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Things to Know Before Making Modifications to Your Bike

  • Author :
  • TATA AIG Team
  • Published on :
  • 06/09/2023

Vehicles like bikes and scooters serve as modes of transportation and fashion statements. Many who drive their bikes daily wish for it to look like an extension of their personality. People often customise their two-wheelers for this purpose. Many elegantly modified motorcycles might be seen down the road at any time. These modifications are not easy to make. However, if you are set on modifying bikes, you must know a few key points. Remember that bike modification must be recognised by your bike insurance policy and recorded with the RTO.

Another thing you need to keep in mind is that any bike alterations will lead to changes in your insurance for a 2-wheeler cost. Something as simple as getting your bike colour modified also changes your bike insurance policy. However, this does not mean you can be without insurance for your 2-wheeler. This is not only because having a bike insurance policy is mandated by the law but also because it provides you with a great degree of protection. You never want to be vulnerable when you are on the road, in the midst of Indian traffic, and having insurance for your 2-wheeler, provides you security against this vulnerability.

If you are seeking out the right bike insurance policy while also considering bike modifications, you can always opt for Tata AIG’s insurance for 2-wheelers. Our policies have been tailored to provide you with all you wish for in a bike insurance policy. Our plans are customisable according to your needs, and you compare two-wheeler insurance plans and choose the one you think is the best for you. So when thinking of insurance for your 2-wheeler, always choose Tata AIG!

Now that we have that covered, let us look at some important pointers to keep in mind before modifying a bike.

Things To Know About A Modified Motorcycle

Depending on one's finances and interests, a bike could be altered in various ways. For example, you could opt for a bike headlight modification or get the bike colour modified. But, this may be a costly endeavour and calls for some research and evaluation. Therefore, you must exercise caution when modifying your bike, just as you should when riding one.

Below are the main pointers to look out for when making bike alterations.

Let The RTO Know

Depending on how you alter your bike, you may need to notify the appropriate authorities. For instance, getting the bike's engine and bike colour modified could result in compliance concerns with the Regional Transport Office. Additionally, whatever the nature of mods, inform your two-wheeler insurer. If the RTO and insurance carrier are not aware of the changes made to your bike, you could face trouble with filing a claim later on.

Changes in Insurance Premium

Any bike modifications can have a variety of effects. However, the most obvious changes will be seen in your insurance premiums. Your insurance company will undoubtedly change your premium depending on your chosen modification. If you make aesthetic or performance changes to your bike, your insurance premium may go up since these changes make it more likely that your bike will be stolen or damaged, which raises the likelihood that you will file a claim. On the other hand, your premium may decrease if you opt for a security modification. Security upgrades significantly minimise the likelihood of damage or loss, lowering the likelihood of a claim and the price.

Do Not Overdo Anything

Aspire to get the right harmony between enhancements to appearance and output. For example, do not opt for a bike headlight modification to the degree that most of the engine's power is being redirected to the light. On the other hand, remember that aesthetic upgrades shouldn't compromise the bike's performance over time. The upkeep of a bike that has been overly customised will be very difficult and exorbitantly expensive.

Keep In Line With The Law

Any bike alterations must adhere to predetermined guidelines. For example, according to a 2019 Supreme Court decision, bikes cannot be altered in a way that materially deviates from the basic manufacturer's standards. These parameters contain all that the supplier added to the bike's registration certificate. One such illustration is the inability of a two-wheeler to be modified to transport more than two persons. Thus, a vehicle's dimensions, engine, and brake system cannot be changed.

Get a Certified Professional

Even if a person is passionate about customising their bike, the alterations should be sanctioned by a specialist and carried out by the specialist. Consider the time when you decided to paint your motorcycle. It may take you months to achieve the right finish. The alterations shouldn't be carried out in a careless manner that weakens or harms the bike. The best course of action is to speak with a specialist.

Functionality and Safety

Even though some alterations could appear excellent, this should not be the decisive factor. Before making any modifications to the bike, it is important to check its operation carefully. The primary objective should be to operate the bikes in a secure manner that doesn't put anyone at risk. Changes should be withdrawn immediately if they endanger the vehicle's general safety.

Don’t Be Hasty

Do not make impulsive decisions about modifications. Think about it. Will the bike alteration have value in the longer run, always have this question in mind when making the decision. Then, using the response, decide how to proceed. If you feel you will outgrow the customisation in a few years, then understand that employing time and money after it is not worth it. However, if it is something that you feel passionate about and knows you will feel the same toward down the line, go for it!


This concludes the things you need to know about a modified motorcycle. Keep these points in mind if you ever want to make bike alterations, and you should never run into trouble. And when thinking about all of this, do not forget your bike insurance policy from Tata AIG!

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