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8 Motorcycle Riding Tips for Female Bike Riders

  • Author :
  • TATA AIG Team
  • Published on :
  • 31/05/2022

Before, it was believed that driving a motorcycle was the domain of men. Bikes used to be made only for men, and even thinking of women riding a bike was preposterous. But thankfully, this has changed today. Nowadays, seeing women riding past you on their bikes or scooters is not uncommon. Rather, lady bike riders take part in high-risk bike tournaments and ride their bikes up mountains and other dangerous terrains. Things have come a long way from where they were a few years ago, and now women have the space to do as they please for a large part.

But, riding a bike cannot be done without training, regardless of who is driving the bike. If you are a woman who wants to learn how to drive a bike, there are a few things you must keep in mind. Female bike riders, just like men, can come upon an unfortunate situation at any time. Thus, any lady bike rider must have two things with them when on their bikes. Their helmets and bike insurance. This article will discuss this and other two-wheeler driving tips for women riding a bike. We will also be talking about how to drive a bike safely. But for now, we will dive into the importance of insurance for bikes.

Insurance for bikes is an important aspect as an accident may take place while you are on the road. As a female bike rider, safety is sure to be the top priority while riding, and in that case, you will want to buy the best bike insurance available in the market. You should compare two-wheeler insurance and buy the one that works best for you.

Tata AIG’s insurance for bikes is esteemed as the best in its class owing to its wide-reaching features and affordable prices. You can also customise your bike insurance policy as per your needs and budget. What's more, you also get to buy your bike insurance online, so you need not bother about standing in long queues or going on location to get your policy. Everything can be done in a few clicks.

With that said, let us look into a few tips on how to ride a motorcycle for lady bike riders.

Two-Wheeler Driving Tips for Ladies

Bike learning for ladies is slightly different from for men because the two might have different priorities. However, if you are a female bike rider learning how to drive a bike, here are some tips.

  • Be confident: Whether you're a woman riding for the first time or have been for a long time, you'll observe how certain fellow bikers may pressure you into doing something you don't like. You might not be prepared for highway driving when learning how to ride a motorcycle, but you might be forced into it. Maintain your footing and solely ride till the point it feels safe for you. You will become shaky if you ride anxiously. On a bike, nervous riding indicates a lack of confidence, which translates to bad driving.

  • Go to a good driving school: Bike learning for ladies should always be done from a reputable place. Go to a good driving school and learn how to drive a bike from them. Do not let your training comprise some impromptu classes from relatives and friends or a few videos online. Invest in classes as they can go a long way in giving you the right training.

  • Customise your bike: Configuring up your bike to suit your specific requirements is another key safety aspect. Most reputable dealerships can assist users in making minor tweaks to their bikes, making them smoother, more secure, and better to ride. Being comfortable on your bike is key to you driving better. This is an important tip to remember for all female bike riders.

  • Always wear a helmet: You must get the right gear when driving your bike. Remember that driving in India without your helmet is a punishable offence. If you are caught driving your bike without a helmet on, you will have to pay hefty fines or have your licence revoked. Also, remember, you need to use a helmet that is ISI certified and wearing one that is not is also akin to breaking the law. Finally, if you are going to be driving long distances, do not forget your gloves to avoid chafing. This is one of the most important two-wheeler driving tips for ladies.

  • Wear appropriate clothing: Women motorcyclists have their distinct styles, which they like to flaunt while riding a motorcycle. While it is acceptable, there are some things you should think about in terms of your clothing. One of the most important factors to consider is how loose your clothes are. Clothing that is too loose might be quite distracting. The strong wind speeds on a motorcycle may cause it to flap around and even block your view. It might slap you in the face. It can be extremely hazardous in addition to being bothersome. This is an essential tip to remember for all female bike riders.

  • Manage your hair: Women's hair is often longer than men's. This indicates that if you want to stay relaxed and safe when driving a bike, you'll have to wear your hair in a specific way. When it pertains to driving with a helmet on, there are many things to keep in mind with long hair. First, keep your hair from being entirely loosened. If it is, it can be typically annoying, itchy, and has the potential to get in your face and block your view momentarily. This is one of the two-wheeler driving tips for ladies that you must keep in mind.

  • Carry your documents: A bike's registration record and driver's licence are two vital considerations driving your bike. Ensure you carry a valid driver's licence before riding a bike. You will initially be entitled to a learner's permit, after which you will be able to file for a permanent permit. Also, check if your licence plate matched the number on your registration. While riding, you should keep a copy of your bike's registration, PUC, licence, and insurance policy. A traffic authority may ask to see it at any given time.

  • Have a contingency plan: Riding a motorbike, particularly for female riders, requires having a contingency plan. However, this is something that is frequently overlooked. As dependable as we would like to believe our bikes are, they occasionally malfunction, leaving us stranded. You won't be trapped in an unpleasant and potentially fatal scenario if you have a contingency plan. You should know who to call, have your insurance provider on speed dial, know where the closest garage is and how to get a towing service. Knowing these things and keeping a clear mind can help you avoid any bad situation.


Hopefully, these tips will help you grow into your best potential as a female bike rider. But, for the most part, follow your instinct and remember what you were taught in driving school, and you should have no problem. Also, do not forget your bike insurance, as it will be your aid in many sticky situations, should they arise.

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