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DIY Bike Maintenance Tasks

  • Author :
  • TATA AIG Team
  • Published on :
  • 06/02/2023

A bike may make your life easier and give you a sense of independence and pride. So, it is important to keep your two-wheeler in good condition. Regular bike maintenance extends the life of your vehicle, keeps you safe, and reduces the likelihood of unexpected problems. What can you do to keep your bike in good working order? A few easy techniques and practices may go a long way toward maintaining your bike in good shape; we'll list a few below.

Accidents, as well as other mishaps, are turning out to be more common as the total number of automobiles on the road rises. Accidents don't have to happen because of your negligence; they might happen because of the negligence of the other person. Aside from injuries, two-wheeler damage, and worry, it also has an impact on you financially. All of these factors combine to make purchasing two-wheeler insurance a wise decision. But before moving forward, let us tell you the importance of having a bike insurance policy since it is another form of maintenance, increasing the protection level of your bike.

Following the Supreme Court of India's directive, every General Insurance Company in India is required to provide 5-year third-party insurance coverage for new bikes from 1 September 2018. Two-wheelers operating on the nation's roadways without proper insurance for bikes face severe fines. As a result, all owners of two-wheelers are obliged to have a minimum of basic third-party liability insurance, which is the minimum coverage when it comes to two-wheelers. But we, being a leading provider of two-wheeler insurance, request you to go for a comprehensive long-term two-wheeler insurance policy. A long-term two-wheeler insurance policy, as the name implies, provides you and your bike with 360-degree coverage against losses caused by theft or damage of the insured vehicle for two or three, depending on the insurance policy chosen. This is in addition to the coverage for third-party liability. So, why wait? Get your two-wheeler insurance policy right away and protect it with Tata AIG!

Now, coming to the main theme of the blog regarding basic do-it-yourself maintenance tasks for your bike to keep it safe.

7 DIY Bike Maintenance Guide

Bikes come in different variants and varieties, and some might have particular requirements for maintenance. Nonetheless, a few easy and simple bike maintenance tips can help you take care of your two-wheeler.

Here is your basic bike maintenance checklist:

  • Change Engine Oil

Well, the engine oil influences the pleasure of your ride and the engine's lifespan. It keeps the engine cool, guarantees a smooth ride, and lubricates engine components. Due to severe wear and tear, dirty engine oil affects fuel efficiency and engine life. Internal corrosion can be caused by high acidity in engine oil. Check the oil level after each service, and be sure to change it as needed.

  • Keep Air Filters Clean

The air filters of the two-wheeler d in the filter and impair air intake. This leads to inefficient combustion, which can harm the engine. Keeping your air filters clean and changing them at the prescribed intervals increases the efficiency of your bike.

  • Regularly Inspect the Tyres

Tyres differ based on your riding style and bike. They are vulnerable to significant wear and tear regardless of the type. You should inspect the tyre treads on a regular basis to detect any damage and keep them in excellent condition. Riding a two-wheeler with worn-out treads might cause your bike to slide. Maintaining the necessary air pressure in the tyres is also an important element of tyre inspection.

  • Do Not Overlook the Bike Manual

When we acquire a product, we frequently neglect to pay attention to the instruction manual that comes with it. When purchasing a bike, do not make this mistake. The handbook contains thorough information about each bike component and may be helpful for bike maintenance. You may learn about the proper oil to use, the frequency of service, tyre maintenance, and other useful information. Before using the bike, read the instructions thoroughly; it will also provide you with information about safety.

  • Pay Attention to the Brakes

Well, brakes are essential for your safety and the safety of others on the road. The brakes should not be too stiff or loose; they should stop your bike when applying the proper amount of pressure. Also, brake pads wear out over time and should be replaced as needed. If your brakes squeal, it means they need to be serviced. The brake fluid must also be changed every few months.

  • Keep It Clean

It is just not bike maintenance advice; keeping items clean helps maintain them in good shape and extend their lifespan. Clean your bike on a regular basis, referring to the user handbook to ensure that you employ the proper cleaning procedures. Cover the switch unit, silencer, and other elements that may be harmed by water when washing the bike yourself. To avoid damaging the bike's surface, use the proper cleaning chemical and towels. When not in use, keep your bike in a protected place.

Talking about cleanliness, experienced bikers always consider cleaning the bike chain periodically. It reduces any chain rattling noise and also increases the longevity of bike chains. If you are riding your bike in the monsoon season, keeping the chain clean is one of the most important bike chain maintenance tips that you should follow. You should also ensure that the chain is adequately tight.

  • Battery Maintenance Is Vital

The battery in your two-wheeler is in charge of properly operating all electrical components. A faulty battery can cause the car to fail to start and cause the horn, headlights, and indicators to malfunction. So, here is one of the most crucial bike battery maintenance tips: check the connections on a regular basis to ensure they are correctly connected.

Before going on a long trip, ensure the battery is fully charged. If you are not going to use the bike for an extended period of time, unplug the battery to prevent harm to the vehicle.

Bike Maintenance: Things You Must Do Regularly

Listed below are some more bike maintenance tips that you must do regularly to ensure it is working properly:

  • Examine the fuel to verify there aren't any leaks.
  • Examine the brake pedal.
  • Check the fluid levels, including brake fluid, coolant, and oil.
  • Examine the horn and lights.
  • Check that the steering movement is smooth.
  • Check that the kill switch works properly.
  • Adjust the rearview mirror of your bike as needed.
  • Check the tread depth and tyre pressure.


Following the basic bike maintenance checklist can go a long way toward ensuring your bike lasts a long time. A regular maintenance regimen that involves examining every bike part and altering them or consumables as needed can help you protect and utilise your bike for many years. You may also consider purchasing bike maintenance accessories to make your periodic maintenance easier.

Aside from the foregoing, keep in mind that bike insurance is required in India. For instance, having decent bike insurance can help you pay for repairs in the event of an accident. In the event of an unfortunate accident or disaster, you can use the claim to get your bike back in working order.

It is possible that one will forget to get or renew insurance owing to a lack of awareness or oversight. Set reminders and plan ahead of time to avoid this. Insurance may be quite beneficial in an emergency. Therefore, it is essential to obtain and maintain coverage. You may compare the many insurance plans offered by Tata AIG and select the best one for you that matches your requirements and budget.

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