Relocating Your Bike to Another State

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  • 07/02/2023

Relocating your two-wheeler when shifting to a new state is a challenging job. This is because the procedure involves many steps that may lead to legal issues while driving your bike or scooter in the new state if not followed properly. Thus, you must know the essential things before relocating your two-wheeler if you plan to shift to a new Indian state.

Let’s find out.

Transferring Bike to Another State

Is NOC required for bike transfer in a different state? How to transfer RC from one state to another? These questions may come to your mind while relocating your bike to a new state. The answer to the questions is yes. Read ahead to know how this is done.

To transfer bike registration to another state, you have to fulfil many formalities and furnish several documents. As a first step, you have to notify or inform the RTOs where your bike is registered and the one where you are relocating. Also, using your bike in the new state needs a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the current RTO.

This is needed to maintain a record of drivers and vehicles in states to ensure conformity to law. In case of unchanged RTO status, you may end up paying hefty fines or facing driving licence cancellation in the new state. This is because the new RTO doesn’t have your vehicle record. To understand better, suppose you are shifting from Delhi to Mumbai. So, the steps to follow while relocating your bike from Delhi to Mumbai are as follows:

Stay duration The first thing to evaluate is your duration of stay in the new state. You must know that transferring bike registration is not required if you plan to shift for less than a year. You can drive your vehicle in the new state without worry. But if you are planning to relocate and stay for more than a year, then you must acquire a NOC from the RTO where your vehicle is initially registered. After this, you must apply for registration in the state you plan to shift to.

Documents required

  • The documents needed to re-register bikes in a new state are as follows:
  • Regional Transport Office Form 27
  • Regional Transport Office Form 28
  • Attested copy of the registration certificate for the bike
  • Road tax or excise duty receipts
  • A NOC from a bank or a financer if you purchased your bike with a loan or EMI.
  • Bike’s valid insurance policy
  • Bike’s valid Pollution Under Control (PUC)
  • Once the above documents are submitted to the RTO of the current state, the process of the NOC issue will be initiated.

NOC from the traffic police Besides obtaining a NOC from the RTO, you must also acquire a NOC from the traffic police of the current state. This is to ensure you have paid all pending challans before relocating your vehicle to a new place. So, to obtain a NOC from the traffic police, you first have to clear all pending challans.

NOC from the police station NOC from a police station is also required, along with NOC from RTO and traffic police. This has to be obtained from the police station in your area. A NOC from the police is needed to confirm if there are any open or registered cases against your bike. This helps the police to keep a check on illegal or criminal activities.

Re-Registration The next step for seamless bike registration in the state of relocation is to submit the required documents and the NOCs to the RTO in the new state. Suppose you are planning to shift from Delhi to Mumbai, then you have to obtain the NOCs mentioned from Delhi and submit them to the RTO in Mumbai.

Two wheeler insurance Two-wheeler insurance is applicable to the whole country. Whether you are riding your bike in Delhi or Mumbai, the policy remains the same. But the vehicle’s location plays a key role in calculating your bike’s premium. Also, the new registration number of your bike will be updated in your policy documents. So, you must inform the insurance company about relocating your bike.

Refund of road tax While relocating your bike to a new state, you must see if there are tax refunds you can apply for. Road tax refunds are given if you paid high road taxes in your current state and now you are relocating your bike to a state having low road taxes. To receive the refunds, you have to furnish the following documents:

  • An application for a refund
  • RTO Form 16
  • RC’s copy with the new registration number
  • RC’s copy with the old registration number
  • Insurance document with the new registration number
  • Address and ID proof

NOC cancellation NOC cancellation in the current state’s RTO is required if your RC transfer is cancelled. You also need a Non-Utilisation Certificate (NUC) from the new state’s RTO to reverse the transfer registration process. For example, you have to obtain a NUC from Mumbai RTO to cancel the NOC of Delhi RTO.

How to Get a Two-wheeler NOC Online?

  • Visit the Parivahan website
  • Select your state and RTO
  • You will be redirected to a new page. Click “Apply for NOC”
  • After being redirected to a new page, click “validate registration number”
  • After this, a NOC application is generated
  • Enter the details about your bike insurance
  • Enter the new RTO state and code
  • Pay and take a printout of the payment receipt

Transfer of Bike Registration from One State to Another Cost

The cost of transferring bike registration from one state to another varies from state to state. The fee for regular bikes is between ₹30 and ₹35, and the fee for imported bikes may extend up to ₹100. An additional payment of ₹200 is required in states where smart cards are applicable.


Knowing the above steps is essential for the seamless transfer of bike registration from one state to another. Also, suitable insurance for bikes is a must to ensure the protection of your vehicle while relocating it. Third-party insurance covers only third-party liabilities, while comprehensive bike insurance gives overall coverage to your bike from theft, vandalism, damage, natural calamities, etc. Also, remember to compare two-wheeler insurance online to make an informed decision about bike insurance.

Tata AIG offers all types of insurance for bikes and add-on covers that suit your needs. With a hassle-free claim settlement process, the company is proud to have a claim settlement ratio of 98%. So, buy bike insurance online with Tata AIG today and ride and relocate your bike without worry.

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