9 Safety Driving Tips for Winter Road Trips

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  • 16/12/2022

Winter is the ideal time in India for long drives, picnics, and road trips. Exploring places in winter is certainly an adventure. It gives challenging experiences and beautiful memories. However, while driving around in cars is comparatively safer, bike expeditions can be difficult. The riders are exposed to all types of threats and challenges. Therefore, preparedness and driving safely are crucial. That is why we are penning down winter safety tips for bikers.

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Winter Driving Safety Tips

Researching the place and the requirements for the winter road trip becomes essential. Here is a detail about some safety tips for winter season road trips that can be helpful. And it goes without saying how these tips for winter driving can be useful for planning a safe trip.

1. Thermal wear - Proper and comfortable clothing will help you drive safely on a winter road. Heavy woollen clothes can keep you extremely warm. However, they can increase the weight on your body and make you uncomfortable during a long ride. Therefore, choosing good quality light thermal wear can keep you warm and let you concentrate better. Wear gloves to prevent your hands from freezing. Make sure the neck and ankles are well protected.

2. Safety gear - Apart from the thermal wear that makes you feel comfortable, you must wear the necessary safety gear to protect yourself from unexpected injuries. Purchase good quality helmets, riding jackets and pants, riding boots and gloves, and elbow and knee guards to feel safe and comfortable. It can prevent your body parts from getting affected even during an unexpected bad fall or accident. Furthermore, as riding on winter roads can bring in excessive fog as you get deeper, it is important to have an anti-fog visor on your helmet. It can enhance the vision to concentrate better on the direction.

3. Get your bike ready - One of the most important tips for winter driving safety is getting your bike ready. As you get ahead with cold temperatures, the air pressure reduces, affecting your tyre and the drive quality. Therefore, ensuring the tyres are adequately inflated is essential. Also, check the condition of the brakes, engine and essential oils to ensure they are in the best standards to take up the winter challenge. You can take the help of your bike manual or a mechanic to get your bike ready.

4. Avoid excessive packing - Prepare a winter road trip checklist and carry only the essential items. Carry small soaps, shampoo sachets, etc., instead of carrying them in bulk. Try to reduce the number of clothes and roll to stack them in your bag to let them occupy less space. Ensuring the bag is less weight is essential to make your bike comfortable for riding through long winter roads with different terrain and landscape.

5. Check your bike insurance - Insurance for your two-wheeler is essential whenever you travel. The two-wheeler insurance can help you manage the expenses incurred towards repairing your bike after excessive damage caused due to an accident. At Tata AIG, we provide comprehensive bike insurance plans with wider coverage and additional rider options. Using our bike insurance calculator, you can determine the affordable premium based on the features and the required financial coverage. It will help in planning your finances better while securing your bike and maintaining it to the best standards.

6. Research the road and drive smartly - Before planning a winter road trip, you must research the place and the roads to be prepared. It is not possible to expect good network connectivity on tougher terrains. Ensure you don't get lost and stranded in the middle of an unfamiliar place. Try not to over speed, as the winter conditions on roads can lead to skidding, causing a loss of balance and control over your bike. Even a familiar road can get dangerous during winter conditions. If the visibility is predicted to be extremely low, wear reflective jackets to be visible on the road, which can avoid major accidents by heavy vehicles. Keep monitoring the weather, be informed of the news, and make wise decisions.

7. Take breaks at good intervals - It is important to take breaks at regular intervals based on the weather condition and the ride to the destination. It will help you feel refreshed and focus better. Also, keep yourself well hydrated and have healthy snacks to feel energised. Frequent breaks are also essential to maintain your bike to the required standards. Check the fuel level and the tyre pressure during the breaks to make the necessary changes if required at any time.

8. Take essential tools and the first aid kit - One of the important winter road trip essentials is having the tool kit. It can help you repair the bike in case of damage and lead you to a temporary safe location. Screwdrivers, tire levers, chain tools, cable cutters, hex wrenches, etc., are some of the most commonly required tools. In addition, carry a first aid kit with essential items and medicines that can help you recover quicker in case of an injury or illness. If you are prone to a certain specific illness, take the necessary medication with the help of your medical practitioner. It can help you while riding through areas that limit access to a town or city.

9. Use appropriate hand signals - Following road safety rules is important to ensure the well-being of yourself and the other riders on the road. Learn the bikers' hand signals that help people understand what you intend to communicate. It can prevent road accidents to a great extent. When planning a winter road trip with your friends, you can work together and create hand signals for your specific group to follow discipline on the road. For example, you can get the individuals numbered and follow an order, create specific hand signals for the group to communicate to slow down, not to overtake, inform heavy vehicles or traffic ahead, etc.,

These winter driving safety tips can help you plan a safe trip for an exciting adventure.


Exploring places and experiencing adventures can be fantastic, but not overlooking safety, especially, on winter road trips. With a change in the weather and terrain conditions, it is vital to have the winter road trip essentials. Purchasing safety gear, thermal wear, tool kit, first aid kit, etc., becomes crucial. In addition, getting your bike ready, checking the components and having the bike insurance is necessary to ensure your bike is prepared to challenge the road and still be on the best standards. Furthermore, research the destination and the route, keep monitoring the weather and ensure road safety standards to have the best trip in a safe mode!

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