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Drink and Drive Fine in Maharashtra

  • Author :
  • TATA AIG Team
  • Published on :
  • 28/03/2024

Owning a vehicle is a convenience people choose to ease their daily lives. However, with this convenience comes great responsibility: the responsibility of driving only while being aware of yourself and your surroundings. If anyone does not fulfil this responsibility, then it can lead to severe consequences for them and others, too.

That is why drinking and driving is considered a punishable offence, and committing this offence in Maharashtra can lead to drink and drive penalty in Maharashtra.

If you are a vehicle owner in Maharashtra, then you must be aware of the consequences and penalties rendered for this crime. Here you will get all the information related to this.

Is It Illegal to Drink and Drive in Maharashtra

Yes, drinking and driving is a punishable offence under the Motor Vehicle Act 2019’s Section 185. Anyone who commits this offence and is caught will be charged with a drink and driving fine amount.

Penalty is a method to hold the offenders liable for their violation. It is a severe offence because thousands of people suffer accidents and fatal injuries due to drinking and driving incidents.

That is why it is always advised that no vehicle owner should drive their vehicle under the influence of any intoxicating substances.

How is Drinking and Driving Checked in Maharashtra?

To prevent drinking and driving accidents, Maharashtra Police have taken the initiative to run the BAC (Blood Alcohol Concentration) test.

Moreover, you also have to breathe in a breath analyser, and if your total value exceeds 30 mg per 100 ml of blood, you will be considered guilty of drink and driving offence.

Additionally, remember that you can never refuse to take a breath analyser test if asked by a traffic police officer. Refusing a breath test can lead to more suspicion of you and have serious consequences.

Charges for Drunk Driving: Punishment for Drink and Drive-in Maharashtra

The drink-driving challan in Maharashtra is ₹10,000 for a first-time offence and ₹20,000 for a second offence. Moreover, in severe cases, you might face imprisonment and suspension of your driving licence.

If the police officer suspects or catches you in the offence, they have the right to bring you to the police office and run a blood test to check the percentage of alcohol in your body. If it is more than the permissible limits, you will face more penalties and punishment.

[Note: Charges for drunk driving are uniform for both two-wheeler and four-wheeler vehicles.]

How to Pay Your Drink and Drive Fine Amount in Maharashtra?

First, you should never drink and drive; however, if you do and get caught by a Traffic Officer, you will have to pay a drink-and-drive fine in Maharashtra. There are two ways to pay your challan: online and offline. Here are the steps for both methods:

Online Payment of Drink and Drive Penalty in Maharashtra

Step 1: Go to the official Maharashtra E-challan Payment website.

Step 2: Here, you need to provide details of your challan number or vehicle number. Then tick the “I’m Not Robot” button and hit “Submit.”

Step 3: You will be displayed with details of your challan and its penalty amount. Verify the details and move forward with payment.

Step 4: Pay your drink-driving penalty in Maharashtra using the debit or credit card provided.

Step 5: Once the payment is done successfully, you will receive an acknowledgement; keep that with you for future reference.

Offline Payment of Drink and Drive Penalty in Maharashtra

Pay to RTO Office: Locate and visit your nearest RTO in Maharashtra with your challan details and driving licence. Provide the concerned officer with your details and confirm your challan amount. Then make payment of your challan and ask the officer to provide you with a payment receipt for future proof.

Pay to Traffic Officer: Find a traffic officer who has an e-challan sweep machine with them. Provide them with your challan and DL details. Verify your challan amount and make the payment; once done, ask for your payment receipt.

How to Avoid Drink and Drive Challan in Maharashtra

  • First of all, try to avoid driving after drinking heavily, and if you drink, make sure someone else drives your vehicle. You can also opt for a cab service and park your vehicle safely.

  • In a group outing, pick a person to be a designated driver who would remain sober and can drive safely.

  • If it is a planned outing where you have to drink and do not bring your vehicle, you can choose to commute in a public vehicle or rent a cab.

  • If your friend is driving you home and they are drunk, stop them from driving, and you both should opt for public transportation.

Final Words

Drinking and driving is a bad combination in several ways. Not only is it a punishable offence, but also dangerous for your and others' lives and property. That is why it is always advisable to never drive after drinking.

However, there might be scenarios where you fall victim to others' drink-and-drive mistakes and incur losses. In such situations, having a bike insurance policy can protect you from bearing the financial burden of your loss and damages.

With Tata AIG two-wheeler insurance policy, you get coverage against several liabilities, like own damage cover for your bike, cashless damage repair service, and damage due to man-made and natural disasters.

Moreover, we have long-term two-wheeler insurance that keeps your vehicle protected for years and saves you from the hassle of renewing two-wheeler insurance online every year.


What is the IPC for drunken driving?

According to the Indian Penal Act (IPC) 185 of the Motor Vehicles Act it is a punishable offence to drink and drive in public space.

What is the alcohol limit for driving in Maharashtra?

The allowed limit of alcohol under the Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) rule is 0.03% per 100ml. Drinking and driving over this limit is a punishable offence.

Disclaimer / TnC

Your policy is subjected to terms and conditions & inclusions and exclusions mentioned in your policy wording. Please go through the documents carefully.

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