2-Stroke v/s 4-Stroke

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Ask any bike enthusiast, and that person will not stop praising the 2-stroke symphony. It was loud, linear, and music to the ears of gearheads. But with the banishment of 2-stroke engines from India (and from most parts of the world), those days are gone forever. Now, if you are passionate about bikes and want to know about the workings of the 2-Stroke and 4-Stroke engines, this blog is for you.

The two variants of the engine designs have specific properties. Although it is impossible to buy a new motorcycle with a 2-stroke engine, there are some second-hand bikes in the market that you may decide to get. But should you take a 2-stroke bike over a 4-stroke bike?

Before you decide, know the working of an engine, the differences between the 2-Stroke and 4-Stroke bike engines, and their pros and cons. Here is a detail to help you best in this regard.

What Is Stroke In A Bike?

The piston’s movement in the engine's combustion cycle is referred to as a stroke. The piston moves up and down inside a cylinder.

The combustion cycle includes processes such as intake, compression, combustion and the exhaust of burnt gases.

The combustion is based on the air-fuel mixture. Here is a detail about the individual processes:

1. Intake - During the intake process, the piston goes down, takes the air-fuel mixture, and moves it to the combustion chamber. 2. Compression - As the air-fuel mixture gets inside, the intake valve closes, and the mixture gets compressed. 3. Combustion - During the combustion process, the spark released from the spark plug will ignite the mixture. 4. Exhaust - The combustion gases will push the piston into the cylinder and open the exhaust valve. The burnt gases will expel through the exhaust valve.

Difference Between 2-Stroke And 4-Stroke Engine

There is hardly any difference between the 2 - Stroke and 4 - Stroke in terms of appearance and working. However, there are a few differences based on the strokes, fuel and the cylinder.

  1. In 2-stroke bikes, 2 complete movements of the piston are required for one combustion cycle. The intake and compression happen in the first movement, and the combustion and exhaust happen during the second. In a 4-Stroke bike, the four processes, intake, compression, combustion, and exhaust, happen in 4 different strokes.

  2. In a 4-stroke bike engine, the oil is not mixed with any fuel. However, in 2-stroke engines, oil is mixed with fuel for the lubrication process.

  3. 4-stroke engines have valves for the intake and exhaust processes. On the other hand, 2-stroke engines have ports that cover and uncover when the piston moves up and down. In addition, 2-Stroke engines have an extended exhaust pipe that serves as an expansion chamber for making space for the vacuum required to draw the fuel mixture into the transfer port.

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The 2-stroke and the 4-stroke engines differ based on the design and functionalities. A stroke refers to the motion of the piston in the engine's combustion cycle. The processes in the combustion cycle, intake, compression, combustion, and exhaust differ based on the piston movements. And these functionalities are the source of vehicle movement. Therefore, the properties, pros, and cons of the 2-stroke and 4-stroke engines are determined by their working.

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