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Driving Licence Status Andhra Pradesh

  • Author :
  • TATA AIG Team
  • Published on :
  • 21/07/2023

Owning a vehicle gives you a sense of freedom, and riding/ driving are now basic life skills you require for your day-to-day commute and adventure journeys. However, the Motor Vehicles Act 1988 lays down certain rules you must abide by to run your vehicle on Indian roads legally.

Additionally, you must always carry some essential documents when riding/ driving a vehicle in India, such as a Pollution Under Control certificate, insurance for a bike or car, and a valid driving licence (DL).

Like the rest of the country, the traffic authorities in Andhra Pradesh (AP) are vigilant and agile about the safety of commuters on the roads in the state. For this, they have made a valid driving licence mandatory for all riders and drivers of private and commercial vehicles.

If you plan to apply for a driving licence in Andhra Pradesh, you must know how to apply for it and check your DL status by application no.

Read further to know the AP driving licence download process and DL status check for the state through online and offline methods.

How to Check Online Driving Licence Application Status AP?

When you apply for a driving licence, it is not handed over to you immediately. The RTO office posts the licence to your residential address, which may take a few days.

During this duration, you can monitor your driving licence status online using 2 different portals in Andhra Pradesh. Check out the steps for both below.

- DL Status AP On the Sarathi Parivahan Portal

  • Got to the official Parivahan website.

  • From the main menu tab on the homepage, select ‘Driving Licence Related Services’ on this page.

  • From this page, you will be redirected to the Sarathi Parivahan webpage.

  • Select Andhra Pradesh as your state from the drop-down list.

  • Select ‘Application Status’ from the various available options.

  • Type in your application number, date of birth, and the correct Captcha code.

  • Recheck all the details and click on the ‘Submit’ button.

  • Your DL application status details will appear on the screen.

  • This way, you can check your DL status by application no.

- DL Status AP On the Regional Transport Portal

  • Go to the Regional Transport website of Andhra Pradesh.

  • Select ‘Licence’ from the main menu.

  • The page will redirect you to the Sarathi Parivahan webpage.

  • Click on the ‘Application Status’ option.

  • Enter your date of birth, DL application number, and the correct Captcha code appearing on the screen.

  • Recheck all the details and click on ‘Submit.’

  • You can now see your DL application status on the screen.

How to Check Driving Licence Status Andhra Pradesh Offline?

If you are uncomfortable with the online process of checking your DL application status, you can take the offline route. Checking the DL status offline is a straightforward process, and you can follow the steps given below for it:

  • Visit the nearest Regional Transport Office in Andhra Pradesh. You can check out the details of the RTO nearest to your location in the list given further below.

  • Additionally, you can visit the same RTO where you appeared for the driving licence test.

  • Provide all necessary details, such as your learner’s licence number and the driving licence application number at the front desk, and request a DL application status update.

  • You will be provided with the status update of your DP application.

Tips for Checking Driving Licence Status AP

Here are a few valuable tips to help you with the DL application process and status check:

  • You must first get a learner’s licence to apply for a driving licence. You will not be issued a driving licence if you fail to submit your learner's licence.

  • The concerned RTO issues a driving licence within 3 weeks of your successfully passing the driving test and gets it delivered to your registered postal address.

  • It may take up to 30 days for your driving licence to be delivered to you from the date of the driving test.

  • It is advisable to keep a check on the DL application status since the RTO rules may change from time to time in Andhra Pradesh.

  • In case your original driving licence gets lost, stolen, damaged, or torn, you can apply for a duplicate one.

  • If you have a valid driving licence in Andhra Pradesh and plan to travel abroad, you can apply for an international driving licence. An international driving licence also enables you to drive in other countries apart from India.

Things to Know About Driving Licence in Andhra Pradesh

If you have applied for a DL in Andhra Pradesh or plan to do it anytime soon, you must know these important facts:

  • Your Andhra Pradesh driving licence is valid for a maximum duration of 20 years from its issue date or till you turn 50. You can apply for a DL renewal if your existing one expires. Additionally, you can check your DL renewal application status online and offline to track its progress.

  • If you drive a heavy or medium motor vehicle or a light goods transport vehicle for business purposes, you will get a special transport vehicle driving licence. It is different from a regular two-wheeler or four-wheeler driving licence.

  • You can check the AP transport driving licence renewal status online and offline.

  • If you cannot find any DL-related information online, you can contact your nearest RTO office for more information.

  • You can get a driving licence extract in Andhra Pradesh, which is a detailed history of your DL. You can get a DL extract in Andhra Pradesh by approaching the nearest RTO office in your area.

How to Apply for a Driving Licence in Andhra Pradesh

Now that you know how you can check your DL status in Andhra Pradesh, you must also know the process of applying for one. You can apply online or offline for a DL in the state. The steps for both are as follows:

- Applying Online Using the MeeSeva Portal?

The Andhra Pradesh government has provided the MeeSeva Portal for individuals who want to apply for a driving licence in Andhra Pradesh. You can download the driving licence registration form from this portal and submit it at the nearest RTO. Here are its steps:

  • Visit the MeeSeva web portal.

  • Download the form for the driving licence application and provide all the necessary details such as your name, father’s name, Aadhar Card number, ration card number, complete postal address, etc.

  • vFill out the application form and submit it at your nearest RTO office along with other documents and the application fees.

  • Before applying for a driving licence, ensure that you have a learner’s licence. Your driving licence application will not be accepted if you do not have a learner’s licence.

- Applying Offline at an RTO in Andhra Pradesh

  • Visit the nearest RTO and get a physical copy of the driving licence application form.

