Why Wear a Bright Coloured Helmet When Riding Motorbike?

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Wearing colourful helmets is a trend that has been around for decades. It is a way to express oneself and one's personality. It's not just about wearing the colour, but also about the design of the helmet. There are many different designs that people can choose from, such as skulls, flowers, animals, or popular cartoon characters.

There are many benefits to wearing a colourful helmet: it can help you stand out in crowds, and it can make you more confident around people who may be less outgoing than you. Wearing a colourful helmet is also a great way to show off your personality without saying anything at all!

But before you go through the specific reasons for buying a coloured helmet, you should also know that a valid third-party bike insurance policy is mandatory for all bike owners in the country. With Tata AIG, you can find the best-suited insurance policy for bikes online in an instant. 2-wheeler insurance online will keep your bike safe on the roads but will also save your pockets from paying huge traffic fines!

Now, let’s find out why bright-coloured motorcycle helmets are the best-coloured motorcycle helmets for riders.

Why Pick a Bright Bike Helmet Colour?

One of the essential pieces of protection for all bike riders is a helmet. In the event of an accident, wearing this prevents you from suffering a catastrophic head injury. Most people just use helmets to avoid being stopped by the authorities when driving. But it's crucial to buy a helmet that provides the most protection possible.

You are more likely to be seen by other drivers if you are riding your bike while wearing a brightly coloured helmet. This is mostly because materials are more noticeable when they are painted in bright colours since they reflect more light. As a result, wearing a colourful helmet reduces your risk of being in an accident.

It is advisable to choose the most visible bike helmet colour that looks good and offers complete coverage while in use. This is primarily due to the fact that bright colours are usually easier to see when riding a bike in both the daytime and at night. The accessibility of streets and vehicles tends to decrease as traffic volume rises.

You are more likely to be in an accident if you are disguised in traffic. One of your body's most important organs is your head. Therefore, it is crucial to take all essential precautions to shield your brain from any injuries brought on by an unplanned accident.

How to Pick the Right Helmet for Yourself?

It is always preferable to get your helmet from a store in person. This is mostly due to the fact that you will be able to examine the helmet's quality and other characteristics. The following factors can be taken into account while buying a helmet:

  • Layer: Make sure your helmet is thick in layering and has comfortable cushions inside before you buy it. You will feel comfortable and the padding will also lessen the force of a crash.

  • Protection: When you put on your helmet, it should completely enclose your head and face. Your head will be shielded from any accident-related damage by this insurance.

  • Cost: It is advisable to buy a helmet that is reasonably priced. The fundamental purpose of wearing a helmet is to safeguard your head from injury. To receive the best protection, you'll need to switch up your helmet sometimes.

  • Convenience and Comfort: Most importantly, the helmet you choose should fit comfortably. Make sure there is adequate airflow and sound.

A Few Facts About Why Bright Helmet Colour Can Save Lives!

According to a study by the British Medical Journal, bright helmet colours can save lives! How? keep reading below –

  • Drivers who wore reflective or bright clothes had a 37% lower probability of suffering injuries in crashes than those who did not; the beneficial association appeared to grow with dimmer light levels.

  • The risk of using a white helmet was 24% lower than the risk of donning a black helmet. Similar correlations were discovered for helmets that were red and a combination of yellow and orange.

  • Daytime headlamp use was associated with a 27% decreased risk of injury from crashes.

Solid bright colours are more effective than patterns that blend bright hues, despite the fact that the study does not expressly address this issue. A driver is more likely to notice bright helmet colours like white, yellow, bright red, or orange than one that uses those colours in a complex pattern.

The Bottom Line

The likelihood of becoming engaged in accidents has significantly increased due to the increase in the number of cars and bikes on the road. Therefore, it is now absolutely necessary to wear a helmet when riding a bike to prevent any catastrophic head injuries. Choose a helmet that conforms to the aforementioned requirements, get the right two-wheeler insurance policy, and drive safely. And we hope you pick the best colour motorcycle helmet for yourself and your co-rider by keeping this blog handy! Safe riding!

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