Things To Know Before Going on Long Bike Rides

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The lives that most people lead today are not particularly relaxing. So it could seriously impact our well-being if we do not give ourselves a break from time to time. And when we think about breaks, what sounds better than a long bike ride that can clear your mind? It allows you to disconnect from most of the world and centre yourself. You can feel as though you are reconnecting with nature. But before you can go on a long ride, you may wonder about what to do before a long bike ride.

One of the first things you must see when planning long bike ride trips in India is that you have your insurance for 2 wheeler in place. As you take a long ride, you may pass several checkpoints where you will be asked to present your bike documents. Among these documents is your bike insurance policy which will be looked at. If you do not have valid insurance for your 2-wheeler, you could face large fines, have your licence and registration suspended or even face jail time. So before planning a long bike ride trip in India, ensure your bike insurance policy is secured.

If the above information has made you realise that you have not purchased a bike insurance policy or that your policy has expired, you can get good insurance for a 2-wheeler from Tata AIG. We offer you customisable policies at affordable rates. Since we offer you a variety of policies to choose from per your budget and needs, we advise you to compare two-wheeler insurance plans before making a purchase. Furthermore, when you purchase insurance for a 2-wheeler from us, you get a wide network of cashless garages, roadside assistance and the trust of Tata. So, do not look beyond Tata AIG when thinking about a bike insurance policy, do not look beyond Tata AIG!

With this in mind, let us look at what your long bike trip checklist should look like.

What To Do Before a Long Bike Ride?

If you plan to go on your first long bike ride trip in India, you may be a little nervous about what you should be doing and should not. However, you do not need to fret about it as, for the most part, you will need to do what you have always been doing while making a few additions to ensure your ride goes smoothly. We are putting together a short, long bike trip checklist that could prove invaluable to you on your trip. So here are some long bike ride tips that you must keep in mind and things you should carry on a motorcycle ride for long distances.

What should you eat before a long bike ride?

Overeating before a bike trip is one of the major blunders that most beginners make. This practice, unfortunately, can make you feel sleepy during the trip. If you are wondering what you should eat before a long bike ride, we advise you to eat just small meals before getting on the bike. Motorbike trips can sometimes be exhausting and dehydrating. As a consequence, you should constantly stop to drink water to avoid dehydration or, even better, buy a hydration pack. This pack may be attached to your helmet and worn on your back allowing you to have water without having to stop to get a drink.

Have the right gear

Always attempt to wear biking pants, proper shoes that go up to your ankle, a riding jersey, and a face-covering helmet while riding a long distance. Body armour or knee and elbow protection are other options. It is simple to purchase motorcycle equipment online or at moto shops. Try to match your size as closely as possible; loose or baggy gear or apparel will be annoying and uncomfortable. When you are on the motorcycle, understanding that you are biking safely will make the overall riding more pleasant and give you more confidence.

Be prepared for all kinds of weather.

When going on a long drive, you can never predict when the weather might change. Thus, the things to carry on a motorcycle should always include an umbrella, a raincoat and covers for any baggage you carry. Having the right protection, no matter the weather, helps you go on with your journey unhindered.

Fill up your tank

No one would want their bike trip to meet a premature conclusion just because they ran out of petrol. One step to be careful of before beginning your adventure is to fill the bike's petrol tank to the fullest. As you can travel through areas without gas stations, fueling becomes necessary. Finally, record the mileage and overall distance of your lengthy trip using a trip metre.

Have your bike insurance policy in place

When you are going on a long bike ride, it may be possible that you need to go through some areas that are isolated and cut-off and that lack some basic amenities. If you happen to face any trouble when you are in these areas, you may find yourself in a bind. For example, you may see that you have run out of fuel or that your bike has broken down. You could even have an accident in an isolated region like this. In these situations, if you have insurance for your 2-wheeler, it can provide you with much relief. Furthermore, if your bike insurance policy is from

Tata AIG, we will provide you with roadside assistance if the need arises, ensuring you are not without help should you require it.


If you are ever planning a long ride, you should go ahead with it, as it could lift your spirits and make you feel rejuvenated. However, like all things, you should invest time and ensure everything is in place before you start your journey. If you take the trouble to equip yourself with everything you need and do your research well, you will surely have a wonderful experience. Also, do not forget your bike insurance policy from Tata AIG when making your long bike trip checklist.

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