  • Fill out the application form and submit it at the RTO along with the required supporting documents.

  • Deposit the applicable fees along with the form.

  • If all your documents are correct and you qualify for the driving test, you will be issued a driving licence.

List of RTOs in Andhra Pradesh

Here is the list of all the regional transport offices in Andhra Pradesh to help you locate the one nearest to you:

S. No. District Name of RTO Officer’s Name Contact No.
1 Annamayya Rayachoti (RTO) S Santha Kumari 9154294225
2 Anantapuramu Anantapur (RTO) B.Suresh naidu 9154294229
3 Bapatla Bapatla A Chandrasekhar Reddy 9154294219
4 Chittoor Chittoor (RTO)
5 East Godavari Rajahmundry (RTO) KSMV Krishna Rao 9154294208
6 East Godavari Amalapuram (RTO) D Ashok Prathap Rao 9154294209
7 East Godavari Kakinada (RTO) P V Sai Prasad 9154294207
8 Guntur Guntur (RTO) B Nagendra 9154294217
9 Kadapa Proddatur R Suseela 9154294226
10 Krishna Machilipatnam P.Sitapathi Rao 9154294215
11 Krishna Gudivada (RTO) A. Vijaya Saradhi 9154294213
12 Kurnool Kurnool (RTO) S Ramesh 9154294227
13 Nanday Nandyal (RTO) M G Niranjan Reddy 9154294228
14 Nellore Nellore (RTO) 9154294220
15 NTR Vijayawada (RTO-1) R.Jagadeeswara Raju 9154294212
16 NTR Vijayawada (RTO-2) I Siva Prasada Rao 9154294214
17 NTR Nandigama (RTO) M Padmavathi 9154294216
18 Palnadu Narasaraopeta (RTO) T.K. Parandhama Reddy 9154294218
19 Prakasam Markapuram B.Amar Naik 9059459411
20 Srikakulam Srikakulam (RTO) G.S.L.Manga Devi 9154294201
21 Sri Satya Sai Hindupur (RTO) Karuna Sagar Reddy 9154294230
22 Tirupati Tirupathi (RTO) K.Sitarami Reddy 9154294224
23 Tirupati Gudur (RTO) G. R. Ravindranath 9154294221
24 Visakhapatnam Visakhapatnam (RTO 1) Y.Sudhakar Reddy 9154294203
25 Visakhapatnam Visakhapatnam (RTO 2) R.Ch.Srinivas 9154294204
26 Visakhapatnam Gajuwaka (RTO) V Jaya Prakash 9154294205
27 Visakhapatnam Anakapalli (RTO) M.Veerraju 9154294206
28 Vizianagaram Vizianagaram (RTO) G Adinarayana 9154294202
29 West Godavari Eluru (RTO) K. Srihari 9154294210
30 West Godavari Bhimavaram (RTO) T.Uma Maheshwara Rao 9154294211
31 West Godavari Jangareddy gudem M.D. Madani 9912747869

Need for Motor Insurance in Andhra Pradesh

Along with a valid driving licence, you must also have a valid car or bike insurance policy to drive your vehicle in Andhra Pradesh. A motor insurance policy will help you avoid being penalised with an e-challan in the state for traffic rules violations.

Additionally, insurance for 2-wheeler or 4-wheeler keeps you financially secure if your vehicle meets with an unexpected incident like an accident, theft, damage due to natural disasters and man-made disasters, and more. A minimum of third-party insurance is mandatory to drive your private or commercial vehicle in Andhra Pradesh. However, a third-party insurance policy has a limited scope of coverage and only covers damages caused to a third party due to your vehicle.

To get better coverage, you can opt for a comprehensive motor insurance policy. It covers third-party as well as own vehicle and rider/ owner damages, hence more protection.

Our Tata AIG long-term two-wheeler insurance and four-wheeler insurance frees you from the worry of renewing your vehicle insurance policy every year. You can get your vehicle insured for 2 to 3 years under the long-term insurance plan and enjoy driving your vehicle on the roads of Andhra Pradesh without any stress.

Wrapping Up

A driving licence is an essential document you require to ride or drive your vehicle in the state of Andhra Pradesh. You can apply online for a DL in the state using the MeeSeva portal. An offline DL application can be made in Andhra Pradesh by visiting the nearest RTO office and filling out the application form, other documents, and application fee.

Additionally, you can check your driving licence application status in Andhra Pradesh. The driving licence status check can be done online on the Sarathi Parivahan portal or the Regional Transport portal. You can also check your DL status offline by visiting the nearest RTO.


How can I know the dispatch status of my driving licence in Andhra Pradesh?

  • To know the dispatch status of your driving licence:

  • Visit the Sarathi portal.

  • Select Andhra Pradesh as your state.

  • Select the ‘Application Status’ to check the dispatch status of your driving licence.

- How can I download my driving licence in Andhra Pradesh?

  • You can download the soft copy of your driving licence in a pdf from the Sarathi Parivahan portal. You can also get the pdf file for your driving licence from the DigiLocker.

  • Is there any fee to check the driving licence status?

  • No, you need not pay any fee to monitor your driving licence status. It is advisable to track your application status to get timely information on any updates on the same.

- What is the legal age for driving a vehicle in India?

  • You can drive a non-geared vehicle from the age of 16 and a geared vehicle from the age of 18 years.

Disclaimer / TnC

Your policy is subjected to terms and conditions & inclusions and exclusions mentioned in your policy wording. Please go through the documents carefully.

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