Top 10 Two Wheelers for Women in India

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  • 30/09/2021

A two-wheeler can make your daily commute to work or any other trip easy. And as a woman, safety and comfort are always a priority while travelling. So you can ditch the public transport and turn to a trustworthy scooty instead. Apart from the comfort factor, a scooty is any day safer than a crowded train or bus. With so many amazing options in the Indian market, there is little chance that you won’t find a scooty of your preference.

And when it comes to safety, what better than getting scooter insurance to protect your beloved scooty? With comprehensive bike insurance from Tata AIG, you can rest assured that various damages to your scooty as well as third-party liabilities can easily be handled without you having to worry even one bit. Moreover, you can also save yourself the stress of paying traffic fines with our reliable insurance policy!

10 amazing options if you are looking for a bike for womem

So, when you complete your search for a smart scooter, you can think of getting an insurance policy for your two wheeler too.

  • Suzuki Access

The Suzuki Access can be the perfect choice for you if you need to navigate heavy traffic to get to work every day! The scooty offers a promising mileage of 64 kmpl, while the 124cc-engine can strike up to 8.7bhp and a supreme limit of 10.2Nm torque. The elegant scooty is packed with some exciting features such as Bluetooth connectivity, a combined braking system, Suzuki Easy start system and more!

  • Yamaha Fascino

As a lady, if you’re looking for the perfect bike for your daily commute, you cannot leave the Yamaha Fascino out of your list. The air-cooled 113cc-engine produces 7bhp power and offers a mileage of 66 kmpl. The stylish design and the lively colours like suave copper, cyan blue, vivid red and more provide a smart façade for such a performance-oriented scooty!

  • TVS Jupiter

The TVS Jupiter is yet another popular name when it comes to its sales in India. The vibrant colours are just one of the many thrilling features the scooter has to offer; with a mileage of 56 kmpl, you will be impressed at how smooth your ride can be. The 109.7cc-engine can generate an exceptional power of 7.8bhp and an 8Nm-torque. And if you’re running late, the scooty can easily hit a speed of 85 kmph.

  • Honda Activa 5G

Very few bikes can actually match the quality a Honda Activa 5G offers. Being a very lightweight and agile scooty, it is favoured by thousands of women across the country as an ideal two wheeler for ladies. But apart from these simplistically wonderful features, this scooty can achieve a speed of 83 kmph and offers a mileage of 60 kmpl. The engine displacement of 109.19cc can generate 9Nm of torque and a maximum power of 8bhp.

  • TVS Scooty Zest

Though it looks petite, the TVS Scooty Zest is quite a stunner when it comes to performance with an engine capacity of 110cc that generates a power of up to 8bhp, a 9Nm-torque and a mileage of 62 kmpl. The trendy design of this scooty makes a great bike for women as it is known to be among the lightest scooties in India, with a weight of just 98 kilos.

  • TVS Wego

Along with a wide range of fun colours to choose from, the TVS Wego features a contemporary Sync-Brake System that can efficiently curb minor mishaps on the road. With a promising mileage of 70 kmpl and an engine capacity of 110cc, the scooty produces a power of 8bhp and a torque of 8Nm. This scooty is a great companion when you want to go on a small shopping trip– there is some storage space that you can put to use!

  • Hero Pleasure+

The Hero Pleasure+ is what Hero came up with when they revamped the Pleasure scooters. The result is a unique bundle of features from this new version. Not only will you be thrilled with the mileage of 63 kmpl and the 110cc-engine that works up 8.11bhp of power with roughly 8.7Nm of torque, but also the USB charging slot on the scooty is surely going to leave you impressed!

  • TVS Scooty Pep Plus

In your search for a unique two-wheeler, if you come across the TVS Scooty Pep Plus, it is bound to bring a smile to your face. Being a light and flexible 95-kg scooty, the bike is easy to handle. Despite its small engine displacement of 88cc, the bike generates 5bhp power and around 6Nm torque while offering a 68 kmpl mileage. But be prepared to be bowled over by the comfort this scooty can offer!

  • Honda Dio

The Honda Dio has rapidly risen to fame after becoming a favourite among a lot of young girls. After an overhaul, the present lightweight 102-kilo Dio features the combined braking system, also known as the linked braking system and offers a mileage of 66 kmpl, an engine capacity of 109cc that generates 8Nm torque and 6bhp power.

  • Vespa UC

The Vespa UC is yet another name that a lot of women are quite familiar with. The elegant design of the bike, coupled with the chic pastel shades, perfectly complement the 125cc engine that can produce 9.5bhp power and nearly 10Nm of torque. Though the mileage of 40kmpl the scooter has to offer is lower than most other scooties you may check out, you won’t be disappointed with this two-wheeler.

While selecting an exciting scooty for your trips to work and the market is important, remember to get yourself a Tata AIG bike insurance policy today! Protecting your scooter with our online bike insurance policy is a simple process that ensures that you and your beloved scooter are always moving around carefree! And when it is time to renew the insurance policy for your two wheeler, we will be there to ensure a smooth bike insurance renewal process for you.


A lot of options for scooties in the market can leave you really confused. But if you take some time to compare your options, you will be able to find the right scooty for yourself and also ensure to compare bike insurance policies so that you find the right insurance for your two wheeler.

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