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India has a huge second-hand bike market catering to the demand for used bikes. An old bike purchase is more economical than buying a new bike. Used bikes are available at a discounted price that feels light in your pocket. So, if you wish to get one, make sure it is well maintained and has a valid insurance cover. According to the Motor Vehicles Act, you must own an insurance policy to take your vehicle on the road. You may also buy 2-wheeler insurance online from Tata AIG and prevent yourself from landing in legal trouble.

Well, your search for a used bike across the country might lead you to another state, which can be tricky. There is a certain procedure that you need to navigate through so as to make the transition easier. The first step towards it is to find out if all the documents are in place. Worried, how to proceed? Fret not, for here’s a guide answering all your queries related to ‘how to transfer my bike to another state?’. We will also try to walk you through the second-hand bike purchase procedure.

Procedure of Buying Second-Hand Bike

Document Authentication: When you and the seller agree on a price and are ready to initiate the course of dealing on the bike, the first and foremost step is to verify if the insurance policy for the bike, the no objection letter, and other essential documents required for second-hand bike purchase are in place. Besides, there are 3 forms that work as an application in regards to the transfer of bike ownership.

Form 29, 30, and 31: While registering a second-hand vehicle, you need these 3 forms in order to transport the bike from one state to another state. Form 29 works as an application in regards to transferring the title from the seller to you. On the other hand, Form 30 is used to transfer the vehicle’s ownership from one state to another as well as within the same state. However, if the previous bike owner dies during the procedure, Form 31 is used for registration at the new RTO.

No Objection Certificate: One of the most important documents required for second-hand bike purchase is a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the RTO where the vehicle is registered. This document ensures that the RTO has no objection to the transfer of the mentioned vehicle from their state to another. It also approves there are no pending taxes in relation to the concerned bike. It is compulsory to avail of a NOC in order to register the bike with the RTO of your (buyer’s) state.

Bike Insurance Plan: It’s vital to register the 2-wheeler insurance policy with your state’s RTO. Make sure that the previous owner has paid all the due premiums and renewed the policy on time. An expired bike policy may land you in trouble if you meet with an accident. However, you can always opt for a two-wheeler insurance policy online if the seller does not possess a valid insurance cover. You need to ensure that a valid insurance policy is present during the bike’s registration with the RTO.

Original Registration Certificate: To get a used bike registered in another state, you are required to submit the original RC or the bike’s smart card. This document contains the vehicle’s engine and chassis number. The RTO first verifies the registration certificate before transferring ownership.

PUCC: A valid Pollution Under Control Certificate (PUCC) is required to ensure that the bike meets the specified pollution emission limits. This document comprises the two-wheeler’s registration number along with its photo.

PAN Card and DOB Proof: During the second-hand bike purchase procedure, the PAN Card details of both the seller and the buyer are also required. If either one of you does not have a PAN Card, then Form 60 needs to be submitted for registration. Some states may also ask you (buyer) to submit the Date of Birth (DOB) proof before registering the bike.

Tax Clearance Certificate: One of the most important documents that you cannot afford to miss at any cost while making a second-hand bike purchase is the tax clearance certificate. It certifies that the seller has paid all the road taxes basis which the bike’s registration is done at the RTO.

Tips on Purchasing a Second-hand Bike: Purchasing a used bike from another state may seem complex and hard; however, if you bear a few things in mind, you may get a good bargain on the second-hand bike sale receipt of your dream vehicle.

Seller’s Legitimacy: While purchasing a used two-wheeler from another state, it’s critical that you do a background check on the seller. Find out if the seller is the real owner of the bike and not a thief. In such a scenario, choosing a bike dealership is a relatively safer option. However, if you are buying the bike from an individual, go through all the essential documents carefully. Try to contact the seller directly without including a middleman in order to avoid commission charges and misinformation.

Take a Test Ride: Once you have verified that the seller is legitimate and all the required documents are in place, you may request a test ride, for it will help you understand the bike’s real situation. It will help you know about the braking system as well as the handling of the bike. It is recommended to try and push the two-wheeler to its limits in order to check it properly and see for yourself how it goes.

Get It Inspected: Apart from taking it for a test ride, it’s advisable to take the bike to a mechanic and get it inspected thoroughly. It can help you identify a lot of technical issues that the naked eye might not see through.


When you are making an old bike purchase, it’s vital to follow the aforementioned guidelines. If you are investing your money in something, make sure that the final product serves you well. Thus, do check if the seller has all the documents in place, including an insurance scheme. And, if the bike’s owner does not have a valid insurance plan, then make sure you buy at least the mandatory third-party bike insurance, for you will require it during the vehicle’s registration at the RTO. You may visit Tata AIG’s website for more assistance in regards to purchasing a bike insurance cover that matches your budget and requirements.

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