Difference Between Petrol and Diesel Bikes

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Buying a bike is a huge decision that might be quite intimidating. Making the best selection for you is crucial, and one of the factors to consider is whether to go with a petrol or a diesel engine bike.

Understanding the difference between petrol and diesel engine bikes is critical when looking for a two-wheeler that meets your needs. However, do not worry! This blog will walk you through the most important components of petrol and diesel bikes in India. Let us go over the numerous aspects to consider while choosing the best bike for you.

But before that, let us tell you that just like it is important to know the difference between petrol and diesel bikes, it is equally vital to cover your two-wheeler with a bike insurance policy.

Two-wheeler insurance adds a protective layer to keep your bike in good condition. Purchasing insurance for 2-wheelers in India is essential for every two-wheeler owner. It's also required by law to purchase this insurance coverage. Since a two-wheeler is a great asset and investment, covering it with a comprehensive two-wheeler insurance policy can assist you and your bike from every financial and legal obligation.

At Tata AIG, we put forward a range of bike insurance policies for every type of bike, be it petrol or diesel. After you've made up your mind on a particular form of the bike, you can reach out to us in order to insure your bike. You may visit our website and take the aid of our online bike insurance premium calculator to compare two-wheeler insurance policies and select the one that best meets your budget and needs.

So now, let us have a look at the many factors that you must consider while deciding which bike engine type is perfect for you. But first, let’s give you an overview of petrol and diesel engine bikes.

Petrol Bikes: A Brief Overview

Well, a petrol bike is basically a two-wheeler powered by petrol with an internal combustion engine. The spark plug ignites the petrol, which then expands the gas and results in the piston rising and falling due to the crankshaft. It requires routine maintenance and the repair of worn-out mechanical parts, and it achieves 50 to 60 kilometres per litre based on the cubic capacity of the bike's engine.

Diesel Bikes: A Brief Overview

The major difference between diesel engine bikes and petrol engine bikes is that diesel engines are powered by compressed air; whilst petrol engines use a spark-ignited mechanism (as said earlier). A diesel engine bike gathers air, compresses it, and then injects fuel into the highly compressed air. The heat generated by the compressed air assists in the ignition of the fuel. Because the compression ratio is higher, approximately 14 to 25 times its original volume, diesel engine bikes deliver the best fuel economy.

Everything to Know about Diesel and Petrol Bikes

Understanding the difference between petrol and diesel bikes is critical for making a sound bike buying selection. We have discussed a few elements that contribute to the comparison of petrol versus diesel bikes in India. It will assist you in making an informed decision:

Costs of Upkeep

When it comes to servicing and maintenance, there's a significant difference between a diesel and a petrol bike. For proper maintenance, use the finest engine oil for motorcycles. Despite the fact that the cost of upkeep is the same for both.

Certain parts on diesel engine bikes, on the other hand, are more expensive when compared to petrol-powered bikes. Consequently, maintaining diesel bikes will grow more expensive in the long run.

Frequency & Distance of Travel

Diesel bikes are more economical because the engine doesn't need a spark plug.

Diesel bikes are better suited to more frequent as well as longer journeys, while petrol bikes are better suited when it comes to less frequent and shorter trips.


Diesel bikes will initially be tighter on your pockets than petrol bikes. As a result, buying a petrol engine bike may be recommended for short-term savings.

But, diesel bikes are comparatively more robust and will definitely last you longer in terms of long-term expenditures.


There appears to be no doubt that both bike types would contribute to pollution in some way. Diesel engines would release less CO2 (Carbon dioxide) but more harmful particulate matter.

Petrol motorcycles, on the other hand, emit less hazardous particulate matter and produce more CO2 (carbon dioxide). As a result, petrol is the least environmentally detrimental alternative.

Cost of Insurance

The cost of purchasing two-wheeler insurance and the associated premium amount is on the higher side when it comes to diesel engine bikes than their petrol counterpart.

It's also due to the rising cost of bike parts replacement and other associated components as a result of the intricate design of diesel engine bikes.


The level of vibration, harshness and noise in petrol bikes are far lower than compared to diesel engine bikes.

If you enjoy exploring the world and having a smooth and seamless driving experience, then petrol bikes may be a better option if you have a higher budget.

Resale Value

Diesel bikes depreciate less than petrol engine bikes. As a result, the resale value of diesel engine bikes is comparatively more than that of petrol models.

If you prefer switching bikes frequently based on new market trends, aim for diesel engine bikes to achieve improved and profitable financial conditions.

The Bottom Line

The decision between petrol and diesel engine bikes is fully dependent on your needs since each version has its own set of pros and cons. Before deciding whether a petrol or diesel bike is best to buy, have a look at the following points above to make an educated selection.

Also, considering the rising frequency of accidents in the nation, getting comprehensive 2-wheeler insurance for your bike must be a top priority. So soon after purchasing your bike, get it covered with a robust Tata AIG bike insurance policy to remain worry-free. Contact us to learn more.

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