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How to Safely Ride a Motorcycle With a Pillion Rider?

  • Author :
  • TATA AIG Team
  • Published on :
  • 25/05/2022

Commuting on Indian highways on a two-wheeler has its charm. The only automobile that can easily cut past peak-hour traffic is a bike. The majority of people favour this method of commuting for their everyday commute because it allows them to get to their destination faster while using less fuel.

Bikes are undoubtedly among the most popular modes of transportation in India, owing to their sheer convenience. But, we must also remember that bikes are also the mode of transportation involved in the most numbers of accidents in the country. Thus, it becomes necessary to follow some safety rules for riders, especially if you have a bike pillion rider.

Driving a two-wheeler necessitates theoretical and actual knowledge of riding mechanics and body motion. Suppose you are going to carry a pillion rider on a motorcycle. In that case, things are much more complex and demanding regarding your abilities and skill to deal with the different dynamics of two persons perched on two wheels.

You won't be able to achieve it without the assistance of your pillion rider. To carry a pillion rider on a motorcycle is a responsibility that should not be taken lightly. You must follow the basic safety rules for riders, both for you and the bike pillion rider.

Among the foremost safety rules for riders and pillions is to have two-wheeler insurance. No matter how careful you are, things may go wrong in the spur of a moment, and it is your insurance for two-wheelers that will come to your rescue. Riders must have at least third-party insurance for a two-wheeler, but that is not enough to carry a pillion rider on a motorcycle. If you are riding solo with a pillion rider, you must have comprehensive two-wheeler insurance. It acts as a safeguard for both rider and pillion.

With Tata AIG’s online two-wheeler insurance, you can avail of insurance for two-wheelers in under two minutes with minimal documentation. Moreover, you get a vast network of cashless garages which is essential when looking to file cashless claims and a quick claim process. So, if you care about your pillion and want to follow the law, get your two-wheeler insurance and follow the other safety rules for riders.

What is a Pillion Rider?

Before we go into how we can drive safely solo with a pillion, let us first learn what is a pillion. A pillion rider is any person who is riding on a bike behind the driver. The Motor Vehicle Act 1988 mandates that a bike must not have more than one bike pillion rider, nor should they be riding without a helmet.

Safely Riding a Bike with a Pillion

Now that you know what is pillion rider, below are a few tips to ensure the safety of both rider and pillion on the bike.

  • Check if your bike made to carry a pillion?

Some two-wheelers are designed to be ridden two-up by default. Motorcycles with a lower point of gravity and a cushy co-seat, riders such as cruisers, make pillion riding easier and more pleasant. Scooters can easily carry a pillion rider due to their broad seats and lower seat height. Other motorcycles with lower rear seats, on the other hand, are a pillion rider's torment.

As a result, one should analyse their two-compatibility wheelers for the pillion rider's security and wellbeing before deciding on the duration or path to travel two-up. To achieve a smooth, hassle-free trip, the pillion rider's safety and happiness should prioritise the rider's ease.

  • Have the right insurance for two wheelers

When you are riding solo with a bike pillion, ensure you have comprehensive two-wheeler insurance, one that will take care of you and the pillion. If you have third-party insurance and know you will have a pillion rider frequently, you can easily upgrade to two-wheeler insurance covering your passenger. Just use Tata AIG’s bike insurance calculator, and you will get a clear picture of how much you need to pay as your premium.

  • Be careful while driving****bold text

Driving safely will benefit you in every situation, whether you're on your own or with a passenger. To avoid an accidental collision, follow the traffic regulations. After gaining skill and expertise in bike riding, you might prefer to travel with a pillion rider.

However, because the pillion increases the mass of the motorbike, manoeuvring becomes a little more difficult. Therefore, always practise as much as possible before embarking on a long drive with a pillion passenger. It is important to ensure safety for the rider and pillion rider on the roads.

  • Teach your pillion the basics of getting on bike

Asking your bike pillion to wait until you are prepared and then asking them to board is a basic yet crucial technique. Also, make sure the rider pegs are down, and tell the bike pillion to climb from the non-muffler end of the bike. Maintain complete control of the bike and hold it erect so that the passenger can get on comfortably.

  • Make your pillion aware of the safety rules

Every bike driver should teach his co-passengers the fundamentals of bike riding. The most important thing a pillion must minimise is tilting backwards, as this shifts the rider's weight backwards, making it difficult for the rider to navigate tight turns, and failing to seat properly can potentially result in an accident. You should also instruct your pillion rider not to attempt to dismount until the bike has stopped and both feet are on the ground. It is important to ensure security for the rider and pillion rider on the roads.

  • Talk to your pillion beforehand

Riding a bike necessitates the completion of various responsibilities by the rider. Some of these responsibilities include keeping an eye on the road while shifting gears and retaining the bike's balance. If the pillion rider isn't aware of the task's complexity, they can readily divert your attention. As a result, give the pillion rider any relevant knowledge, such as the fundamentals of bike riding, safety guidelines, or traffic restrictions.

  • Inform the pillion rider about where they should not step

The exhaust system is incredibly hot, and even minor skin contact can result in significant burns. If the pillion does not wear apparel that protects the leg or foot that comes into contact with the exhaust, the risk increases. They should know where the exhaust pipe is and keep their feet away from it.


Every bike rider should be careful when operating a two-wheeler, but you should be especially cautious when riding with a pillion rider in the backseat. Any poor sitting or driving technique can result in an accident and impair the enjoyment of your ride. As a result, you should endeavour to secure your pillion's safety by providing some safety guidelines with them. Also, do not forget your comprehensive two-wheeler insurance, which will keep both rider and pillion safe.

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