000 Prices

The prices of the best helmets in India under 5000 discussed above are mentioned in the table below.

Model Price in New Delhi
LS2 FF352 ₹4640
AXOR Apex Venomous ₹4466
SMK Twister Logo ₹4650
Steelbird R2K ₹2038
MT Mugello ₹4600
Centro comercial Moctezuma Francisco Chang
Centro comercial Moctezuma Francisco Chang
Centro comercial Moctezuma Francisco Chang


Hopefully, the above list will help you find the helmets below 5000 that are the best for you. We have tried to give you a comprehensive list, including the best-looking helmets under 5000 to the safest ones. When buying your helmet, do not forget about getting your bike insurance. Visit Tata AIG’s website and get our bike insurance policy online today!

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