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Important Reasons to Wear Helmet on Two Wheelers

  • Author :
  • TATA AIG Team
  • Published on :
  • 27/05/2022

Exploring different riding destinations gives exciting experiences to you as an ardent biker. Every road trip will have its special memories and challenges. So, if you have got your dream bike, start seeking places for enthralling adventures to build happy moments.

However, safety should be a priority on any day, and wearing a helmet is one of the most precautious decisions. And the government has made it mandatory for all two-wheelers to wear a helmet whenever they ride on a bike. Protecting your head from injuries and travelling with safety precautions should be a priority. Equally important is securing your bike and maintaining it to the best standards. Having insurance for a 2 wheeler is certainly one of the most important ways to safeguard your vehicle. It will provide the necessary financial support to repair any damages caused to your two-wheeler. Understand the features and compare two-wheeler insurance plans based on your affordability to choose the best product. Add the different optional riders to your bike insurance policy and enhance the benefits.

At Tata AIG, we offer a range of bike insurance policies to secure your bike by connecting you to a good network of garages in case of any minor or major repairs. Moreover, you can purchase our products online and benefit from the advantages timely and cost-effectively. So, here are a few reasons that help you realise the purpose of a helmet.

Why Should You Wear a Helmet?

A helmet is one of the most important protective riding gear you should wear on your head. It is necessary to ride with a helmet, even for the smallest distance. Let us understand some of the most important reasons and benefits of a helmet.

  • Protection against head injuries - In most accidents, we witness in our routine lives, head injuries to the rider or the pillion are very common. The intensity of any fall can affect your head largely on bikes compared to travelling in cars. Therefore, it should be protected at any cost, and wearing a helmet can reduce the intensity of any injuries. So, understand the importance of wearing a helmet and use it wisely.

  • Protection of your eyes - Your vision is important to ride short or long distances. The dust particles on the road, strong winds, or sun rays should not affect your eyes. However, it can lead to severe issues in the long run. This shows the importance of a helmet.

A fully covered helmet can help your eyes from such damages that affect your health. Also, if harsh dust particles affect your vision suddenly, you might lose your focus and get distracted. And that can lead to a careless accident. So this is one of the top benefits of a helmet.

  • Provides better control while riding a bike - By default, your entire focus tends to get on the road when you always wear a helmet. It can help you ride peacefully and get better control over your riding. Therefore, even if you are speeding up, you will be able to protect yourself from possible dangers. You will realise the importance of wearing a helmet when you experience such scenarios in reality.

  • Protection from harsh weather conditions - When you ride your bike to an area where the weather conditions are extremely cold, you will find it difficult to concentrate on your ride. If you have not covered your head and face in such scenarios, your eyes, ears, and head can start aching. Therefore, wearing a helmet that fits your head perfectly can prevent you from getting damaged, affecting your health later. This is a major purpose of the helmet.

  • Compliance with laws - Wearing a helmet and having bike insurance are mandatory. The government has introduced such laws keeping in mind the increasing number of road accidents and the fatalities. Therefore, as a responsible citizen of India, it is important to obey such laws. This shows the importance of a helmet.

Advantages of Wearing a Helmet

Wearing a helmet is important considering the health risks, compliance with laws, and safety. Here are 5 advantages of a helmet.

  • Avoid paying penalties - The government has mandated that you always wear a helmet whenever you ride a two-wheeler. However, many people neglect it and get affected due to severe road accidents. Therefore, the government has started imposing payment of fines compulsory for people not riding with a helmet. So, you can avoid paying penalties when you are wearing a helmet. This is an essential purpose of the helmet.

  • Increases visibility - Whatever your bike's size, you will seem small amidst huge traffic with trucks and lorries around. Helmets with attractive bands can increase the visibility among the other riders on the road on any vehicle and help avoid unexpected accidents. Realise the importance of helmets in these dimensions before purchasing one. This is one of the top 5 advantages of a helmet.

  • Add to stylish appearances - Every biker feels confident on the road with their bike when they look stylish. An attractive helmet can add to your style quotient, making you feel extremely strong and getting you happy on the road. This is why you should always wear a helmet.

  • Protection from rain - Heavy rains can disrupt your travel while riding a bike with a purpose. A helmet with wipers attached can prevent your head from getting wet and set comfortable visibility of the road to control and ride safely. This is one of the top 5 advantages of a helmet.

  • Variety of options - With advancements in technology, companies have started producing helmets with different options such as Bluetooth, GPS etc. You can help protect your head and enjoy your ride with such accessories. Thus, this illustrates the importance of wearing a helmet while riding a bike.

How to Choose the Right Helmet?

Choosing the right helmet is essential to ensure the benefits of a helmet. There are different types of helmets available in the market. The most common options are a full face cover helmet, half face cover helmet, smart helmet, and modular helmet.

Choose the exact size that fits your head on all sides to feel compact and safe. Go for colours that are bright and visible from long distances. Utilise the benefits attached to the helmets, such as the Bluetooth, GPS, intercom, etc., based on your interests and budget. Thus, the importance of wearing a helmet while riding a bike and the right-sized one is indisputable.


Riding to explore different adventures on your bike will give you fantastic experiences. While planning to visit exciting places and even otherwise, concentrating on your safety and understanding the importance of wearing a helmet is extremely important. Purchasing the right helmet and wearing it whenever you ride is a good way to ensure safety. It can protect you from possible head injuries and eye infections. Also, ensure to buy insurance with 2 wheeler with comprehensive benefits to make sure your bike is handled at good garages for any damages, and you receive the necessary financial assistance to afford the same. So, travel to explore and stay safe to experience the best!

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