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Insuring A Pillion Rider

  • Author :
  • TATA AIG Team
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  • 07/02/2023

A two-wheeler is a popular mode of transport in India. Many people prefer to ride a bike or a scooter to avoid long traffic jams or ride through the narrow lanes of the country. Along with the rider, most two-wheelers have pillion riders. A pillion rider may be an adult or a child who sits behind a two-wheeler driver.

While the rider and the pillion should mandatorily wear helmets, more often than not, pillion riders are seen without wearing one. The more alarming information is that pillion riders are more vulnerable to fatal injuries than bike riders. And it makes protecting pillion riders with adequate insurance coverage essential.

With the rising number of accidents in the country, the insurance board has made necessary changes to the two-wheeler insurance laws. Read and find out more about pillion rider insurance.

What Does the Law Say About Pillion Riders?

The Motor Vehicle Act 1988 governs the motor vehicle rules in India. The term pillion rider is not defined in the act. But it provides several measures to ensure the pillion rider’s safety. Some safety measures for the main rider and the pillion rider are as follows:

  • A two-wheeler driver is not allowed to carry more than one person besides himself/herself on the motor vehicle as per Section 128.
  • The person behind the driver should be sitting on a seat fixed to the vehicle with proper safety measures.
  • Section 129 of the act mandates every person above four years to wear protective headgear conforming to standards prescribed by the central government.
  • Section 147 of the act has provisions related to motor insurance policies. Earlier, pillion riders were not covered under the third-party liability cover. But now, they are eligible for compensation in case of injury or death.
  • The courts have established that the insurance provider is liable to pay compensation to a pillion rider only if the policy covers him/her.

Two-wheeler Insurance and Pillion Insurance

Having a third-party insurance policy for your bike is not only mandated by law, but it is also essential. Two-wheeler insurance protects your bike or scooter from unforeseen events like accidents, theft, loss, natural calamities, etc. Sometimes back, third-party motor insurance only offered coverage for third-party damages, injury, or death in an accident or collision, and pillion riders were not given adequate compensation in case of an accident.

On the other hand, a comprehensive policy covers both the rider and the pillion rider. But not everyone buys a comprehensive insurance policy for bikes. So, covering pillion riders under third-party insurance was considered necessary. It ensures the availability of financial and medical support to them in an accident. Realising this fact, a pillion rider is now considered a third party to whom the insurer cannot deny compensation.

Thus, according to the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI), a pillion rider is also eligible for compensation in case of an accidental injury or death.

Features of Pillion Rider Insurance

As per the amendments to insurance laws in India, the following rules apply to pillion passenger insurance in case of accidental injury or death:

  • The closest relative of a pillion rider can claim up to ₹5 lakhs if the pillion dies in an accident.
  • A pillion rider can claim up to ₹3 lakhs in pillion cover insurance in case of survival from injuries after an accident.
  • The vehicle owner or the pillion rider cannot claim a compensation amount if the driver injures or kills another vehicle owner/driver. In such a scenario, the insurance policy considers the pillion rider the first party and pays the compensation to the third-party victim as a priority.
  • If more than two people are riding on a two-wheeler as pillion riders, then only one pillion rider is eligible for compensation for injury or death.
  • In the case of child pillion riders between the age of one to five years, the compensation amount in an incident is 50% of the total policy sum.
  • The compensation amount will be 25% of the policy amount in accidental death or injury if the pillion rider is a child of less than a year.
  • The vehicles that carry the main rider and the pillion rider to the hospital are provided INR 10,000.
  • The family of the pillion rider has to inform the insurance company if the pillion rider gets treatment in a foreign country. Also, the family has to convey the information about the pillion rider’s condition to the insurance provider within a week.
  • The compensation amount in pillion cover insurance is equal to the compensation amount of the main rider.

Benefits of Pillion Insurance

  • Third-party motor insurance now covers pillion riders. This makes it easier for the pillion riders or their kins to claim compensation for accidental injuries or death.
  • The add-ons under comprehensive pillion insurance also cover accidental death or permanent or partial disability of the pillion rider.

Key Takeaway

Pillion riders are usually not responsible for accidents. But they suffer from injuries or even death in a mishap. Also, pillion riders are more vulnerable to injuries during a collision or accident as many don’t wear helmets. Considering this, the IRDAI has allowed for compensation to the pillion rider at par with the main rider. With extra premiums, comprehensive motor insurance also offers more coverage to pillion riders. So, you must buy pillion passenger insurance if you ride your two-wheeler with a pillion rider often. It ensures your pillion rider’s safety along with you during a mishap.

Tata AIG offers several motor insurance policies along with third-party bike insurance. Apart from a third-party cover, you can buy a standalone own damage or a comprehensive insurance policy for your two-wheeler. With several add-ons, you can tailor your policy for bikes and enhance its coverage. So, buy 2-wheeler insurance online today and enjoy seamless and hassle-free repair of your vehicle at Tata AIG’s network of cashless garages.

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