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Driving Licence Status In Delhi

  • Author :
  • TATA AIG Team
  • Published on :
  • 21/07/2023

No matter where you intend to drive your vehicle in India, a valid driver's licence (DL) is needed. It serves as a means of identification and signals to the authorities that you have passed all the qualifying tests, undergone the application processes and paid the required fees.

It is no different In Delhi, where you can apply for a driver's licence either online or in person. Moreover, since getting a driver's licence issued is a multi-step process, you must check the application or renewal status of your Delhi driving licence application.

Doing this in between application and renewal processes lets you know that everything is progressing smoothly and alerts you to any issues immediately. This can be done online and is a fairly simple process. So if you want to know how to check your online driving license application in Delhi, keep reading to find out! We have also provided a list of RTOs in Delhi if you wish to do this process offline.

How to Check Your Driving Licence Application Status In Delhi?

Today, you can check your driving licence online application in Delhi through the Parivahan portal. This site is a landing page for all things related to your driving licence and vehicle registration.

You can check your DL renewal application status in Delhi using the steps mentioned below as well, as it follows the exact same process. You simply need your application number for both processes.

For those unfamiliar, the application number is a unique digital code generated once you submit your online application on the Sarathi Parivahan site. It can be acquired from your application form, which can be downloaded at the end of your application process.

For official processes concerning your driver’s licence, we recommend that you always maintain your application and payment receipts for future reference. These will serve as documentary proof in case of any issues during the application process.

- Checking Your DL Status in Delhi Using the Sarathi Parivahan Portal

  • Visit the Sarathi Parivahan portal.

  • Select your state from the dropdown. In this case, you will need to pick 'Delhi'.

  • Click on 'Application Status' on the top tab in the far right corner.

  • Enter your application number, date of birth, and the correct captcha code.

  • If you have submitted your application through an E-Mitra or E-District Portal, click on the 'Click Here' link in the right corner to select your portal.

  • Click 'Submit' to know your DL status in Delhi.

  • Alternatively, you can also visit this Parivahan link and enter your details to get the status of your DL application online in Delhi.

How To Check DL Status in Delhi Offline?

This process can be broken down into two main stages. The first will be to get your printed application from the Parivahan portal if you have applied for your driver's licence online. The second step involves visiting the RTO where you have registered your application to determine your application status.

In case you have not applied online and have applied for your licence in person at an RTO, you will need to present the application form and payment receipt that was provided to you at the end of your in-person application process.

We have provided intrusions on how to do both steps below for your convenience.

- Stage 1: Print Out Your Application Form

  • Visit the Sarathi Parivahan portal.

  • Select your state from the dropdown. In this case, you will need to pick 'Delhi'.

  • Click on the 'Print Application Form' option.

  • Enter your application number and date of birth.

  • Click on 'Application Form (pre-filled)' and download and print your application form.

  • You can also print out the payment receipt and acknowledgements by clicking on 'Print Acknowledgement’ and 'Print Payment Receipt' to present at the RTO to verify your identity.

**- Stage 2: Visiting the RTO **

  • Visit your nearest RTO with your printed application form, acknowledgements and payment receipts.

  • Approach the counter and enquire about your driving licence application status in Delhi.

  • Present your printed application form and other supporting documents at the counter.

  • The RTO staff will provide you with your DL status in Delhi after entering your application number into their system and verifying your application details.

Tips For Checking DL Status In Delhi

After applying for renewal, you can check your DL renewal application status in Delhi by following the abovementioned steps. This also applies to new DL applications where the same process can be followed.

Here are some key takeaways from the previous sections:

  • It is recommended to periodically check your online driving licence status to ensure its validity. This can be done on the Sarathi Parivahan portal or at your local RTO.

  • To check your DL status offline in Delhi, you can print out a copy of your application form and payment receipt from the print application forms page to present to the RTO staff.

  • If you are experiencing any issues with your driver's licence, you can approach your registered RTO to resolve your issues.

  • You can also do this online by entering your details on the complaints and feedback page on the Parivahan portal.

Things To Know About DL in Delhi

Your Delhi driving licence will apply anywhere in India. Meaning once you get your driver's licence, you are permitted to drive anywhere in India for the duration of its validity. However, you pass the eligibility criteria: You must be 18 years or older to apply for a personal driver's licence in Delhi. If you are over 40, you must pass a medical examination and submit a medical certificate.

Once issued, your driving licence will be valid for up to 20 years or until you reach 50, after which you must renew it periodically. On the other hand, commercial licences need to be renewed every three years.

Any applications for DL renewals must be applied at least 30 days before the expiration date. If you exceed your grace period, you will be charged a penalty fee when you do decide to renew. This fine amount will vary depending on how much you have exceeded the grace period.

Lastly, a driver's licence is mandatory for anyone wishing to drive their vehicle in Delhi, and a government-approved licencing authority must issue it. If you are caught driving without a valid DL or an expired one, you can be subject to penalties, fines or even imprisonment of up to 3 months, depending on your circumstances.

How to Apply for DL in Delhi

- How to Apply Online?

  • Visit the Sarathi Parivahan portal.

  • Select your state from the dropdown. In this case, you will need to pick 'Delhi'.

  • Click the 'Apply for Driving Licence' option and click 'Continue'.

  • Note: To apply for a DL, you must first apply for a Learner's Licence (LL). If you have not done this yet, we encourage you to do so first and then return to this process.

  • Enter your learner's licence number and date of birth and click 'Ok'.

  • Fill in the application form with all your details, upload the supporting documents, and pay the application fees.

  • Next, you must book an appointment slot at an RTO for the driving test and appear for your driving tests on the scheduled date and time.

