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A range of features, specifications and technical parameters differentiate the working of the various bike models in India. Torque and BHP are two significant aspects that help you compare motorcycles for their performance. It is important you understand the meaning and learn to differentiate its contribution to the working to manage efficiencies. Although the terminology seems similar and familiar, there are striking differences that you need to know. Here is a detail about torque vs BHP.

Before we get started, let us understand their meaning.

What Is Torque?

Torque is referred to as the twisting force. In simple words, if you are applying a unit of force to a lever, it means you are applying torque.

To explain it based on another simple example, let us consider tightening a nut. When you want to tighten a nut, you will apply pressure on the end of the wrench to gain stability, not in the middle or anywhere else. Tightening it at the wrench will give you more twisting power, that is, the torque.

Torque = Force x Distance

Torque is calculated by multiplying force and distance, which provides leverage. Therefore, one Newton-Metre is one Newton force applied with one metre of leverage.

What Does Torque Do In A Bike?

In a bike, torque is referred to as the engine's capability to twist. A higher torque can provide the ability to carry a heavier load with a consistent speed not at a higher range. Torque is measured at the crankshaft present in the engine. The torque will begin at the engine. It will surpass the gearing system, then to the shaft and further to the tyre to transform into force against the top layer of the road. The engine torque becomes thrust after gearing and helps you move forward. It means the gears, shaft and tyre affect the impact of engine torque in the bike movement. Therefore, a bike with less torque can still accelerate better if there are timely changes in the actions of the gearing system and further on the wheels.

What Is BHP in Bikes?

The BHP full form is Brake HorsePower. Therefore, it is important to understand the power to know how the BHP can affect the bike's performance.

Power is referred to as the energy transferred per unit of volume. The energy driving a bike is its kinetic energy. In a motorcycle, the potential energy from the battery is converted into kinetic energy. The kinetic energy generated is prevalent in the bike's forward movement and the wheel's rotational movement. There are different units of power. The brake horsepower is one of the most commonly used units, equivalent to 746 watts.

How Can Power Affect Your Bike's Performance?

Higher BHP in bike correlates to increased acceleration. However, other factors affect the process. Firstly, the heavier the motorcycle, the higher the energy required to achieve a specific acceleration.

Secondly, the lesser the resistance or friction, the higher the power and the rise in acceleration. Frictional forces affect the power and performance of a vehicle to a great extent. The frictional forces that can slow down your bike are the air, tyre and friction in the moving parts such as the engine. Your bike keeps consuming petrol even while moving at the same speed to overcome these frictional forces. So, to vary the impact of power, you can purchase bikes with a more aerodynamic body, low friction tyres and low friction components.

Summarising facts about torque and BHP

Horsepower vs torque is heavily researched before buying a new bike. We have discussed what torque and BHP mean and their effect on bikes' performance. Here are a few pointers to summarise the important facts.

  1. BHP is the power calculated on your bike's engine.
  2. BHP will determine the bike's top speed and acceleration.
  3. Torque is the force required for rotational motion.
  4. Torque establishes the driving force for the bike. With greater torque, you can load the vehicle comparatively heavier while the speed remains less.

Therefore, BHP will affect your bike's acceleration, while torque impacts the load you can carry at a consistent speed without affecting the performance.

Let us consider an example.

A bike with 150BHP and 15Nm of torque will provide higher acceleration and top speed. And a bike with 105BHP and 150Nm of torque will perform best with a heavier load.

You can decide on purchasing your new bike based on the BHP and torque specifications considering your usage. However, while determining the bike's performance, it is equally important to have two-wheeler insurance.

Insurance for two-wheelers, especially with comprehensive coverage, is important to ensure timely repair of any damages caused due to unexpected accidents. Therefore, insurance providers have been introducing various customisable two-wheeler insurance plans to satisfy the needs of different categories of policyholders. For example, you can purchase a personal accident cover if you live and ride your bike in an accident-prone area daily.

Although an add-on cover is available at an extra cost, you will certainly benefit from the required financial assistance. At Tata AIG, we provide the bike insurance calculator to determine the most affordable premium. Therefore, you can decide on the product, the required features and the cost according to your will!


BHP and torque are two important parameters that help understand the performance of a two-wheeler. Torque refers to the twisting capability of your engine. The higher the torque, the greater the engine's driving force to carry a heavier load at a consistent low speed. On the other hand, Brake HorsePower(BHP) is your engine's power to help accelerate your bike to a higher level with an increased top speed. Every individual has a distinct purpose for having a bike. Choose the bike based on the specifications considering your purpose and usage. And most importantly, consider having two-wheeler insurance at any cost to ensure your bike is safe and sound at all times!

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