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The best part of life for any person crazy about exploring places is the time they spend in their vehicle. And it gets difficult to believe when your bike gets damaged due to a natural disaster. Although you try to maintain your bike to the best standards, you cannot protect it from a natural disaster. The best you can do is repair the bike for its damage or get a new one if it is completely damaged! So, who can extend their support in such scenarios? Well, bike insurance with disaster coverage can prove beneficial by extending the required financial support in such circumstances.

How Does A Bike Insurance Help During Natural Calamities?

Bike insurance is an agreement between you and your insurance provider wherein your insurance provider agrees to provide financial support to repair your bike in case of any damages caused to it.

There are different types of bike insurance policies.

Third-party bike insurance is mandatory by law and extends financial support to pay for a third party and their vehicle in case your insured vehicle has caused an accident or damage.

The comprehensive bike insurance plan provides financial protection for you, your vehicle and other third-party damages. It can cover the damages incurred to your bike due to man-made or natural calamities such as cyclones, storms, fires, etc., The stand-alone bike insurance plan does not cover third-party liabilities. However, it provides complete financial protection for your vehicle during theft and natural and man-made disasters.

It should be remembered that a third-party bike insurance policy is, by no means, ideal bike insurance with disaster coverage. Only purchasing stand-alone or comprehensive insurance for 2 wheeler protects your vehicle against natural calamities.

Benefits Of Bike Insurance During Natural Calamities

The bike insurance disaster cover can extend the financial support to benefit you in several ways.

In the unexpected event of a natural disaster, the insurance provider will pay for the repair cost in case your bike is affected due to natural disasters such as lightning, storm, floods, cyclones, earthquakes etc.,

The insurance provider will provide a huge network of garages to help you complete the repairs and benefit from cashless claims. For example, at Tata AIG, we offer 7500+ garages across the country to assist you in maintaining the bike to the best standards. And, if you want to get the repairs done at a garage of your choice, you can complete the procedure and reimburse the cost.

With the inclusion of add-on covers, you can further extend the natural disaster insurance benefits for your bike.

Insurers extend this support and facilitate the claim using simple and easy online processes that do not consume much of your time. If your 2-wheeler is completely damaged, and the cost is more than 75% of the Insured Declared Value(IDV), the insurer can pay the IDV value subject to the term and conditions of the bike insurance policy.

Add-On Covers That Can Benefit During A Natural Disaster

When you add certain add-on covers to your insurance for 2 wheeler, you can extend the financial support during such unexpected circumstances wherein a natural disaster causes damage to your bike partially or completely.

  • Return To Invoice - In case your bike is totally damaged due to a natural disaster, you will be eligible to receive the current market value for the vehicle.

  • Consumable expenses - If a natural disaster damages consumables such as nuts, bearings, engine oil, brake oil, lubricants, grease, etc., the insurer will reimburse the repair or replacement cost.

  • Roadside assistance - If a natural disaster leads to a breakdown of your vehicle, the breakdown assistance team will reach your location and help rescue your bike, provide on-spot repairs if possible or take it to a nearby garage.

How To File A Claim Against Natural Disaster?

After a natural disaster affects your bike, you must make timely decisions to ensure the benefits of your bike insurance provider. Visit the ‘Claim Process’ if you bought disaster bike insurance from Tata AIG and Initiate a Claim. Otherwise, the general procedure to claim bike insurance disaster cover is to:

  • Inform the insurance provider regarding the damages caused to your bike during the natural disaster. You can contact them by phone, email, etc.
  • Register the claim for disaster bike insurance online or offline by visiting the nearest branch of the insurance provider.
  • Take pictures of your vehicle showing the damages caused to different parts of your bike. Take videos of dents if necessary. Try to capture the damage from different angles.
  • Upload or provide the necessary documents such as the bike insurance policy, driving licence, etc.,
  • Insurers might send the relevant officials to inspect the vehicle, assess the damages caused and let you proceed with the repair to the garage.
  • The insurer will settle the claim based on the inspection and the estimate for the repair provided by the garage.

When you follow these procedures timely, the insurer will provide the maximum possible financial support from their end to repair the damages caused.

Who Should Ensure Purchasing The Cover For Natural Disasters?

While it is always advisable for every bike holder to purchase comprehensive insurance for a natural disaster, it is more important for individuals residing or driving their vehicles in areas prone to such natural disasters. Also, before purchasing, it is important to compare two-wheeler insurance features and costs across different insurance providers and choose the best based on your affordability and financial needs.


Natural disasters and their damages are unpredictable. The most emotional aspect is witnessing your bike getting damaged due to the incident. While protecting such disasters from happening is impossible, all you can do is ensure an additional layer of protection to safeguard your vehicle. A comprehensive bike insurance plan will provide coverage against damages caused to your bike due to natural disasters. Ensure to purchase it, renew it timely and add the necessary covers to benefit maximally!

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