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No Parking Fine in Jaipur

  • Author :
  • TATA AIG Team
  • Published on :
  • 07/04/2024

Jaipur, known as the “Pink City,” is the largest city in the state of Rajasthan. It is a culturally rich city renowned for its architecture and cuisine. Jaipur is also a famous tourist destination and centre for commercial trade.

Due to the presence of various industries, educational centres, and employment opportunities, there has been a steady rise in the population. Therefore, the number of vehicles and traffic congestion have also gone up in the city, leading to traffic obstruction.

The Traffic Police issues a no-parking challan in Jaipur to curb illegal parking and penalise rule violators. Any individual found parking in non-designated spaces or on the roads will be charged with the wrong parking fine in Jaipur.

Jaipur RTO Parking Rules

Due to an acute shortage of parking spaces in Jaipur, you may find yourself searching for a safe and legal parking area. However, before you park your vehicle in the first available space, you must know the various rules laid down by the RTO to avoid getting a no-parking fine in Jaipur.

  • You must not park a vehicle on the road with heavy traffic.

  • Do not park in a no-parking zone or street.

  • Do not park a vehicle on private property without the owner’s permission.

  • Never park a vehicle on the road that blocks the incoming traffic.

  • Refrain from parking your four-wheeler or two-wheeler on the wrong side of the road.

  • Do not park your two-wheeler or four-wheeler near a bus stop.

  • Do not park in front of public properties like schools, hospitals, or office buildings in a way that restricts the entrance.

  • Never park your vehicle on a sidewalk or traffic crossing on the road.

  • Avoid parking the vehicle on a hill or bridge.

  • Do not leave your vehicle unattended on the road for more than 10 hours.

No-Parking Fine in Jaipur

As per section 122 of the Motor Vehicles Act, a person must not leave their motor vehicle or park it in a public place in a way that causes danger, obstruction, or inconvenience to the users of the public place or the passengers.

Any person who parks their vehicle in an illegal place and breaks the rules stated in the Motor Vehicles Act is liable to pay a Jaipur no parking fine amount as mentioned in the Act.

Offence First Time Fine Subsequent Offence Fine
Wrong parking ₹500 ₹1000
As per the rules, if you park in a no-parking zone or do wrong parking, the first-time challan will be ₹500, whereas, for subsequent offences, the amount is ₹1000.

How to Pay a Bike or Car No-Parking Challan in Jaipur?

If you park your vehicle in a no-parking area or park it wrongly and have received a no-parking fine for two-wheeler in Jaipur or a four-wheeler no parking challan, you can make the payment in the following ways:

  • Online

  • Offline

Online-Through Parivahan Sewa Portal

  • Visit the Parivahan Sewa website.

  • Navigate to the “Online Services” tab.

  • Scroll down on the list of menus and choose “echallan.”

  • On the EChallan page, choose the option “Pay Online” in the right-hand corner.

  • Enter the challan number, vehicle number, or DL number.

  • Fill in the captcha correctly and then click “Get Detail.”

  • You will see the list of challans issued in your name.

  • Choose no parking challan that you want to pay for.

  • Make payment using the online mode given.

  • Save the receipt for future reference.

Offline Methods

You can also pay the no-parking fine for four-wheelers in Jaipur through straightforward offline methods. The following are the two ways to make the e-challan payment.

Through A Traffic Police Headquarters

  • Visit the nearest traffic police station near your locality along with the e challan, DL, vehicle details, etc.

  • Ask the office about the process of making a payment for an echallan.

  • Produce the e-challan and other details as required.

  • Choose the mode of payment as cash or online.

  • Make the payment.

  • Collect the payment receipt and preserve it for future reference.

Through a Traffic Police Officer

  • Look for a traffic police officer with an electronic e-challan device.

  • Provide him with the e-challan number, DL details, etc.

  • Make the payment through cash or online as available.

  • The officer will hand over a payment receipt as proof.

Challan Payment Validity in Jaipur

All the challans issued by the Jaipur Traffic Police are valid for 60 days from the date of issue. Hence, you must pay them before the validity ends. Failure to clear the challan payment can attract further penalties and may also require you to be present before the court for an explanation.

Other Important Traffic Rules for Two-Wheeler Riders

The rider and pillion both must wear the correct helmet as specified in the rules.

  • One should not overload the two-wheeler as it can lead to accidents.

  • One must refrain from using the phone while riding.

  • Stay within the speed limit, as overspeeding is a punishable offence.

  • Carry all the necessary documents like DL, PUC certificate, bike insurance policy, RC, etc.

Importance of Having a Valid Four-Wheeler or Two-Wheeler Insurance

Under the Motor Vehicles Act 1988, valid motor insurance is a mandatory requirement. The absence of motor insurance is a punishable offence, just like parking in a no-parking zone. Insurance is vital as it provides financial assistance in case of an accident.

Every bike owner must compulsorily have third-party bike insurance, which protects the insured against third-party liabilities if their vehicle causes an accident. If you are looking for a beneficial and affordable bike insurance policy, you must rely on leading insurance providers in the country, like Tata AIG.

Our bike insurance policies are highly affordable and offer protection to the insured in case of third-party injury or damage. You can purchase and renew policies online and enjoy the best coverage.


As the number of vehicles continue to rise, parking is a significant problem in India, including Jaipur. To discourage citizens from parking in no-parking zones, the traffic authorities in Jaipur issue a no-parking challan in Jaipur to those who do not follow the rules.

To stay safe, one must adhere to the traffic rules set by the authorities. If you receive a challan from the traffic police, you must pay it within 60 days from the date of issue. You can pay the challans online or offline and fulfil your obligation.


How can I check if I have received a no-parking fine in Jaipur?

Here are the steps to check the no parking fine in Jaipur:

Visit the Parivahan E challan page.

Under the “Challan Details” section, provide the vehicle number, challan number, or DL.

Enter the captcha correctly and click ‘Get Detail.”

The page will display the list of challans issued against your vehicle.

What is the penalty for drinking and driving in Jaipur?

The penalty for drinking and driving in Jaipur is ₹10,000.

Can I appeal against a challan issued by the traffic police?

Yes, if you feel that the traffic challan is wrongly issued, you can appeal against it in court. You can visit the Parivahan Sewa website or the official website of the State Traffic Police and register your claim under the grievance section.

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