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Purchasing an insurance policy for your bike is an important financial objective. It is an extended layer of protection that helps you reduce the crisis and manage the financial expenses to repair your bike in the event of an unexpected accident. Therefore, it is important to purchase a bike insurance policy and ensure it is always active. With the advancement in technology, you can compare, purchase and check the 2-wheeler insurance online. There are different ways to do it. Using the Insurance Information Bureau (IIB) is a simple and easy way to check the bike insurance policy status online. Here is a detail about it for your reference.

How To Check Bike Insurance Status Online In IIB?

When you meet with an accident, filing a bike insurance claim is the first and most important action. It will help your insurance providers to validate the information, process the claim request and proceed with the settlement.

Technological advancements have introduced different simple and digital means to file your insurance claim online and receive the necessary benefits timely.

The Insurance Information Bureau (IIB) was introduced by the Insurance Regulatory And Development Authority (IRDA). It is a single platform that serves as a repository for insurance data and analytics. The objective is to hold all the information associated with the insurance policies purchased in India and make it accessible to the policyholders. Therefore, you can also utilise the IIB web portal to check the bike insurance status. It hardly takes a few minutes to do it.

Follow these steps to check bike insurance status on the IIB web portal.

  1. Visit the Insurance Information Bureau's official website.
  2. Under the 'Quick Links' section of the home page, click on the V - Seva Tab.
  3. You will be directed to the 'Accident Vehicle Information Retrieval System' webpage.
  4. Provide the required details such as the Name, Email ID, Contact details, Registration Number, Accident Date and Place and enter the Captcha code.
  5. Click on the 'Submit' button.

The system will display the details related to your two-wheeler insurance policy. It will hold the specific details of your insurance policy for the bike, expiration date, etc. At this juncture, it is important to mention that the purchase of third-party bike insurance is mandatory by law. It reduces the financial liabilities in case you have met with an accident affecting a third person or their vehicle. The IIB vehicle insurance status can be checked and accessed through any of your electronic devices having access to the internet. The IIB vehicle insurance status search requires a few essential inputs that must be precise. Therefore, ensure you provide the right information to receive the necessary data.

Points To Remember

There are a few other points that you need to keep in mind while using the portal for the IIB bike insurance status check.

  1. The details in the IIB will appear on the website after two months from when your insurance provider has submitted the information. Therefore, checking the information instantly on the website may not be possible.
  2. The IIB query can be for any vehicles purchased after 1st April 2020.
  3. The chassis number and the vehicle number will be available for new vehicles.
  4. You can access the bike insurance details three times using the same email address and phone number.

Is There Any Other Method To Check The Bike Insurance Policy Status?

Well, with advancing technological developments, insurance providers have been providing a range of online facilities for two-wheeler insurance policy solutions. For example, At Tata AIG, we offer different bike insurance policies online. You can view the features, compare the different policy solutions and decide on the right bike insurance plan. We also provide an online bike insurance premium calculator that helps you determine the premium based on the chosen add-on covers and affordability. Moreover, you can try different combinations of add-on covers and customise the policy based on your needs.

When you purchase the two-wheeler insurance online, you can maintain your account and view the details at any time. Also, the account will have all the information about your insurance plan, claims made, the status of a claim request, if any and other claim settlements made. The navigation to the different options is simple and easy. You can always contact our customer service team in case of a discrepancy.


Purchasing an insurance policy for your bike is important to secure it to the best standards after an unexpected accident leading to excessive damages. Therefore, you must ensure that your bike insurance policy is always active and applicable for any claim process. The information related to your bike insurance policy is available online at the Insurance Information Bureau (IIB) portal. It is simple and easy to check the status online on the IIB website. You can also purchase and check the status of your bike insurance policy online at your insurance provider's website. Set timely reminders to renew your bike insurance policy timely and keep it active to maximise the benefits during a crucial financial crisis.

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