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Bike enthusiasts will have you convinced that there is hardly a mode of transportation as convenient and free as the two-wheeler. Perhaps that is the reason why Indians love their two-wheelers to the extent that we are the world’s largest two-wheeler market. That and the fact that the bustling traffic of routine commutes makes one want to hop on a two-wheeler and quickly get to their destination.

While many adore their two-wheelers, few know about the technicalities associated with two-wheeler maintenance. Most Indian riders limit their understanding of the maintenance to two-wheeler servicing when their bike seems to function improperly. However, knowing about the important two-wheeler spare parts and learning how they can be maintained helps extend the life of your two-wheeler and ensures it runs smoothly for a long time. So, without further delay, let’s learn about two-wheeler parts and how to maintain them.

Important Two-Wheeler Spare Parts

The preventive maintenance of a two-wheeler at regular intervals ensures your bike runs smoothly on the roads. Aside from efficiency, it is important to care for your two-wheeler as it can help you avoid mishaps on the road. Regular maintenance of your two-wheeler and investment in comprehensive two-wheeler insurance can keep you from burning a hole in your pocket.

Here are some important two-wheeler parts that contribute to a bike’s stability, mileage, and speed:

  • Engine

You need not guess the importance of a well-functioning engine. It is essentially the heart of your two-wheeler and therefore needs to run smoothly to keep your vehicle going. The engine is responsible for the combustion of the fuel, which then gets the other parts of your two-wheeler going.

To maintain your engine, ensure two-wheeler engine oil changes at regular intervals. If your two-wheeler engine oil change is not done at regular intervals, it can cause your engine to overheat, it can increase the friction between moving parts, and can deteriorate the performance of your vehicle. To prevent this, ensure your two-wheeler servicing is done every four to six months.

  • Brakes

Unfortunately, although brakes are one of the most important elements of a two-wheeler, their wear and tear are often neglected. Brakes are what help riders lower the speed of their vehicle. It also helps immediate halts if something unexpectedly jumps in front of one’s vehicle. Therefore, it is important to ensure fully functional brakes at all times. Brake failures can lead to severe accidents, which iterate the importance of getting insurance for your two-wheeler to take care of the damages.

  • Tyres

Tyres or the wheels of your vehicle need to be such that they have a perfect grip on the roads, so your vehicle does not slip or skid. There are essentially two kinds of tyres – tube and tubeless. Tyres also come in different thread patterns to promise a satisfactory grip. So, when the tyres of your bike start to flatten, it is an indication that you need to replace your tyres.
In addition to the grip, it is also important to maintain the right pressure in your tyres at all times. It is advised that every rider read their vehicle manual to know what the right tyre pressure for their two-wheeler is.

  • Gear and Clutch

The gear and clutch are components of motorbikes and are not present in mopeds. In a motorbike, the gear controls the torque and the motion. The clutch, on the other hand, is used to change the gear. When you service your two-wheeler, ensure that your clutch is rightly adjusted. An under-lightened or over-lightened clutch can lead to challenging riding situations. Considering their pertinent functionality, it is essential to include the gear and the clutch in your routine two-wheeler maintenance.

  • Accelerator

The accelerator is another essential part of your two-wheeler. It is the component that helps your vehicle move and gain speed when you are riding. As you rev the accelerator (the throttle on the right-hand side of your two-wheeler), your bike starts to move and gradually gains speed. Naturally, when your accelerator doesn’t work, you cannot use your vehicle. Common reasons why your accelerator may not be working could be because you have a broken or stuck cable or a throttle tube.

  • Exhaust Pipe

The exhaust pipe is a funnel that is responsible for diverting the high-pressure exhaust gases by releasing them. The exhaust does not choke that often unless something enters it. If you ever need to ride your bike through waterlogged streets, make sure the exit of the exhaust pipe is above the water level. If the water is too deep, avoid that road if possible. Here we should mention that there are certain techniques to ride through waterlogged streets. Try to learn those techniques.

  • Fuel Tank

The fuel tank stores the fuel in the vehicle, and the storage capacity varies from one vehicle to the next. It is important to ensure that your fuel tank does not gather rust because it can lead to a collection of problems. A rusty fuel tank can cause the rust to flow into fuel lines and cause the engine to heat because the fuel is not appropriately mixing with the air. Therefore, it is important to clean the fuel tank regularly to prevent it from collecting any dust, grime, and other harmful elements.

  • Head and Tail Lights

The head and tail lights of your two-wheeler not only assist you with night riding but also indicate your presence to other riders when it's dark. The visibility afforded by the headlights makes it an essential part of the two-wheeler, and so it is important to check that the lights are bright enough for you to see the road clearly when it’s dark.

Whether you already own a two-wheeler or are looking to buy one, it is important to be mindful of the maintenance of the two-wheeler at regular intervals. This would ensure its longevity and efficiency in the long run. Undertaking preventive maintenance of your two-wheeler can also protect you in the event of an unfortunate accident.

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