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Drink and Drive Fine in Gujarat

  • Author :
  • TATA AIG Team
  • Published on :
  • 31/03/2024

Driving a car or bike provides unparalleled convenience compared to public transportation, making vehicle ownership a popular goal. However, owning a vehicle has huge obligations, particularly on Indian roadways.

As responsible citizens, it is crucial to understand the laws governing our actions, particularly when it comes to matters of public safety. In Gujarat, like in many other regions, driving with the influence of alcohol is a serious offence with potentially severe consequences.

The state's authorities have implemented robust measures to deter individuals from getting behind the wheel while under the consumption of alcohol. One of the most effective deterrents is the imposing of hefty charges for drunk driving on individuals caught driving under the influence.

Continue reading to learn more about drink and drive penalty in Gujarat.

Is It Illegal to Drink and Drive in Gujarat?

Yes, it undoubtedly is! Section 185 of the Motor Vehicle Act of 1988 states that it is prohibited to drive while the driver is in the influence of alcohol. If more than 30mg of alcohol is identified in a sample of 100 ml blood, or if any kind of drugs are detected in the blood sample test of the concerned driver, it is a serious crime under Indian law and carries a penalty.

The driver's bad discretion might result in injuries and deaths from an uncontrollable vehicle in Gujarat. Thus, if you are caught drinking and driving in Gujarat, you will be issued a drink and drive challan.

Penalties for drinking and driving in Gujarat can vary depending on the severity of the offence and whether it is a repeat offence. Punishments typically include fines, licence suspension, and even imprisonment in some cases.

How is Drinking and Driving Checked in Gujarat?

In Gujarat, the enforcement of laws against drinking and driving is rigorously upheld to ensure road safety and prevent accidents. The state employs various measures to check and deter individuals from driving under the consumption of alcohol.

The Gujarat traffic police have regular police checkpoints strategically placed across key roadways. At these checkpoints, law enforcement officials conduct breathalyser tests to detect the presence of alcohol in drivers' breath if they are suspected of driving or are under the influence of alcohol.

Drunk and Drive Fine Amount in Gujarat: Punishment for Drink and Drive in India

Offence Fine for Drunk Driving Other Consequences 
First - offence ₹10,000 Maximum 6 months of prison
Repeated offence ₹15,000 Maximum 2 years of prison

Note: The penalty for drunk driving is the same for all vehicles, including two-wheelers, three-wheelers, and commercial vehicles.

How to Pay for a Drink and Drive Challan?

You can pay for the drink and drive fine in Gujarat online or offline. Here are the procedures for paying traffic fines if you receive a challan from the traffic police for driving under the influence of drink or drugs:

For Paying the Drunk Driving Fine Online

Step 1: Go to the Gujarat official website or the nearby State’s Transport Department

Step 2: Scroll down and fill in the details, including your vehicle number and the correct Captcha.

Step 3: Once done click on “Submit” option

Step 4: The page will display your challan details, as well as a list of any pending fine payments.

Step 5: Choose a drink and drive challan in Gujarat, make the required payment, and get the receipt.

For Paying the Drunk Driving Fine Via Parivahan

Step 1: Head to the official Parivahan website.

Step 2: Choose "Online Services" from the top bar on the homepage, then choose "e-challan" from the drop-down menu.

Step 3: Click "Pay Online" in the upper right corner of the new page.

Step 4: Add your registered vehicle number of your car, challan, or driver's licence below.

Step 5: After entering the captcha code given, select "Get Detail."

Step 6: The screen will show all of your vehicle's outstanding tickets.

Step 7: Choose the one you wish to clear, pay the required amount, and keep the receipt as evidence for future reference.

For Paying the Drunk Driving Fine Offline

Drivers can easily pay their e-challan offline by following these 2 methods:

Go to the traffic police station in Gujarat and give the necessary documentation. Including your driver's licence, proof of address, ID, and an original copy of the traffic violation challan. Simply pay your fine in cash and get a receipt.

Seek a traffic cop carrying an e-challan payment device. Then, to make a cashless payment, simply swipe your debit or credit card or, pay in cash if you prefer to do so.

How to Avoid Drinking and Driving?

  • If you know you'll be drinking, plan how you'll get home safely beforehand. Arrange for a designated driver, use public transportation, or call a taxi or rideshare service.

  • If you do choose to drink, set a limit for yourself and stick to it. Pace your drinks, and be mindful of how much you're consuming.

  • Have a list of emergency contacts saved in your phone in case you need assistance getting home safely.

  • Understand the legal consequences of (DUI) in your area. Knowing the potential penalties, including fines, licence suspension, and even imprisonment, can serve as a deterrent and reinforce the importance of not drinking and driving.

  • Familiarise yourself with alternative transportation options in your area, such as public transit routes, local taxi companies, or community shuttles.


The implementation of stricter penalties such as increased fines for drink and drive offences in Gujarat signifies a crucial step towards ensuring road safety and reducing the alarming rate of accidents caused by impaired driving. This initiative not only serves as a deterrent but also underscores the gravity with which authorities approach this issue.

Moreover, initiatives undertaken by bike insurance providers like Tata AIG play a pivotal role in promoting responsible driving behaviour.

Offering comprehensive insurance coverage such as long-term two-wheeler insurance, Tata AIG provides financial protection to vehicle owners and mitigates risks associated with accidents or other unforeseen circumstances.

Two-wheeler insurance not only safeguards the interests of the policyholder but also ensures accountability on the road, encouraging individuals to prioritise safe driving practices. Explore our website to get a suitable bike insurance policy today!


Can I lose my driving licence for drink and drive offences in Gujarat?

Yes, in Gujarat, you can lose your driving licence for a period determined by the authorities if you're found guilty of drink and drive offences. The duration of licence suspension can vary based on the severity of the offence and whether it's a repeat offence.

What are the consequences of causing an accident while drunk driving in Gujarat?

If you cause an accident while drunk driving in Gujarat, the consequences can be severe. Apart from the fines, licence suspension, and imprisonment applicable for drunk driving offences, causing an accident under the influence may lead to additional charges, such as reckless driving, negligence, or even manslaughter, depending on the outcome of the accident.

These charges can result in more significant fines, longer prison sentences, and a permanent revocation of your driving licence.

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