PUC is Mandatory for Insurance Renewal

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Two-wheelers are an excellent way of travelling for work and other things. They are easy to navigate, and you can get from one place to another easily. Although two-wheelers are great, there is one problem: these cause pollution which causes great harm to the environment. Therefore, the government has introduced a Pollution Under Control certificate.

PUC for a two-wheeler is a certificate for vehicles that certifies that your vehicle is under the levels of emission. Having a PUC certificate is mandatory to drive your two-wheeler on the roads in India. Driving on the road without a certificate can lead to fines and punishment.

Another mandatory document that you must have while driving on the roads is a bike insurance policy. A bike insurance policy is essential, and you must renew your policy before the expiry. Also, PUC is mandatory for an insurance plan. The IRDAI has made it compulsory for insurance providers to renew insurance for the 2 wheeler only when the policyholder can showcase an updated PUC for a two-wheeler.

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Let us get into the details of PUC for the renewal of a bike insurance plan.

What is a PUC Certificate?

The PUC certificate for the bike is a document that states that the bike is under the pollution levels stated by the government. The Govt. of India is the issuing authority of the PUC of the bike after the insurance levels of the vehicle have been tested. There are some certified emission testing centres, as stated by the government. You will find these centres at some of the petrol pumps in the country.

The details in the pollution certificate for the two-wheeler include the serial number of your PUC, the validity of the PUC, the registration number of your bike, and the date on which the emission has been tested.

Importance of the Pollution Certificate for the Two-Wheeler

The importance of the PUC certificate is as follows:

  • According to the Motor Vehicles Act, it is compulsory for every two-wheeler to carry a pollution certificate for the two-wheeler while driving on the roads in the country.
  • PUC is mandatory for insurance renewal. Also, when you buy a new bike, it is essential that you have a pollution certificate validity for a new bike.

Why is PUC Certificate Essential?

For every two-wheeler in the country, it is essential that you carry a PUC certificate. So, you must get your two-wheeler tested. When you do not carry a valid certificate, then you might face huge fines on the roads in India.

Now, why has the PUC certificate been mandated?

It is essential because the pollution certificate for the two-wheeler helps to know the health of your two-wheeler. If the two-wheeler is in great health, the environment will also be healthy.

If the fuel of the bike burns in the wrong manner, it leads to pollution in the environment. The PUC test helps you keep the harm to the environment under control.

The Validity of the PUC Certificate

The pollution certificate validity for a new bike is available when you purchase a new bike. The pollution certificate validity for a new bike is one year. After this, you must go to the emission centre to get your vehicle tested. The PUC for the bike from the emission centre is valid for a period of 6 months.

Benefits of Having a PUC for the Bike

Here is the list of the benefit of having a PUC for the bike:

Protection of the environment

If you control the level of pollution emitted by the two-wheelers, then it can help to protect the environment. If you get your vehicle tested, it means that you are a responsible citizen of the country. Your two-wheeler must get checked so that the emission levels are always under control.

Awareness of the condition of the two-wheeler

If you keep a check on the levels of pollution, then you will know the fluctuating levels of emission of your two-wheeler. If the emission is high, you can get your vehicle serviced regularly. If the emission is high, you can get the vehicle checked by the mechanic. The pollution certificate for the two-wheeler will help you maintain the two-wheeler properly.

PUC is mandatory for insurance renewal

When you renew your bike insurance policy, having a PUC certificate is compulsory. The IRDAI had made it compulsory for the insurance provider to check a PUC certificate at the time of renewal of the bike insurance policy.

How to Get a PUC Certificate?

Here are the steps to get a PUCC:

  • You can find an authorised emission centre at any of the petrol pumps. Also you can also locate a PUC centre approved by the government from the Parivahan website of the government.
  • Now, go to the PUC centre, then get your vehicle tested by the mechanic at the centre. An emission testing tube is then inserted into the vehicle’s exhaust pipe. This will provide the levels of pollution on the bike.
  • Now, the mechanic will then generate a certificate electronically. This PUC certificate will have the levels of emission of the bike.


Now, you know that having a pollution certificate for the two-wheeler is very important. Not only is the PUC certificate needed at the time of insurance renewal, but it is also essential to keep the environment safe. If you do not have a PUC certificate, then you will face a penalty when you drive on the roads in the country.

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