  • Download and maintain your application form and payment receipt to track your DL status in Delhi.

  • Your driving licence will be issued to your registered address once you have passed your written and practical driving tests.

How To Apply Offline?

  • Visit your local RTO with the required supporting documents for your driver's licence application.

  • Approach the counter and enquire about the driver's licence application.

  • You will be given an application form to be duly filled and signed.

  • Submit your application form along with copies of your supporting documents and pay the required fees.

  • You must book an appointment slot for your driving tests that you must appear for at a later date.

  • Your driver's licence will be dispatched to your registered address once you have passed all your tests and paid the issuance fee.

List Of RTOs In Delhi

Here, we have provided a list of all the RTOs present in Delhi for your convenience. For an offline DL application, you must visit your closest Delhi RTO to get your Delhi driving licence and apply in person with your supporting documents.

All of the RTOs mentioned on this list will be operational between 8:30 AM - 1:00 PM and subject to public holidays in Delhi. Always ensure that you check the timings and the dates before your schedule your visits.

RTO Name  RTO Code  Address  Phone Number
Mall Road RTO Office Delhi DL-01 Deputy Director’s Zonal Office at Mall, Delhi - 110009 011 23819191

011 23819192

Tilak Marg RTO Office New Delhi DL-02 Deputy Director’s Zonal Office 3,@ Tilak Marg in New Delhi - 110001 011 23378877

011 23378886

Sheikh Sarai RTO Office - South Delhi DL-03 DDA Market, Sheikh Sarai, South Delhi, Delhi - 110017 011 29259800

011 29253535 

Janakpuri RTO Office - West Delhi DL-04 Janakpuri, West Delhi, Delhi - 110058 011 25551618

011 25531002

DL-05 Loni Road RTO Office - East Delhi DL-05 Loni Road, Shahdara, East Delhi, Delhi - 110032 011 22813475
Sarai Kale Khan RTO Office - Central Delhi DL-06 Sarai Kale Khan, Delhi - 110013 011 24351100
Mayur Vihar RTO Office - East Delhi DL-07 Mayur Vihar, East Delhi, Delhi - 110091 011 22753800
Wazir Pur RTO Office - North West Delhi DL-08 Wazirpur, North West Delhi, Delhi - 110052 011 27217642
Janakpuri/Palam RTO Office - South West Delhi DL-09 Palam, Janakpuri, Delhi - 110058 011 25624064

011 25163615

Raja Garden RTO Office - West Delhi DL-10 Raja Garden, Delhi - 110027 011 25163616
Rohini RTO Office - North West Delhi DL-11 Rohini, North West Delhi, Delhi - 110085 011 27563535
Vasant Vihar RTO Office - South West Delhi DL-12 Vasant Vihar, South West Delhi, Delhi - 110057 011 26146498
Surajmal Vihar/Shahdara RTO Office - East Delhi DL-13 Surajmal Vihar, East Delhi, Delhi - 110092 011 22383900

The Need for Motor Insurance In Delhi

Delhi is a high-traffic city hosting a wide variety of on-road vehicles. Being the capital city, it also attracts numerous visitors each year. This can be great for its economic growth; however, more vehicles on the road also means more accidents and an increase in traffic density.

Moreover, most on-road vehicles seen on Delhi roads are two-wheelers. So if you are a bike owner, it is important for you to get a third-party bike insurance policy. Not only is it mandatory it also offers legal and financial protection against third-party liabilities.

Today it is fairly easy to get insurance for your bike as most insurance providers, including us at Tata AIG, offer 2-wheeler insurance online. You simply need to visit our site, choose your plan and present your KYC documents and your online driving licence details.

For newer vehicles, we recommend purchasing comprehensive two-wheeler insurance plans first, as they provide more coverage and give you access to additional rider plans for additional coverage. These can be essential for high-risk cities like Delhi, where accidents and minor collisions can be commonplace.


As a licence holder in Delhi, your driver's licence provides essential information regarding its validity, the expiration date, your biodata and much more. It acts as an identity proof document when you are on the road, and it is mandatory.

A DL application status check allows you to track your application status for renewals or new DL applications. In simple terms, it allows you to check if everything is progressing as it should be. Thankfully, the Indian government has digitised this process, so it can be done fully online, mitigating the need for multiple RTO visits.

So be sure to follow the steps mentioned above to check your DL status in Delhi or ensure a smooth and stress-free application process.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the driver’s licence fees in Delhi?

Type of Driver’s Licence  Fee Amount
Learner's Licences for Each Class Of Vehicle  For One Category: ₹500

For Two  Categories: ₹950

For Three Categories: ₹1,400

Learner's Licence Retest ₹50
Permanent Driving Licence ₹400
Driver’s Licence Renewal Within Grace Period: ₹400

After Grace Period:  ₹500 + ₹1,000 (for each year or part thereof)

Duplicate Driver’s Licence ₹400
International Driver’s Licence  ₹1,000

What documents do I need to apply for a driver’s licence in Delhi?

Form 4

A Valid Learners License (LL) (original)

The Applicant's passport-size photograph (recently taken).

Driving certificate, Form - 5,14 and 15 (for transport vehicles license)

The prescribed fee as specified in Rule-32 of CMVR, 1989.

All of the necessary forms stated above can be downloaded from the Parivahan website. If you are applying online, these will automatically be available on the Sarathi Parivahan site.

How can I download my online driving licence?

Visit the Sarathi Parivahan portal and choose your state.

Click on ‘Driving License’ on the top tab and click ’Print Driving Licence’.

Enter your application number and date of birth and click ‘Submit’.

You will now have the option to download and print your driver’s licence.

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