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Reasons to Kick-start Your Two-Wheeler or Bike Every Morning

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  • TATA AIG Team
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  • 10/07/2024

Owning a good bike is a dream for many in the country. Also, for bike lovers in India, the dream can sometimes extend to owning more than one bike as well! If you are looking forward to buying a two-wheeler anytime soon, or if you already own one, you must be already well aware of the fact that bikes come with two different start features; kick-start and auto-start. So, which one do you think is better?

Most of the two-wheeler options today are available with both the kick-start and the auto start options. So you know how to start scooty with a kick and why it is important. Kick-starting a bike, according to experts, is actually good for the life of the two-wheeler.

It allows the crankshaft to rotate, and it also makes the crankshaft push the piston against its head, thereby generating friction. All of this builds up the required pressure to mix equal proportions of air and fuel, and the valves get ignited. This, in turn, starts the engine, and the bike starts.

The whole idea of kick-starting a bike is to mix the fuel and air adequately to keep the engine motor running and produce proper pressure. For this, a choke is used in the two-wheeler’s carburettor. And once the engine starts, the choke is of no use.

In this blog, we will talk about the reasons why every bike owner should kick-start their two-wheeler every morning. But before that, we must also tell you that to keep your two-wheeler safe from accidents and your pockets from paying for such mishaps, it’s essential to invest in an online two-wheeler insurance policy.

In India, you can find some of the most affordable insurance for two-wheelers with Tata AIG. Also, our online bike insurance calculator will help you gain better knowledge about the inclusions and exclusions of the policies so that you can pick the right plan for yourself.

Now, let’s go back to the main discussion point, i.e., how to kick-start a bike and why it’s important?

Two Reasons to Kick-start Your Bike Everyday

There are two reasons why you should kick-start your bike in the morning. And we have discussed both of them in detail below:

  • Engine cools down during the night

First and foremost, the bike engine cools down overnight when you park it, and it stays in one place. The temperature dips during the night, and it makes the engine cool down. Especially in winters, the temperature goes down a lot during the night, and it makes starting a bike difficult in the morning often. This leads to bike starting problems.

The cold temperature outside can disturb the firing mechanism of the bike, and hence, kick-starting the bike every morning would be prudent to push the motor with the right pressure, fuel, and air.

  • Battery dies overnight

The battery usually loses its spark and ions overnight. This can crank up the bike engine. And just when you kick-start your bike in the morning, the ions come back to life, and the engine spark happens properly. So basically, kick-starting your bike will help your bike come alive every morning! This is what you need to know when you research how electric start works in bikes.

Is Kick-starting Your Bike Necessary?

Now that you know how to start a bike every morning with a kick to help it come alive, you may ask, is it necessary to do so? No, it is not. Kickstarting your bike is not absolutely necessary. However, if your bike is not starting with a kick or if you are facing bike starting problems often, trying this on a regular basis might help.

If your bike has the electric start option, it may be enough to spark the engine and heat it up for starting. However, sometimes the force that’s required to kickstart a bike could be overwhelming for some people. Hence, the auto-start option seems to be a better fit for them. And with the new and improved designs in two-wheelers nowadays, kickstarting your bike in the morning isn’t that important. So this is what you can do if your bike is not starting with a kick.

Also, it should be noted that several modern bikes do not even have the option of kick-starting. Instead, these are equipped with ingeniously designed and moderately sized batteries that do not let the bike engine go back to the standby mode so easily. However, all good things come with a high price tag, and hence, these bikes are usually expensive.

Need of an Online Two-Wheeler Insurance

Now, it doesn’t matter which bike you end up buying or which one you already have, and it’s important to have a valid bike insurance policy in place. Insurance for a two-wheeler policy will help you keep your pockets safe from paying fines in the traffic. Also, it will help you save your savings by reimbursing the repairing costs after an accident. The timely claim of insurance plans can help you get the maximum insurance-related benefits as well.


We are sure that you have now got answers to your questions like how to start scooty with a kick, how electric start works in bikes, or how to start a bike after a long time, isn’t it? And with Tata AIG, you can find some of the most reasonable and pocket-friendly two-wheeler insurance plans in India. With us, even policy buying, renewal, and claim processes online are extremely hassle-free and safe. Even if you are new to the whole policy purchase thing, our team of experts will help you with the whole process.

So, which policy are you planning to buy for your beloved bike, comprehensive or third-party? Let us know so that we can help! Happy riding!

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