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Riding your two-wheeler can be a fantasy. You can explore different places and adventurous routes to create memories. However, while admiring such places, it is important that you also take note of your safety aspects.

Adventurous places can turn fatal if you are not well protected. Therefore, having the right safety gadgets and insurance for your bike is extremely important. It will help you drive at peace and reduce the financial burden in the event of an accident. One of the most significant safety gadgets is a perfect riding jacket. The best bike safety jacket can save you from major injuries in case you crash.

So, if you are asking yourself how to choose a riding jacket, this blog is your answer. Keep reading!

How To Choose a Riding Jacket?

While purchasing a riding jacket, you need to focus on certain features to ensure safety and comfort. So, let us get started and understand these features.

  • Material - Riding jackets are generally made of mesh, textiles, and leather. Mesh jackets combine a mesh and textile chassis. It has vent pockets for air circulation and offers limited breathability. Textile riding jackets are made of abrasion-resistant materials such as the Cordura to prevent dust or mud from falling over you. It can be utilised when there are slight rains. It is the most breathable material that offers extended comfort. The third and the costliest option is leather. It has the highest abrasion resistance and has few chances of wear and tear during long-term usage. However, it is not comfortable to wear on a warmer day.

Durability - Thickness and abrasion resistance are the main factors that define the durability of your bike safety jacket. The thicker the material, the better the protection. Consider the stitching and tanning processes for the best protection and a greater life span. Check for the triple stitching or the double seam on your jacket. Pull away the seams to check for elongated threads or holes. Also, check the zippers and fastenings for any damage.

Impact protection standards -Every two-wheeler gear should be subject to destruction testing. It will ensure sustainability during an accident. The most important tests are impact protection, burst strength, and abrasion resistance. Look for safety labels that state that the riding jackets meet the appropriate standards. A CE tag refers to a European Standard, and the AS refers to the Australian Standard. Generally, CE level 2 protectors are found in the shoulders and elbows. You can opt to have it on your back for better protection. American products have their in-house quality standards. Therefore, if you are purchasing it from a reputed source, then it is a safe product. It is also important to check the jacket for smaller panels. The fewer panels, the greater the burst strength.

Armour - Armour provides a cushioning effect at your elbow and shoulder. The armours have CE level 1 or CE level 2 standards. CE level 2 provides enhanced protection. However, the armour works well when placed correctly on your body. Therefore, after wearing it, ensure to check if it is moving. If you can move them, you have not chosen the right product.

Fit and Sizing - Getting the right fit for your riding jacket requires a good number of trials. The best way to fix the right size is the shoulder fit. First, check if it is pressing or hanging from your shoulders. Either way, it is not the perfect choice. It should be placed rightly based on your shoulder width. There are four different types of fit for a riding jacket, the street or sport fit, the touring fit, the cruiser fit, and the adventure fit. The sport and the touring fit are commonly used in India.

Liners - Liners refer to the removable parts of your riding jacket. You can get the windproofing, thermal, and rain liners based on your choice of destination, weather conditions, and duration of travel to determine the required liners.

Visibility - Fashion is not the real purpose of wearing a riding jacket. It should serve safety purposes to a higher degree. When you are wearing a riding jacket, it should be visible to the people seeing you on the road. Choose products with high-viz stripes, reflective elements, or fluorescent colours to be differently visible.

We have discussed some of the most important features you must consider while purchasing a riding jacket. Based on these factors and your requirements, you can choose the perfect-fitting riding jacket. If you don't know how to choose the riding jacket size, you can always take the help of experienced and advanced bike riders.

While buying the best-fitting riding jacket is your ideal protection cover, getting the right insurance for your bike is the best way to secure and maintain it to the best standards.

A bike insurance plan will help manage the financial crisis in the event of an unexpected accident that causes excessive damage to your bike. At Tata AIG, we offer different bike insurance plans with varied add-on covers for your benefit. You can compare and purchase our bike insurance online.

At Tata AIG, we have detailed all our product features and add-on covers. Based on your drive quality, geographic location, and affordability, you can choose the best long-term two-wheeler insurance. If you already have a Tata AIG bike insurance plan, you can renew it without any hassle.


Riding jackets are one of the most important safety gear that protects your life whenever you are on your bike. However, getting the right riding jacket is crucial to ensure protection. There are different types of riding jackets with various material properties and designs. You can consider these features, compare the costs and choose the best-fitting riding jacket based on your usage and affordability. While purchasing a riding jacket to secure your life, consider getting bike insurance to maintain your bike to the best standards. So, you can enjoy your ride by assuring protection and confidently exploring places!

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