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New Bike Vs Second-Hand Bike

  • Author :
  • TATA AIG Team
  • Published on :
  • 02/06/2023

Bikes are India's primary choice of private vehicle for anyone looking to invest in their intercity commutes. The surge of the pandemic has only increased their demand. Adding onto the fact that most Indian roads are quite narrow and some of them are pretty much impossible to drive on with a larger vehicle, bikes become the go-to choice in most cases.

They’re compact and less expensive than cars and often easier to maintain. This brings us to the current problem of the new vs second-hand bike question. Most people tend to mull over this decision before they make their purchase. It's understandable, of course, both have pros and cons, and the best choice for each person will depend on several factors specific to the individuals themselves.

New Bikes - The Advantages and Disadvantages

A brand-new bike is the most common route most people pick when buying a bike for themselves. This is because they often last longer and have newer features that provide a better riding experience. As a result, this is a primary detail many people bring up in the new bike vs second-hand bike debate.

Another adage when you buy a new bike is that you get to buy your 2-wheeler insurance online. This is an easy and convenient procedure most bike owners opt for as it saves them time and makes them eligible for more discounts in some cases.

Advantages Of Buying A New Bike:

  • Performance: A new bike is bound to have better performance and functionality. There is also a significantly lower chance of it breaking down, allowing you to plan your future expenses better.
  • Latest Features And Technology: Tacking on to the previous point, a new bike also means the latest technology and up-to-date features that address current issues. This also means you get a better driving experience. You can also specify what features you want in a bike and buy one tailored to your tastes.
  • Warranty: New bikes come with warranties that cover you for any malfunctions or breakdowns for a certain period. This can give you, the owner, access to free-of-cost workshop services and help ease any of your worries.
  • Mileage: Let's face it, a new bike means less or no miles. You get the full benefit of this as a new owner.
  • No Vehicle History: You won't have to worry about the wear and tear the vehicle may have gone through with a previous owner.

Disadvantages Of Buying A New Bike:

  • More Expensive: With all their advantages and features, new bikes tend to be more expensive investments and purchases when compared to second-hand bikes.
  • Lost Of Extra Costs: A new bike also means additional costs like registration, RTO charges, etc., that you'll have to plan for before purchase. Additionally, insurance policy for bikes is more expensive for newer bikes.
  • Higher Premiums: You'll need to pay a higher insurance premium for a new bike since it has yet to depreciate. Remember, the value of your bike directly impacts your premiums. So you'll be paying higher premiums on a newer purchase.
  • Depreciation: A bike, like any vehicle, is a depreciating asset. With time, its IDV (Insured Declared Value) and components will depreciate, rendering your bike obsolete or its features outdated, thereby bringing down its overall value.

Second-Hand Bikes - The Advantages and Disadvantages

The Indian market is cost-conscious. This extends into the second-hand bike vs new bike debacle as well. One of the primary advantages of getting a used bike is that it is much more affordable. It's the number one reason people buy second-hand bikes.

This can be especially beneficial to newer or inexperienced drivers if they're worried about causing undue damage to newer vehicles.

Here are a few top-selling second-hand bikes:

Advantages Of Buying A Second-Hand Bike:

  • More Affordable: Buying a bike that's got a few months added to mileage gives you a better price when compared to buying a newer bike. Another huge advantage is that you get access to more expensive bikes that you would otherwise not be able to afford if you were to buy them brand new.
  • Lower Premiums: The difference may not be huge, but it is undeniable that used bikes have lower insurance premium rates. Insurance rates are primarily based on the bike's current market value. So you can choose to get just a simple third-party bike insurance for a used bike or even a comprehensive bike insurance policy at affordable premiums.
  • Seller Options: You can buy used second-hand bikes from private sellers. This gives you access to the vehicle's history details, allowing you to plan your expenses accordingly. In comparison, a dealer may only be capable of fixing more apparent issues.
  • Resale Value: After five years of purchase, the bike will considerably depreciate. So you have the advantage of re-selling the second-hand bike at almost the same price you bought, thus allowing you to make your money back.

Disadvantages Of Buying A Second-Hand Bike:

  • Vehicle History: Vehicle history is a significant factor when buying second-hand vehicles. Rather than making a blind purchase, always check the bike's history before purchasing. This can give you a good idea of what you'll be dealing with.
  • Maintenance Expenses: A used vehicle will always need more maintenance. In some cases, maintaining a used bike may cost more than buying a new one.
  • Lower Performance: Buying a second-hand bike means you'll have to make your peace with a degraded vehicle condition and reduced performance. Outdated features, design, and technology are some things you'll either have to put up with or get fixed yourself.
  • Fewer Options: You may have fewer options when buying a used bike regarding features, colour, design or model. So you'll have to compromise on many things.
  • Evaluation: Before your purchase, always get the rundown of the bike's mechanical parts. Make sure it's worth your money. Look up online sources or have it checked by an authorised mechanic before you buy it.

Whether you want a new bike or a second hand, a two-wheeler insurance policy from Tata AIG can make you eligible for several benefits as a bike owner. You can access any of our 7500+ network garages all over India to avail of cashless repairs!


Ultimately, buying a new or second-hand bike is entirely up to you. There is no one right way to go about this. It will depend wholly on your financial capabilities and personal preference of what you want in a bike.

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