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Bikes and cars are fascinating purchases, and the craze for vehicles is at a different level altogether for people. When it comes to bikes, a responsibility that the rider shoulders is its periodic maintenance. Regular maintenance is what pays you well in the long run. It is not only important to regularly send your bike for servicing with professionals, but also to follow some motorcycle care tips on your end.

One must keep several things in mind to ensure that the two-wheeler is performing its best and is in top condition.

Here are Some Bike Maintenance Tips to Follow

Check the engine oil - One of the essential bike servicing tips is checking the engine oil. Engine oil is the lubricating fluid for the bike machinery. A sufficient amount of oil ensures a hassle-free and smooth ride every time you hit the road. Check the engine oil level and maintain the optimum level every time. Check for impurities in the oil and if there are leakage issues.

Maintaining the engine oil level will enhance your bike's longevity and reduce fuel consumption. Also, the engine oil might get dense with time. Try getting the engine oil replaced after a considerable period.

Check the bike tyres regularly - There are various kinds of two-wheelers, and different varieties feature different types of tyres. No matter what you select, every tyre will wear out with time. The wear and tear can be magnified if you do not maintain your bike tyres periodically. To check the condition of your bike type, check its air pressure and the condition of the tyres.

Ensure to maintain the optimum air pressure levels declared by the bike manufacturers. Our bike maintenance tips would be to get yourself a tyre pressure monitor. It will help you diagnose if you need to inflate your tyre. To avoid unexpected blowouts and discrepancies, check for cuts and craps. In addition, also inspect the tyre threads once a month and check the balance and alignment of the wheel.

Clean the air filter - The air filter of a bike can often get clogged due to dust accumulation. Dust accumulation can affect the productivity of your two-wheeler. It results in poor fuel consumption affecting the engine of the bike. Keep the air filter clean more frequently, and travel in dusty conditions.

Inspect the transmission system - The bike chain needs regular servicing, cleaning, and lubrication for smooth functioning. Use paraffin to wash the bike chain and a clean cloth to dust off the dirt. Remember never to use water to wash the chain, as it tends to cause rusting.

Check the battery - a bike's battery is one of the essential parts to take care of. The battery demands regular maintenance to live long and to offer smooth rides. Timeously, ensure the battery terminals are adequately greased and tightly fixed. Check for battery leakages and top it up with distilled water if required.

Keep your two-wheeler clean and dust free - One of the most basic motorcycle maintenance tips is regularly cleaning it. While on the road, your vehicle is bound to come in contact with dust, dirt, muddy water, etc. Dirt, mud, dust, etc., can cause much harm to your bike. Try to shelter your bike in closed places to keep these dirty substances at bay. It is necessary to clean your bike regularly to keep its finish unchanged. However, make sure to entirely cover the H.T. coil, silencer, and ignition switch with a plastic sheet before cleaning. You can opt to clean your bike with a microfiber cloth.

Maintain the engine - The engine of a two-wheeler is said to be its heart. A healthy engine ensures longevity and decreased fuel bills. A tuned bike engine will enhance the mileage and offer you better productivity. Ensure that the valve clearances and the carburettor is clean at all times. Also, ensure the spark plug's cleanliness and that the spark plug gaps are correctly set. A well-maintained bike engine goes a long way to serve your vehicle.

Replace the brake pads periodically - To maintain adequate spacing for your bike is very important. Ensure that the brake pads are neither too loose nor too tight for safety factors. If you witness screeching your bike breaks, ensure to replace them instantly.

Maintain slow riding speed - Maintaining a constant and slow riding speed is one of the most known yet ignored motorcycle care tips. Maintaining a constant speed decreases fuel consumption and keeps the bike's engine in good shape. Try maintaining an optimum speed ranging from 40km/hr to 60km/hr for the best results.

Adjust the clutch - Clutch is a bike part that helps while switching gears. Ensure your bike clutch has sufficient free play and is correctly adjusted. Also, ensure that the clutch is not too tight, as it leads to higher fuel consumption than usual.

Two-wheeler Maintenance Tips for Beginners

Some of the bike servicing tips or maintenance guidelines to follow are listed below. Beginner riders may consider it a bike servicing checklist:

  • If you sense the bike tyres to be flappy, fill them with air. Air-filled tyres ensure excellent engine performance and better mileage.
  • Deflated tyres would significantly influence the bike’s handling; it is a signal that your tyres are inflated.
  • Never exceed 55 km/hr for the initial 1000 kilometres. This tip offers you longevity for the bike tyres and proper traction.
  • Keep the bike chain clean and ensure it is well-lubricated. It enhances the life of the sprockets and the bike chain.
  • Check the rims of the bike tyres for cracks and dents. This will helps you escape road fatalities.
  • For a smooth riding experience, use a good quality oil for your two-wheeler. Also, change the oil from time to time. A change once in a while will help enhance the lives of several engine components.
  • Do not park your bike under direct sunlight, as it makes your bike appear dull if done regularly. Though once in a while is not seen as an issue.
  • Send your bike to a service station for regular servicing. Inspect your bike for any damages and scratches before handing it to the servicing station.


Now that you have the bike servicing checklist and the maintenance tips, you have a complete guide to ensure your bike stays in top condition and performs its best. Keeping the two-wheeler maintenance tips in mind when you maintain your bike may help you avoid any additional overhead costs now and then.

However, there can always be unforeseen events like accidents, the occurrence of natural calamities, theft, etc., that can damage your bike and put your savings in jeopardy. To save yourself the trouble, you should buy a two-wheeler insurance policy. You can invest in third-party bike insurance or a comprehensive insurance policy for your bike, or any other suitable policy to be prepared for emergencies. Whatever type of insurance policy for bikes you want, Tata AIG has it all. Visit our website, and compare two-wheeler insurance plans before you make a purchase.

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